Nature & Wildlife
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
2013 February
A Winter Joy Ride
The question: Where can I find an outdoor ad-
venture for the whole family, not just in Summer
but in the Winter too?
The answer: Telluride Horseback Adventures.
Offering not only Summer trail riding adven-
ture, but Winter trail rides, horse drawn sleigh
rides and private rides in the snow, at the his-
toric Nelson Warren
homestead, against
the backdrop of
beautiful San Juan
Mountain vistas.
What a wonderful
way to experience
the magic of a
Winter day, on a
dash through the
Telluride Horseback Adventures, be it a family or
As always, Telluride Horseback Adventures has:
woods and fields
romantic sleigh ride, or horseback riding through
"Gentle horses for gentle people, Fast horses for
of snow pulled by
the snow, it's sure to be an adventure you will
fast people, And for people who don't like to ride,
Belgian drafts all
always remember.
Horses that don't like to be rode."
the way, with world
Horseback Adventures on Gray Head require a few
We had a great time on our sleigh ride adventure
famous Roudy Roudebush guiding the sleigh!
necessities for both summer and winter rides. Ask
with Roudy. You all should go too. Call Roudy
Hear tales of Telluride, stories and folklore while
Roudy for a list of needs for your chosen adventure
at the barn for reservations, 970.728.9611. Riding
taking in the majestic scenery of the glorious San
when making your reservations. Be sure to bring
everyday year round. Private Parties Catered.
Juan Mountains.
your camera because every day is picture perfect.
Whichever Winter adventure you choose from
The Moon Dance
abound, emotions may run to the extreme; calm
and kind wins the day.
Gemini- Good energy in the physical, plus a desire
for progress and/or recognition, combine with an
underlying impatience to tempt you into a mode
of rushed activity and stress; resist the temptation,
take your time, discover discipline, avoid aggres-
sion, tend to spiritual needs.
Cancer- Professional successes manifest from
effort and collaboration; beware exhaustion, get
extra rest and seek spiritual nourishment. Chances
ties manifesting. Chances for misunderstandings
improve greatly for problem resolution at home;
avoided with precise communication. Practice
relational harmonies strengthen.
improving listening skills.
Leo- Strong loving energy in the personal bringing
Aquarius- Honor and recognition, rewards and
joy and fulfillment. New love for singles is likely to
Aries- An atmosphere of magnetism magnifies
profit, attraction and charm, it's all radiating posi-
manifest from increased social opportunities. New
possibility, opening doors to opportunities and
tive for you this month. Tremendous love energies
professional relations also possible; resist impul-
surprises that will bring positive growth to new
are also flowing positive, strengthening current
sive actions and questionably honorable paths.
and current relationships, both personal and pro-
relations. Very high chances of meeting soulmates
Virgo- In all areas, a pleasant month of progress.
fessional. Tread upright with tempered tongue to
if you are single.
Honesty, loyalty and kind communication, if
shield from any negative agitations.
Pisces- Possible surprises and challenges both
focused on, will bring much joy, excitement and
Taurus- Strong positive energy in financials; look
in the personal and professional. Remain calm,
romance, strengthening bonds and satisfying.
for increases. Reputation and honor follow suit.
be patient, listen well, act methodically, and stay
However, stray into deception and negative action
Lines of communication are wide open, witnesses
focused on your blessings. Avoid heated confron-
and all will be lost.
tations, yet stand the moral ground when called to.
Libra- A time of high activity, excitement and pos-
Night Time Delights
sibly chaos, but also one with much love energy
and opportunity. Organization skills, preparation
Evening Planets: Mercury and Jupiter (especially
and planning, plus clear communication carry you
picturesque on Feb 17 & 18 when the first quarter
through. Tend to physical needs to keep strength
Moon lies first, to the right of Jupiter, and then to
the left).
Scorpio- Physical energy is high. Creative energies
Morning Planets: In the pre-dawn sky, Saturn.
grow and flow and, if tapped into and nurtured,
Discovered in early 2012, Asteroid 2012 DA14,
bring opportunities for expressing them and ex-
about 45 metres across, will pass 40,000 kilometres
panding reputation. Passion also runs high; control
from Earth at around 19:30 UT on Feb 15.
it or it will control you.
Discovered June 2011, Comet `2011 L4' becomes
Sagittarius- New knowledge brings physical
visible in Feb, and will come within about 0.3 AU
support. Progress professionally also currently
from the Sun on Mar 10, a relatively close pass
feeds from knowledge and information fields. At
with opportunity for significant brightening. It's
home, action, adventure, passion, and spice livens
closest pass to Earth will be Mar 5. Look west
things up. Stay light, laugh and don't worry about
toward the constellation Pisces after sunset. 2011
L4's peak in brightness should occur around Mar
Capricorn- Peaceful and relaxing energies in the
8-12, before heading back out of the inner solar
personal. Vigorous energies in the physical. Profes-
system. The comet remains visible for viewers in
sional and financial growth with new opportuni-
the Northern Hemisphere through April.