Health & Nurturing
Pg 6 - The Sunshine Express
2013 February
by Sandy Lauzon
From Holiday to Holiday
Christmas decorations are put away for next year,
the gifts are enjoyed and most of the cookies are
gone. New Year's resolutions may already be a
fond memory; maybe I'll go on that diet next year.
The stores have put out the next must haves for
Valentine's Day and some have already displayed
green things for St Patrick's Day.
The words of that old song "What the World
Needs Now, Is Love, Sweet Love", couldn't be
any truer then in these times. Where is love to be
found? What does it really look like? When will
love show itself in my life? Who will be the one
and only? Why is love to difficult to find? Well, it
depends on what your operational definition of
love is. The writer of the Gospel of Matthew states
that to love God one must "love your neighbor as
yourself." (Mt 19:19)
My son called one day about one year after I was
widowed to say that he was coming up for the
weekend with a surprise for me. He arrived with
a year old four pound black Chihuahua in tow. I
did not want a Chihuahua, I had one that I loved
and he died and I couldn't bear to lose another
loved one so soon, two legged or four legged.
"Well", Mike argued, "just keep him until I can
find another good home. His family moved out of
their apartment in the middle of the night leaving
parents. I married a man with the same qualities and
floor. Avoid stimulating toys that are noisy or
Pepsi alone with three cats and no food or water".
we shared the same with our son & daughter. What
have flashing lights. Rocking and reading story
At least they didn't leave their children behind.
the world needs now, still is love, Sweet love. What
books. Try making up a story together that feels
During the next week I called my friend in
does it look like in your life? How do you share
very calming and relaxing and happy for a child.
Palm Desert. "Carolee, I have a man in my life!"
yourself with others? Do you take the time to listen
Sing together or listen to calm music. Start a
"Wonderful" she replied. "Wait, he's black" I
without judging? Are you a good and loyal friend?
favorite ritual, such as saying good night to the
responded. "What do you care? You won't be rais-
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
stuffed animals or the moon. Turn on white noise
ing a family", she encouraged. "And he has four
200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
such as a fan. Offer a transitional object and a brief
legs and a tail"! The phone was slammed down.
Helping Children Get To Sleep
cuddle before leaving the room.
I called back. She hung up again. That was about
A transitional object is something your child can
(BPT) - As a parent, do you dread the evening
ten years ago and Pepsi is still my fella.
use to feel safe and comfort himself, such as a
hours because bedtime is such a struggle? Do your
I have learned a lot about love from Pepsi. First
small blanket or stuffed animal, and that reminds
children do everything they can to delay turning
of all, he is totally dependant on my care. He eats
him of you. It can be especially useful during
the lights out? Do they experience fear and anxiety
and sleeps when and where I tell him to. He keeps
times of separation, such as at bedtime.
when you leave the room? These all-too-common
appointments with his Veterinarian and gets his
To thwart your child's worries about going to
scenarios play out in countless households every
toe nails trimmed. He walks beside me on a leash
sleep alone, try using a transitional object, such as
evening, leaving Mom and Dad wondering what
and at home he stays in the back yard. But he
a small stuffed animal starting around the age of
they can do to help their kids get the sleep they need
loves me unconditionally. He doesn't care about a
1. Recognizable objects can help provide a high
without a flood of tears.
bad hair day, or a messy house, or whether we go
level of comfort, although what the child ends up
Toddlers need an average of 12 to 14 hours of sleep.
for a long walk. He is always there to comfort me
choosing is up to him or her. For example, a new
But, two-thirds of all children younger than 10
and listen to the trials of my day no matter what.
super-plush line of cuddly stuffed animals based
experience one or more sleep problems at least three
He is forgiving of my absences. He is waiting for
on the beloved characters featured in the Pajani-
nights a week, according to the National Sleep Foun-
me to come home from work or from the dance
mals show may be the perfect transitional object
dation. Difficulties range from stalling or resisting
studio. He doesn't pout, he just bounces about the
for your child, helping to make bedtime a calm
going to bed to snoring and sleepwalking. Desperate
room like he hasn't seen me in a month.
and comforting experience.
parents are left frustrated as they simply want their
I have been fortunate to have had loving people in
"It's in kids' job description to drag, stall, and
little ones to get the sleep they need.
my life as well. I had parents who cared enough
delay bedtime as much as they possibly can, play
"Kids really need to have that sleep in their bod-
for me and my brother to take the time to teach
with trains a little longer, basically do anything
ies to have enough energy to make it through the
us morals and values. They lived a good life and
but actually go to sleep," Waldburger says. "Par-
day, think smart thoughts and grow properly," says
expected us to do the same. They modeled a way
ents need to be sure kids stick to the plan. They
Jennifer Waldburger, a family sleep therapist from
of life that included tolerance for all people. Their
can sing a song about brushing their teeth, putting
Sleepy Planet and consultant for The Jim Henson
friends were from every walk of life and creed
on PJs, or getting a drink of water. Be lighthearted
Company's Pajanimals children's series, which airs
and faith and culture and ethnicity. They believed
about it, but it is Mom and Dad's job to keep
every night on 24-hour preschool television channel
that every person was good and had limitless po-
things on track and get to bed on time."
Sprout and Saturday mornings on NBC. "The
tential. They learned these life skills from their
idea is to get the child
to visualize the pro-
cess, to understand
that it's normal,
healthy and OK to fall
Establishing a regular
bedtime routine is key,
says Waldburger, and
anyone putting the
child to bed must be
on that same schedule.
"Stay consistent. Make
sure you stick to that
routine and schedule,"
stresses Waldburger.
Some simple steps
that can be part of a
good bedtime routine
Quiet, calm play on the