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2013 December/January
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Strong love energy ruling long term. Opti-
mistic and strong, much gets accomplished profes-
sionally; many opportunities for financial increase
manifest. More fulfillment on the horizon.
Libra- Passion and love energies begin long term
increase; expect ups and downs but plenty of excite-
ment. A long term busy and ambitious period be-
gins; positivity feeds satisfaction, leads to rewards.
Scorpio- Focus on nutrition and pampering the
body as a long term of extra effort and challenging
situations ensues. Yet, financials likely to increase
and many stresses can be avoided with kindness.
Sagittarius- Harmony, tenderness, strengthening
bonds; new love opportunities for singles manifest
and grow. Recognition and respect increase profes-
sionally; windows to financial gain open wide.
Capricorn- The physical may demand attention,
give it some. Disciplined and diplomatic action
leads to professional achievements. Love is in the
air; romance and passions blossom and grow.
Aquarius- A positively charged atmosphere for
achievement and forward progress. Do not, how-
ever, push the physical beyond limits, and take
advantage of increased social opportunities in the
personal to remain balanced.
Pisces- Physical energy and morale good. Calmness
and stability increase in the personal arena. Profes-
sional recognition and financial rewards likely to
manifest; new ideas and creativity find traction
where once there was none.
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Aries- Continued focus on relations; the per-
sonal and professional under mutual influence.
Emotional and passion energies high. Challeng-
es and tests may manifest for a term; deliberate
patience serves well.
Taurus- Financials improve, professional com-
munications improve, calmness and clarity
in the personal. Probable long term period of
increased activity and effort begins; planning
and pampering smooth the road.
Gemini- Collaborations and social activity
increases, opening doors of opportunity and
likely influencing financials positively. Coop-
eration and clear communication fertilizes a
growing harmonious atmosphere.
Cancer- Desire and enthusiasm in the personal.
Increased social activity; new love possible.
Even more excitement likely in the professional
as financials increase and/or recognition arrives.
Leo- A focus on the intellectual and creative in
the professional. Stability and solutions in the
personal. Love and passion energies on high at-
tracting like energy; if single, be ready, you may
meet your match.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Jupiter is visible almost all
night, crossing from east to west. Venus domi-
nates the western eve sky until mid Jan, then
becomes a morning star in late Jan.
Morning planets: Mars and Saturn are visible in
the morning sky in the east before dawn.
* Dec 13-14, Geminids Meteor Shower, the king
of the meteor showers, up to 120 multicolored
meteors/hour at peak.
* Dec 21, The Dec Solstice occurs at 17:11 UTC,
the 1st day of winter in the N Hemisphere and
the 1st day of summer in the S Hemisphere.
* Dec 21-22, Ursids Meteor Shower, about 5-10
meteors per hour.
* Jan 2-3, Quadrantids Meteor Shower, up to 40
meteors per hour at peak.
* Jan 5, Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet
will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face
will be fully illuminated by the Sun.
Night Time Delights
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