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2013 February
"It will be found
an unjust and
unwise jealousy
to deprive a man
of his natural
liberty upon the
supposition he
may abuse it." -
George Washington
Business Is Growing
The opportunities for `pun'menship are endless
when one starts talking about the legal mari-
juana industry in Colorado.
There's a growing list of growing companies
that are growing up in the growing industry.
The Medicine Cabinet
Current growing regulations (pun intended)
require 70% of all product sold at dispensaries
to be grown by the dispensary.
The long and winding road...
This effectively makes dispensaries account-
On January 22, the US appellate court in
able for the quality of their product and brings
Washington, DC, denied the appeal brought by
quality growers to the forefront. This is good
Americans for Safe Access (ASA) to reschedule
news for the consumer, encouraging a growing
cannabis under federal law, agreeing with the
focus on clean, safe, and effective consumable
and an outlet in Durango at 555 S. Camino Del
Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA)
Rio #C1A.
position that "adequate and well-controlled
Businesses that strive for and produce consis-
Anyone can visit Acme Healing Center. The front
studies" on the medical efficacy of medical
tently good medicine will thrive and grow in
of their Centers are open to the public. They carry
cannabis do not exist. ASA strongly disagrees
this environment. One local western slope busi-
many non-medicated products and you can stop
with the court's opinion. In a press release ASA
ness, Acme Healing Center, is doing just that.
in any time to speak with the Acme staff. Any
states, "Our briefs referenced two hundred
With a goal to connect western Colorado MMJ
MMJ CardHolder can come and shop the entire
peer-reviewed scientific studies proving the
Patients with the resources they need to get
store including strains, edibles and home & body
medical value of cannabis." The release goes
help and find relief, Acme offers a large selec-
on to say, "Politics have trumped medical sci-
tion of western slope grown medicinal mari-
It is important to note that even though marijua-
ence on this issue. ASA can point to a research
juana strains as well as award winning, quality
na is now legal to grow statewide for individual
approval process for medical cannabis, con-
edibles and infused products to Colorado's
recreational use, the ability to purchase finished
trolled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse
Western Slope.
product(s) from dispensaries still requires that
(NIDA), which is unique, overly rigorous, and
Acme Healing Center's motto is "Western Slope
you have a MMJ red card. Acme wants you as
hinders meaningful therapeutic research. ASA
Owned, Western Slope Grown Since 2009" and
their patient and offers assistance and informa-
argued in its appeal brief that the DEA has no
they are growing rapidly. At the end of January,
tion on how to qualify for a medical marijuana
"license to apply different criteria to marijuana
Acme Healing Center's newest addition, Acme
card in Colorado and how to obtain one.
than to other drugs, ignore critical scientific
When it comes to friendliness and service,
Healing Center of Ridgway opened. This store
data, misrepresent social science research, or
Acme is at the top on the western slope. You can
is located right off highway 550 in the town of
rely upon unsubstantiated assumptions, as
call them anytime between 10a and 7p seven
the DEA has done in this case. The decision in
days a week at 970.349.5550 for Crested Butte,
With the opening of the new store, Acme is able
`Americans for Safe Access v. Drug Enforce-
970.247.2190 for Durango, or 970.626.4099 for
to provide the same service with the same qual-
ment Administration' is disappointing, but not
Ridgway. The address of the new Ridgway loca-
ity medicine in a 3rd Western Slope location.
the end of the road. ASA will seek an en banc
tion is 157 US Hwy 550, on the North entrance to
Acme Healing Center has two established out-
review, asking all nine judges to review the
town. Visit also online at
lets, one in Crested Butte at 309 Belleview Ave,
two-to-one decision by a three-judge panel that
heard oral arguments in October of last year. If
the full nine-member panel does not reverse the
decision, we will ask the US Supreme Court to
hear the case." In the meantime, ASA is call-
ing on patients and advocates to join them in
Washington, DC, February 22-25, for a national
conference and historic citizen lobby day. Visit for
updated details.
Did you know?
Did you know that in 1988, the DEA's admin-
istrative law judge concluded that marijuana is
one of the safest, therapeutically active sub-
stances known to man?
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