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Calling All Angels!
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The Sunshine
Uplifting The Western Slope
that these really are the good ole days, you will
find joy in each one. Starting today. It¡¯s a good
day to be alive. Enjoy it, and be thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving and happy November to
you! We¡¯re back, with more exciting and cool,
fun stuff to do, and we are very thankful to be
bringing it to you. We are grateful to you dear
reader and you dear advertiser, for your rockin¡¯
enthusiasm and amazing support in bringing
the ¡®smiles across the miles¡¯ to western Colo-
rado each month. We are thankful for all of
you who have written to us with your words of
encouragement, and for you who have told us
your stories of excellence and abundance. We
are thankful for our regular family of writers
whom all were sent by the spirit and are so
very special to us, indeed. Thank you. From the
bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone for
making The Sunshine Express a happy, shining
light, that is uplifting and enriching lives and
growing in popularity each day. It is all because
of, and for you. Ok now, inside this edition of
The Sunshine Express, is a whole lot of positive
and exciting news and events, as always, but,
be sure to check out the early Christmas festivi-
ties, tree lightings and such this month, as they
are always fun and magical. BB King is com-
ing to play, plus a whole host of very talented
musicians will be filling the air with beautiful
music. All kinds of sweets and holiday treats
are waiting for you, so go now, put on your
smile, seize the day, enjoy it and be happy. And
be thankful. We thank you and we love you
very much. Have a blessed today everyday! -
KingDaddy & Moonstruck
2013 November
Pg 2 - The Sunshine Express
These Are The Good Ole Days...
¡°These are the good ole days that we¡¯ve been livin¡¯
No more lookin¡¯ back, all is forgiven
Ain¡¯t gonna live my life through no picture frame
These are the good ole days...¡±
¡®These Are The Good Old Days¡¯ is a modern country song written by Erik Lawson & James Allen Otto,
performed by Otto on his 2007 ¡®Sunset Man¡¯ album. ¡®Sunset Man¡¯ peaked at No. 2 on Top Country Al-
bums upon it¡¯s release in 2007, while ¡®These Are the Good Ole Days¡¯ peaked on the singles charts at No.
36 in March 2009. Although the song may not have been a number 1 hit, it has a number 1 message that
is very important today. No matter what you will be told otherwise, no matter what distracts you into
thinking backward or forward, today is your life. Today is what is important and it is a good day to live.
Today is your moment in history to see and feel and enjoy every one of ¡°the simple things that make life
worthwhile¡± as the song says. ¡°Like a warm summer day or a laughin¡¯ child, or how it makes me feel
just to see you smile.¡± Indeed. The song starts out with Otto singing, ¡°wastin¡¯ half of my life just lookin¡¯
back, Thinkin¡¯ all of my good times were in the past. Ain¡¯t no joy to be found livin¡¯ life like that.¡± Indeed
again. He goes on to sing about how ¡°people get lost talkin¡¯ ¡®bout some day, something better will come
and take them away. Never realize ¡®til it¡¯s too late.¡± As they miss today. The good ole day. The hundreds
of little things that we are offered as blessings each day makes them all good ole days, well worth living.
Plus, mankind really has not ever had things so good, with so many blessings that we take for granted.
Like soap and water and tissues and available food in every town, delivered flowers, hot showers, tools,
transportation, communication, a bountiful environment, 100 year life spans, abundant choices, increas-
ing knowledge and technology, we could go on and on. No matter how you look at it, from a macro or
a micro perspective, from outside your skin or inside your heart, we are blessed in so many ways. So
many gifts we take for granted, or forget, due to a focus on yesterday or tomorrow, or on that incessant
drumbeat coming from that goliath called fear. If you can put away fear and loathing, and acknowledge
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The silverhawk feather that graces our front page was chosen for it¡¯s significant spiritual
symbolism. Hawks are symbols of spirit, wisdom and power. The hawk is the messenger. It is
also about visionary power and guardianship, the hawk is very protective of the young in its
nest. It teaches us about providing for family and self. Hawk teaches us to be observant and to
pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don¡¯t use, a blessing for
which we haven¡¯t expressed gratitude, or a message from Spirit. The hawk has keen eyesight, it
is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk is also about new
beginnings and always moving forward along the correct path.
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