The Good News
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2012 October
Revenue Forecast Revised Upward
State revenue forecast improves by $239 million
The Governor's Office of State Planning and
Budgeting (OSPB) announced on Sept. 20 that
state general fund revenue is projected to be $239
million higher in the current fiscal year than was
forecast in June.
Much of the increase is due to higher-than-expect-
ed revenue collected in FY 2011-12 and stronger
growth in estimated payments from capital gains
income. The expected revenue now nominally ex-
ceeds the pre-Great Recession peak in FY 2007-08.
"It's always good to get positive news with the
state revenue forecast," said Gov. John Hicken-
looper. "But we know many households are still
struggling and different sectors of the economy
are still fragile. We remain committed to support-
Direct distribution is based on the number of
La Plata, Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis
ing business and local communities, promoting
production employees in the energy impacted
College, Project Support, $10,000
innovation and helping the state's most vulner-
communities, as well as permits, production,
La Plata, Durango Arts Center, Inc., Operating Sup-
able residents."
population and highway user miles (HUTF).
port, $8,500
Under current law, the excess funds in the new
La Plata, Durango Choral Society, Operating Sup-
revenue forecast will carry over into next year's
Money For The Arts
port, $4,000
budget and will be transferred to the State Educa-
La Plata, San Juan Symphony, Operating Support,
2012-13 Colorado Creates Grants Announced
tion Fund based on current expenditures. This
$1,048,500 awarded to support arts and culture
fund supports per-pupil funding in Colorado
Mesa, Colorado Mesa University Department of
activities in 29 counties
school districts.
Theatre Arts, Project Support, $10,000
Colorado Creates is Colorado Creative Indus-
OSPB reports in the forecast:
Mesa, Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, Oper-
tries' largest grant program, providing critical
Economic indicators point to a slowdown in
ating Support, $8,500
financial support that helps nonprofit cultural
economic growth. This was expected in prior
Mesa, Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Oper-
organizations and government agencies produce
forecasts and is likely due in part to slowing in
ating Support, $7,500
and present arts and cultural activities, bringing
the global economy and heightened uncertainty
Montrose, Delta/Montrose Youth Services, Inc.,
jobs to their communities and enhancing their
among businesses and consumers. OSPB predicts
Project Support, $10,000
quality of life. Colorado Creates grants provide a
that the modest slowdown will continue into
Ouray, Weehawken Creative Arts, Operating Sup-
seal of excellence and help these groups leverage
2013. Nonetheless, there continue to be positives
port, $6,500
local and national funds. To spread limited state
in Colorado's economy. The housing market is
Pitkin, Aspen Art Museum, Project Support, $10,000
funds as broadly as possible, Colorado Creative
beginning to recover along with the nation's. Fur-
Pitkin, Jazz at Aspen Snowmass, Project Support,
Industries requires grant applicants to "sit out"
ther, new business formation has picked up and
one year of funding every three years.
Colorado's entrepreneurial and talented popu-
Pitkin, Music Associates of Aspen, Inc., Project Sup-
"These grants support the artists and creative
lation continues to build a stronger economic
port, $10,000
entrepreneurs who are critical to Colorado's
Pitkin, Theatre Aspen, Operating Support, $10,000
economy," said Elaine Mariner, Director of
"We are maintaining a relatively cautious forecast
San Miguel, Sheridan Arts Foundation, Operating
Colorado Creative Industries. "There are over
as the economy continues to face several major
Support, $8,500
186,000 jobs in our state's creative sector, mak-
uncertainties and risks, such as the continuing
San Miguel, Telluride Repertory Theatre Company,
ing it the fifth largest employment cluster. By
struggles in Europe and possible impending fed-
Operating Support, $6,500
investing in this sector's vitality, the state builds
eral spending cuts and tax increases," said Henry
* These are estimated awards pending verification
its reputation as a premier creative hub and
Sobanet, executive director of OSPB. "These
of organization's cash operating budget.
reaps significant economic returns."
issues may result in more pronounced slowing
Local Talents Named Finalists
than currently forecast. Alternatively, favorable
Western Slope Finalists for the Colorado You Got
Colorado is a global leader in the creative indus-
resolution to these challenges and a positive eco-
Talent 2013 Announced
tries, which include six creative sectors: design,
nomic response from the Federal Reserve's recent
After six months in search of Colorado talent, Semi-
film and media, heritage, literary and publish-
shift in policy could provide a boost to the pace of
finals for the Western Slope ended with an explo-
ing, performing arts, and visual arts and crafts.
economic growth."
sion of applause as 35 Western Slope semi-finalists
With its existing ecosystem of creative entre-
gathered, performed and waited anxiously for the
preneurs, arts and cultural nonprofits, media
Federal Mineral Leases Paid
finalists to be announced. The Colorado You Got
and entertainment giants, and universities and
Talent judges for the Western Slope have selected 23
Gov. Hickenlooper announces payments of
academic leaders who encourage creativity and
of the 35 youth and adults to represent the Western
more than $61 million to local governments
innovation, Colorado's creative industries are
Slope in the state finals at the City Auditorium on
Gov. John Hickenlooper and Reeves Brown,
well-positioned to grow and continue to help
January 5th, 2013 in Colorado Springs. Semi-finals
executive director of the Colorado Department of
Colorado's economy thrive. Colorado Creative
for Central and Eastern Colorado will be held at the
Local Affairs (DOLA), announced on September
Industries, a division of the state Office of Eco-
City Auditorium on October 28.
4 that $61,940,250 in annual state Severance Tax
nomic Development and International Trade,
2013 Western Slope Finalists: Lilly Patterson, 12,
and Federal Mineral Lease Direct Distribution
promotes, supports and expands the creative
Carbondale; Chris Brophy, 26, Durango; Jeff Pow-
payments will be made to 502 Colorado counties,
industries to drive Colorado's economy, grow
ers, 30, Rifle; Lessette Cox, 30, Craig; Destinee Reed,
municipalities and school districts.
jobs and enhance our quality of life.
17, Palisade; David Dimick, 47, Craig; Larry Cathey,
DOLA distributes the payments, which are de-
County, Organization, Type, Award:
50, Fruita; Tiffany Phillips, 50, Durango; Celena
rived from energy and mineral extraction state-
Archuleta, FolkWest, Inc., Operating Support,
Figgs, 22, Durango.
wide. Last year's distribution to Colorado com-
Colorado You Got Talent (CYGT) is the premier
munities was $54 million.
Eagle, Bravo! Colorado at Vail-Beaver Creek Inc.,
talent competition and project of FamilyNation
"We are glad to see more energy impact funds
Operating Support, $10,000
Services, a 501c3 charity in Colorado whose mis-
distributed this year to local communities," said
Eagle, The Vail Jazz Foundation, Inc., Project
sion is to encourage, empower, inspire, and moti-
Hickenlooper. "These funds are an important re-
Support, $10,000
vate Colorado youth and adults while providing a
source for communities to use in planning for and
Eagle, Vail Valley Foundation, Project Support,
positive environment for participants to challenge
providing essential public projects and services."
themselves mentally and physically.
"These dollars bolster communities and represent
Garfield, Carbondale Council on the Arts and
CYGT's vision is to develop an innovative com-
partnership between all levels of government and
Humanities, Operating Support, $7,500
petition that showcases the beauty of Colorado
the energy industry. Our department takes great
Garfield, Glenwood Springs Arts Council, Oper-
talent fron the ages of 4-99 and to give back to the
pride in administering these funds," Brown said.
ating Support, $7,500
community by supporting At-Risk Youth Services.
Susan Alvillar, Community Affairs Representative
Garfield, Roaring Fork Friends of the Theater,
FamilyNation invests in the future of our youth by
for WPX Energy and a member of the Energy and
Inc., Operating Support, $6,500
helping to provide grants, leadership opportuni-
Mineral Impact Advisory Committee said, "Direct
Gunnison, Center for the Arts, Operating Sup-
ties and services to youth and young adults within
distribution is an important source of funding for
port, $7,500
Colorado. For more information on FamilyNation
local governments that helps offset the fiscal chal-
Gunnison, The Trailhead Children's Museum,
and Colorado You Got Talent go to familynation.
lenges facing communities. We are excited and
Project Support, $10,000
net, or email our office at
happy to partner with the governor through the
Huerfano, Spanish Peaks Arts Council, Operat-
energy impact program."
ing Support, $4,000