Health & Nurturing
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
2012 October
The doctor says
to the patient,
"Take your
clothes off and
stick your tongue
out the window".
"What will that
do" asks the pa-
tient. The doctor
says "I'm mad at
"Every human being is the author of
my neighbor!" -
his own health or disease." - Buddha
Henny Youngman
A Healthy Dose Of Poetry
Ending Prohibition
alcohol. If legalization of cannabis were to occur in
Colorado, the regulations that would ensue would
Oct 4-7, The Gathering is an exciting, fun-filled
(Publisher's note: The Sunshine Express avoids
restrict the underage use of marijuana, thereby
event with evening performances and Saturday
the circus of politics like the plague. However,
creating a more effective system to regulate those
daytime sessions. Poets and musicians from
whenever the moral question of who governs your
who consume cannabis within this state.
throughout the country grace our intimate stage
body arises in the ballot box, we will stand and
It is important for Colorado citizens to be edu-
at The Strater Theater in Durango, performing
be counted as ones who believe in your divine
cated on the effects of cannabis to be able to make
classic and contemporary poems and songs that
right to self determination.)
an informed decision come November. This
will bring tears to your eyes and keep you in
The Beginning of the End
important topic on the ballot will effect the indi-
The votes in November will not only determine
viduals in society, the society as a whole, and the
The Cowboy Parade is one of the largest, motor
who will become our American president for the
economy. Remember, your vote matters. One vote
less parades in the country and always a fam-
next four years, but could also be the beginning of
could make all the difference to ending a futile
ily favorite. Entrants over the years include the
the end for marijuana prohibition in Colorado.
prohibition. For more information on Amendment
Colorado Mounted Rangers (who traditionally
Amendment 64 is on the ballot for November
64 please visit:
serve as our color guard), beautiful 6-up Belgian
to regulate cannabis similar to alcohol, and will
or for more information on the effects of cannabis,
draft teams, historic wagons and coaches, Texas
allow any Colorado citizen over the age of 21 to
please visit:
Longhorns, young buckaroos on stick horses
possess less than one ounce of cannabis as well
(M.C.R. , Acme Healing Center, durangohealing-
and fashionable ladies & gents dressed in period
as grow a limited number of marijuana plants. If 970.247.2190 or 970.349.5550)
costume. For more info call: 970.375.7160
this amendment passes, it will increase revenues
Sponsored by:
in Colorado and will help minimize underage use
The Medicine Cabinet
of the substance. Although increased monetary
revenues seem to be the driving force of ending
marijuana prohibition, it is important to under-
New evidence suggests that cannabis has the
stand the benefits of cannabis to determine how
potential to combat breast cancer itself, not just
you will vote in November.
battle the side effects of chemotherapy. THC, one
The first documented use of cannabis dates back
of the 60+ chemicals unique to the cannabis plant,
to 2737BCE in China, where it was used for its
keeps human breast cancer cells from spreading.
medicinal effects in relief from rheumatism, gout,
Last year, researchers at Harvard showed that CBD,
and malaria. It has been used recreationally in
another treasure from the plant, essentially makes
many parts of the world, including in the early
breast cancer cells kill themselves. Now researchers
settlement of North America. Cannabis plants
in Japan have focused on CBDA, CBD's precursor.
have also historically been used for its hemp fiber.
They showed that it also inhibits breast cancer cells.
The hemp plant can be grown and harvested,
What does this mean for use of the plant in treating
where the stocks can then be manufactured into
breast cancer patients or preventing breast cancer
an array of useful products including: rope, lo-
in the first place? Alas, we have no idea. That is the
tions, textiles, paper, foods, fabric, and fuel oil.
saddest part. Wouldn't it be great to know if the
Today, the uses could be endless, as hemp could
whole plant, with all these helpful substances com-
be processed to create alternatives to gas, plastic
bined into one source, could ward off breast cancer
and petroleum. The fast growth of the plant has
in an actual human being? It's hard to find out given
the ability to create more sustainable and green-
our current laws. Prohibition has made research
friendly products in Colorado while decreasing
with the whole plant an unparalleled hassle. Most
our carbon footprint on the environment.
researchers are stuck trying to use one cannabinoid
Modernly in Colorado, cannabis has been legal-
at a time. They often get synthesized chemicals from
ized for medicinal use for patients with chronic
labs rather than extracts from the plant. They study
conditions, made possible by the passing of
cell lines in petri dishes instead of breast cancer in
Amendment 20 in the year 2000. One of the main
real people. Are those who use cannabis regularly
issues with Amendment 20 is not all conditions
less likely to get breast cancer? It'd be great to know.
that would benefit from the use of cannabis are
Did you know?
recognized by the state. Many individuals, that
Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol
could find relief from cannabis, are unable to
poisoning and more than 400,000 die each year from
obtain a recommendation, leaving them without
tobacco? By comparison, marijuana is nontoxic and
legal access to the plant. They are therefore, un-
cannot cause death by overdose.
able to benefit from its medicinal/ healing proper-
ties. Studies have shown marijuana is safer than