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Positively Karen
2013 November
Pg 5 - The Sunshine Express
The Trip
Mid October found husband and I abandoning
jeep for rental car. Leaving Grand Junction and
heading south, southwest, we set the radio on the
60¡¯s station. Turning up the music, we sang along
with old favorites as we began our first vacation
in six years. Traveling past Goblin Valley, am
reminded of news story from previous week,
concerning men who toppled stone pedestal a
few million years old. Hmmmmm.
The desert seems bigger than ever, not a tree in
sight, nor is there fence post one. Following the
black ribbon that appears to stretch into forever,
I remember an unusual encounter we had when
driving through here eight years ago. Standing
beside the highway was a mule. As we drove by
he fell in behind our car and began to chase us.
Surprised, we slowed, the mule continued the
chase. Finally speeding up we left him behind
until he was but a small speck in our rearview
The desert has its own color. Red, pink and yel-
low sandstone monuments and towers, nature¡¯s
work of art. Time came late in the day when the
radio was silenced, as our eyes beheld the beauty
of a desert sunset. Blue and purple clouds, reds
and brilliant yellows blazed as the day drifted
away. God¡¯s work of art.
Reaching our destination, time was spent stroll-
ing along the river walk, traveling by river taxi
(small speedy boat), eating in hotel dining room,
palms trees outside window. No need for jackets,
the mercury hovered around mid 80¡¯s,
Being Grateful and giving Gratitude for the many
blessings in life is our way of giving back to God.
We should always remember that any relation-
ship should be one of giving and receiving,
whether it be with God, friends, family or spouse.
Give with all your heart, and receive with meek-
ness. After all you would not plant a precious
seed in the best soil and then deprive it of life-
giving water!!!
My quote above pretty much says it all, but let¡¯s
dig a little deeper into the importance of Grati-
Gratitude is a release of positive energy in which
you enrich the universe! It is important to put
as much positive in your life as possible, for as
we put positive actions and thoughts in, then
we shall reap what we have sown. The power
of attraction is one of those things in life you do
not realize is happening around you, as we get
caught up in everyday life.
It is much easier to be down and out than it is to
be up and positive. I understand this well, as I
have been as down and rock bottom as anyone.
I came to realize that just a change in attitude is
all it takes to turn it all around. I never look at a
bad situation as a bad situation, I look at it as a
learning tool. I take everything that is positive out
of the lesson, take care of the situation at hand,
and move forward. It is important to never stop
moving forward. You never want to find yourself
stuck in a rut. When you forget about what to be
Unseen Energy
by Mark Looper
KD¡¯s picks from 100 funniest of all time list:
#5- A priest, a rabbi and a vicar walk into a bar.
The barman says, ¡®¡¯Is this some kind of joke?¡¯¡¯
#4- I went to buy some camouflage trousers the
other day, but I couldn¡¯t find any.
#3- My therapist says I have a preoccupation with
vengeance. We¡¯ll see about that.
#2- I rang up the telephone company. I said, ¡®¡¯I
want to report a nuisance caller.¡¯¡¯ He said ¡®¡¯Not
you again...¡¯¡¯
#1- I was having dinner with Garry Kasporov
(world chess champion) and there was a check
tablecloth. It took him 2 hours to pass me the salt.
Top Five Zingers
thankful for, and what to give gratitude for, this
can happen. This is why gratitude is so impor-
tant, as it is the reminder of all the good things in
your life.
Keep those who are positive, uplifting, and on
the same page as you around you. The circle of
friends you keep is very important. Never let the
dream breakers or the negative people in your
circle. This is a tough thing when it comes to
friends and acquaintances. It all comes down to
a simple choice of which direction you choose
to set your life¡¯s path. I am grateful to be part of
the Sunshine Express and I appreciate you, the
Love and Light on your travels. ~ Unseen Energy
(Mark Looper of The Pony Expresso shares
inspirational thoughts and lessons learned in life
from Dolores, Colorado.
all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. -K
Little Wren I need a Song
Little wren this morning quickly
make me a song
made of sandstone cliffs
a bit of yucca growing there
Quickly my friend, just a bit
of song which goes
cool morning shadows
sandstone ledge mica glints
sun will rise from Chuska horizon.
-Simon J Ortiz, ¡®Woven Stone¡¯
(Karen Schafer lives in & writes about life from
Gateway, Colorado)
nights were warm. We met and visited
with other tourists from various places
across the U.S.
On the return home we stopped at The
Cameron Trading Post (est. in 1922) in
Cameron, Az.
Sitting at a small table in the dining room,
beside an enormous stone fireplace, the
cedar fire burning inside surrounded us
with its warmth. Exquisite Navajo rugs
adorned the walls. The dining experience
was excellent. We were not expecting the
quality of food to be as if Bobby Flay of
the food network had prepared it in the
Cameron¡¯s kitchen!
I purchased a book there called ¡®Desert
Wife¡¯, a true story by Hilda Faunce. Hilda
and her husband traveled by spring wag-
on from Oregon to the desert heartland
near the four corners (the point where
Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colo-
rado touch) in 1911. They purchased an
abandon trading post at ¡®Covered Water¡¯
near Black Mountain. The nearest town,
Gallup New Mexico 105 miles away. So
began her time among the Navajo Peo-
ples. Desert Wife is a fascinating read. I
highly recommend it.
We had a wonderful vacation. Wish you
¡°Vacations are the coupons on the
bonds of industry.¡±
-Harry Van Demark