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2013 February
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Nominate A Colorado Inspiration
used during any open season or during all open
seasons in an open area. It is good in any hunting
More Than 505 Million Bowls Filled By Free
Colorado Ski Hall of Fame
area in Colorado provided the season is open and
Clicks And Shopping At The Animal Rescue Site
Nominations Due February 15
you hunt by the method specified for that area.
The Animal Rescue Site announced that clicks and
This spring, the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall
Not valid on ranching for wildlife properties.
shopping have filled more than 505 million bowls
of Fame voting panel will elect four new Hall of
To purchase a raffle ticket, print and mail in the
for pets in shelters and sanctuaries.
Fame members to be inducted alongside the 2013
form available at:
The Animal Rescue Site's "Click Here To Give"
Ski Hall of Fame Pioneer, George Caulkins, who
purple button provides a quick and easy way for
was recently elected by the Museum/Hall of Fame
html. Must be 18 years of age to enter the draw-
people to support their favorite charity daily. It is
board. The voting panel consists of 160 individu-
ing. Limit of 25 tickets per person. Maximum of
free to participate in the program and no registra-
als; members of the Hall of Fame, the Museum/
1000 Elk raffle tickets will be sold.
tion or purchase is required.
Hall of Fame board and advisers, an executive
Visitors to The Animal Rescue Site can give more
from each of Colorado's 26 ski areas, community
by shopping at the website store
ski museum directors, college ski team coaches
(, with
and competitive ski club directors.
thousands of gift ideas for under $50. A portion
Individuals are encouraged to nominate a deserv-
of every purchase price is donated to The Animal
ing Coloradoan. Hall of Fame Nomination Ap-
Rescue Site's charitable partners.
plications must include the following:
Since 2002, the "Click Here To Give" program has
Applicant and Sponsor Contact Information; A
funded more than 439,931,367 bowls of food for
photo (headshot) of the nominee for use on the
rescued animals. E-commerce has paid for an ad-
ballot and PR, in either JPEG or PDF format; A
ditional 65,215,820 bowls of food.
time-line of the nominee's life and accomplish-
The Road Report
The Animal Rescue Site's latest charitable part-
ments; A 1,000 word, or less, biography that de-
ner, Rescue Bank, also celebrated a milestone in
(Traveling 3,000+ miles each month all over the
scribes the achievements of the nominee. (Please
November: 97 truckloads of food distributed to
western slope of Colorado, we get the great plea-
keep in mind this material will be posted on the
nearly 1,000 shelters in 27 states in the past six
sure of seeing an abundance of wildlife along the
museum website for review by the voting panel
way. Cows and squirrels, deer and elk are seen
and general public); Two, one-page seconding
To click and give for free and for information
pretty much everywhere. Here we will give you re-
letters that support the nomination. If more than
about this and other programs to help pets in
ports `from the road' on some of the wild animals
two seconding letters are received, the Spon-
shelters, please see: www.TheAnimalRescueSite.
we encounter, from the exciting and rare to the
sor will be responsible for choosing the two that
just plain cool creatures that cross our path.)
will be published with the nomination. Multiple
Special Elk License Raffle
2012-Last Year: There were several sightings in
individuals may sign each of the two seconding
the last year worth mentioning. Three bears were
letters. The one page seconding letters should de-
CWF 2013 Elk License Raffle:
sighted, one near Miramonte Lake, one in the San
scribe the writer's relationship with the nominee
Win 1 "Governor's Tag" Elk License
Miguel River canyon, and one near the Dolores
and give three reasons why the nominee should
On behalf of the Colorado Wildlife Commission
River by Disappointment Valley. Two of the bears
be inducted into the Colorado Ski & Snowboard
and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Colorado
were caught on film(see SunshineXNews on
Hall of Fame.
Raffle License 2013-06394. $25 Per Raffle Ticket,
Facebook). Disappointment Valley also yielded up
To receive a 2013 Ski Hall of Fame nomination
5 Raffle Tickets for $100. Proceeds Will Benefit
a wild, midnight, middle of the road rendezvous
form, send your request and questions to: skimu-
Colorado Habitat. Drawing will be held on July
with a large herd of the most massive sized elk
11, 2013 at 2:30p at the office of Colorado Wildlife
we've ever seen. Thank God for anti-lock brakes
Nominees must have contributed significantly to
Federation, 1410 Grant Street, C-313, Denver, CO
because these monsters literally towered over the
the sport and industry of skiing and snowboard-
80203. Need Not Be Present To Win.
vehicle twice high and then some. We could hear
ing in the State of Colorado.
The 2013 Colorado Elk license is a special license
them crashing through and dragging off the road-
An individual may be nominated after comple-
that does not affect the normal licensing process.
side fence as they took off into the dark night. On
tion of the nominee's achievement(s), or at age 40,
This license would be in addition to other licenses
the other side of the Dolores River, near Egnar,
whichever comes earlier. Categories for nomina-
you might obtain through the regular draw. The
and also up around the Gateway area, we
tion include:
winner will receive a license that may be
encountered nighttime bunny storms! Ok,
Athlete: the nominee must have an outstanding
maybe not `storms', but literally flurries of
record of accomplishment at divisional, national
cotton tail rabbits, dashing across the road
or international levels of competition, resulting in
in all directions for several miles. Way cool
a direct benefit to the State of Colorado.
but a real test of one's driving skills.
Sport Builder: the nominee must have made ma-
On to the first `Road Report' for 2013:
jor contributions in areas of organization, promo-
2013-17-Jan: A big fat Bobcat with pointy
tion or development of the skiing and snowboard-
ears and a fluffy tail scooted across the road
ing sport in Colorado.
about 30-40 feet in front of the vehicle at
Inspirational: the nominee must have provided
approximately 10a in the San Miguel River
inspiration in the sport, which has led to and
canyon, about 5 miles from Norwood Hill.
enhanced the knowledge, pleasure, or pursuit
It was heading uphill from the river in a
of skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. This
hurry. A rare daytime sighting.
category may include filmmakers, authors, per-
2013-25-Jan: San Miguel River canyon,
formers, area operators, or any individual who
approximately 11a. On a big boulder in
has performed an inspirational act. Normally a
the middle of the 90% frozen river sits a
long period of demonstration is necessary for an
healthy, fat Bald Eagle with a snow white
individual to be recognized as an inspirational
head as big as a large cat's! Nice.