The Reading Room
Pg 5 - The Sunshine Express
2012 October
Kelly's World
I don't "set aside time" to be introspective but
it does rather set time aside, itself, quite often
putting on hold other elements of life. It usually
begins and ends with prayer...not intentionally
I love autumn because it's the most beautiful
structured that way, just the way it works out. It
disappear into the under-brush I thought weasel.
time of year where I live. Even as I look out the
also tends to involve some music that lends itself
But, weasels are not white in August. Perhaps
window of the home office, I see evidence of
to the moment. I find music with Celtic roots
Ferret. He's been back twice attempting entrance
a light breeze, clear blue skies and thin wispy
works best for me. (Perhaps THAT'S part of the
frantically scratching at the door. No one in the
clouds. Less than relevant note: I've also come
mystery of my origin! Maybe I descend from lep-
neighborhood is missing a pet. Strange.
face-to-face with a cricket who is, no doubt,
rechauns?) It also can involve writing, but I wish I
On a return trip from Grand Junction mid-August
seeking refuge from the cool night ahead, as he
could write as fast as my creativity moves during
slowed wrangler to a stop while attempting to
listened closely to the weather forecast on the
these times.
free field glasses from case. Six magnificent Bull
radio earlier in the day. You see, my home office
This autumn, in particular, I suppose I should
Elk in meadow. Their antlers were still in velvet.
is semi-subterranean, with the widnow about six
be especially reflective as I turn 39 which, to the
inches above the ground level of my back yard.
superstitious sort would be numerically tripled
Early June bird song filled the air from morning
Another reason I love autumn is because it is
bad luck. By the grace of God, though, I've not
into evening. I almost wore out husband's Nation-
the season of reflection for me. I've never really
yet dealt with any disproportionately inhuman
al Audubon bird book in an attempt to identify
known why that is the case, but it always has
hardships, nor have I fallen too far off tracks set
feathered winged creatures. Was surprised at their
been. It may be partly because my birthday is
beneath me.
early departure. Robins left end of July others
in October and as a child, I was very imagina-
Anyway, by the time winter rolls around, I'll
soon followed suite. A few doves, sparrows and a
tive about possibilities and scenarios regarding
be ready to return to my ripping sarcasm and
crow or two complete the bird population by the
the mystery of my birth. I've never seen a photo
inarticulate buffoonery. As the wise theologian
middle of August. Again unusual.
of myself younger than age 1 and half of my
Terry Jacks said, "We had joy, we had fun, we had
We took a ride down river following winding dirt
ancestry is completely unknown. I could have
seasons in the sun."
road into Utah's back country recently. Stopped
originated from a colony of self-sufficient social-
(Kelly Turner is the station manager at KRTZ-FM
to walk up a small incline to steppe strewn with
ist gypsies and I'd never know it.
Radio 98.7/92.1 in Cortez.
massive boulders, fragments from towering sand-
I think, in autumn, we're just naturally more
and he can be reached at
stone cliffs reaching toward firmament. Sitting on
reflective as we have fewer daylight hours with
Positively Karen
a table rock to rest, a panorama unfolded in front
which to make use of ourselves outdoors and
of my eyes, baby's feet, trails, deer, humans with
a mind loaded with memories to unpack from
bird type headdress etched in stone. Sage breeze
The Cottonwood canopy under which we dwell is
the busy summer months (vacations, barbecues,
danced around me. Sunshine caressed my soul
changing. Clusters of gold appear, almost daily,
arrests, rehab, traction). I've been, by my nature,
and I knew I was on ground deemed sacred by a
among the virescent foliage.
a more introspective sort of person, compared
Shaman from the far side of this present time.
Animals are on the move, do not know if it has to
to many others. It becomes even more so in the
I don't know... where it comes from... this feeling-
do with time of year or lack of water and food up
autumn, though. I suppose it's time to take in-
There has been a shift in the atmosphere. I felt it
high. Talked with a man up the road, bears have
ventory of my values, my character, my person-
drift in several months ago, something peculiar. I
been in his orchard nightly picking fruit. Seems
ality traits and events in my life. Were I a more
find myself waiting in anticipation for ?
they did not leave him enough apricots to make a
self-loathing sort, it would be a very unpleasant
Night Hawk calls
batch of jam.
season. As I'm a believer that all experiences,
moonlight seeps
Stopping mid-day for a glass of iced tea a few
positive and negative, galvanize us and contrib-
through cottonwood grove. - Karen
weeks ago I'd just sat down when a banging took
ute to the shaping of who we are currently, I
(Karen Schafer lives in and writes from Gateway)
place at the front door.
cannot wish away anything in the past because
"He who prizes little things, is worthy
I stood up at the same time a hairy white face
it would chip away at the building blocks of the
looked at me through the window at the bottom
terrific person I am today!
of great ones." - German Proverb
of the storm door. He ran. As I watched him
Here's a little insight into how it works with me.