Health & Nurturing
Pg 6 - The Sunshine Express
2012 October
bility or do we share
Here are a few ways in which you can help a
this beautiful town
loved one, both emotionally and financially,
for now and genera-
during a medical crisis:
tions to follow?
Listen - Simply lending an ear can mean the
Bounia used a
world. Let them express their feelings, even if
remark that I have
those feelings are difficult to hear. Often we're
reflected on all these
tempted to say, "You'll be fine." Rather, give
years. "Kids today!"
heed to their expressions of fear, anger and
that sounded some-
doubt without offering advice. Just being there
thing like "kidztada"
provides more comfort than words.
in her broken Eng-
Do your homework - Learn about your loved
lish. She was not
one's diagnosis and treatment options. Seek
always pleased with
out recommendations and information from
the way some of the
reputable websites, medical professionals,
cousins behaved. I
health organizations and support groups. Take
remember cousin
notes at doctor appointments and ask ques-
Billy making fun of
tions in order to be the best advocate for your
her as she worked in
friend or relative. The more you know, the bet-
the garden. She had
ter equipped you'll both be to help make major
asked him to help
medical decisions.
pull some weeds and
Ease the financial burden - The power to help
move the wheelbar-
is only a few clicks away. Online crowdsourc-
row. He replied that
ing sites provide free, easy-to-use platforms
you could get food at the grocery store and did
from which anyone can create a fundraising
not need a garden. Her comments were not made
by Sandy Lauzon
webpage. GiveForward focuses on medical
in English, so I have no idea what she had to say
fundraising, offering tutorials, free resources
in response.
Getting ready for the coming Season
and one-on-one assistance to help hold a suc-
Bounia is gone and I have lost touch with Billy.
Have you noticed the difference in the mornings?
cessful fundraiser and lighten your loved ones'
Have we also lost her common sense and tried
Chilly, turn on the furnace for a bit, just to get the
financial load.
and true wisdom? Are we reaping what we have
chill out. The pleasant and warm afternoons and
Lend a helping a hand - It's never easy to ask
sown? Is it possible to change the connotation of
evenings delighting the soul? The leaves turning
for help, even during trying times. Be asser-
Bounia's remarks from a negative one to a posi-
to golden yellow and red, and then flying away
tive in offering to assist with household tasks
tive? Will "Kids today" have the answers to return
in lovely swirls? Yep, it's changing quickly. These
like cooking and cleaning. Organize schedules
our shared living space to one that is healthy and
are the days that make it most difficult to wrap
with friends and neighbors to help with daily
your brain around the droughts in some places
tasks like running errands and walking the
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
and floods in others, as well as fires, tsunamis,
200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
earthquakes and war all over the map.
Laughter is the best medicine - Bring humor
The conversation quickly turns to what is normal
Ways To Lighten The Load
to your loved ones' lives. It's crucial to be
climate change and what is human interference
sensitive to their need to grieve, but it's also
Lift loved ones up
run amuck. It seems that no matter how diligent
important to give them something to smile
when medical costs get them down
and careful some folks are, others don't quite get
about. Tell jokes, plan a comedy movie night
(ARA) - Medical costs are the leading cause of
it. There are consequences to mishandling our
and talk about good times shared together.
bankruptcy in the U.S., according to crowdsourc-
home planet.
For more tips or to start a fundraising page, So how do you help family and friends
When I take Pepsi (Chihuahua) for a walk around
struggling with sometimes overwhelming expens-
the lake and down to the river trail, I always take
es? For many,
two plastic bags. One small one is for Pepsi's
"contribution", and a large one is for gathering
ing websites
up the cans, bottles, plastic junk and other sundry
are becoming
nasties. Where does it all come from? I rarely see
an empowering
a visitor from another country on the trail that I
source of finan-
take to walk the dog. What is the problem with a
cial support,
broken beer bottle on the trail? Can't the animals
with estimates
that share our towns and countryside be more
that more than
careful when they forage for food?
$2.8 billion will
Are you aware of how much time and money is
be raised by such
spent on cleaning up someone else's thoughtless
sites this year.
or careless habits? What about the trash that finds
"Doctor visits,
it's way into the river, lake or oceans? Check out
the river banks and lakes now that the water is
low. How did tires and appliances get into the
waters? What about the continued use of toxic
- the costs add
materials that are used to do laundry and run the
up quickly when
dish washer? Is it always someone else's responsi-
a family is faced
with a medi-
cal crisis," says
Desiree Vargas,
co-founder and
CEO of Give-
Forward, a free,
easy to-use
site that helps
raise funds for
people affected
by health issues.
loved ones with
financial and
emotional sup-
port allows them
to focus on heal-
ing instead of
worrying about