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2013 November
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Physical energy trends up as stars align for
you. Love takes charge for many months bringing
new love, making current loves stronger, provid-
ing for needs, fulfilling desires, on all levels. Smile
Virgo, a blessed season begins.
Libra- An interesting month with ups and downs
and financials a primary focus or distraction profes-
sionally; a spiritual focus brings peace. Efforts to
create sanctuary at home bear fruit.
Scorpio- Sunlight brings new ways of looking at
things, new directions and initiatives. Financials
increase. Physical energy trends upward, however
indulge in plenty of needed rest and meditation.
Sagittarius- Communication channels may be
fuzzy; be precise, patient, loving and kind and all
will be well. Initiative and desire in the professional
drives ambitious action; diplomacy is crucial to
your success. So is eating right.
Capricorn- Associations, partnerships, collabora-
tions become manifest bringing much opportunity
and success; financials increase. Emotional energies
rise, harmony increases in the personal.
Aquarius- Slow but steady progress towards pro-
fessional goals; well thought out decisions will be
required. Financials improve. Physical energy good
however emotions may run strong and need TLC.
Pisces- Physical needs may need attention; listen to
the body. Enthusiasm and progress in the profes-
sional. Passion and love energies run high; excite-
ment and adventure in the personal.
Aries- An active month; energy levels steady.
Financials and relationships claim equal focus
and likely influence each other. Powerful love
energies increase; expect the unexpected.
Taurus- Creative and intellectual energies
continue rising. Increased desire for spiritual
guidance brings clarity and action. Travel pos-
sible. Passion energies increase; opportunities
for socializing accomodate.
Gemini- Unwise choices may weaken the
physical; monitor and respond to body needs.
Financials continue as the main focus and driver
of action. Sporadic results may frustrate, how-
ever vigilant integrity will bear fruit.
Cancer- Love energy high. A focus on personal
relationships, possibly a period of evaluation,
urging lessons in harmonious living. Physical
energy strong; high goals and initiatives suc-
ceed in the professional.
Leo- Increased love energy and shared efforts at
home sweep away problems and negativity. A
trend towards intertwining of personal and pro-
fessional relations likely. Pay attention to body.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love, climbs
higher in the western eve sky. Jupiter rises in the
east mid-evening, and is visible all night
Morning planets: Mercury is visible in the east
before sunrise late Nov. This is the best chance to
see it in the morning in 2013.Joins with Saturn on
Nov 26. Mars is visible in the morning sky in the
east before dawn
*Taurids Meteor Shower, 5-10 meteors/hr. peaks
on Nov 4. Meteors will radiate from the constella-
tion Taurus, but can appear anywhere in the sky.
*Leonids Meteor Shower, up to 15 meteors/hr,
peaks on Nov 16-17. Meteors will radiate from
the constellation Leo, but can appear anywhere.
*Comet ISON, closest approach to Sun, Nov 28,
now visible to the naked eye, gets brighter until
Nov 28. If the comet survives ití»s pass by the Sun,
should be visible in early morning & evening sky.
Night Time Delights
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