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The Good News
2013 December/January
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A Legacy Of Care
Regulatory Efficiency Act Cuts Red Tape
in Federal Permitting Process
Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet announced
on Nov 22, that the Silverton-based San Juan
County Historical Society¡¯s small hydro project
would be allowed to move forward without un-
dergoing the burdensome and expensive federal
permitting process thanks to the Hydropower
Regulator Efficiency Act. The bill, which Bennet
cosponsored, cuts red tape for noncontroversial
hydro projects that are less than 5 megawatts.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission offi-
cially announced last night that the project would
not be subject to the federal permitting process,
thanks to the bill, which passed Congress unani-
mously in August. As a result, the 11-kilowatt Sil-
verton project will be the first small hydro project
in the state, and one of the first in the nation to
take advantage of this streamlined system.
¡°The Hydropower industry has tremendous
potential to stimulate economic growth and
job creation in Colorado,¡± Bennet said. ¡°This
common-sense bipartisan bill removes unneces-
sary regulations to help small projects like this
one get up and running in communities across
the state. We should continue to look for ways to
cut through red tape and promote these types of
clean, cost-effective energy sources.¡±
¡°The Feds had previously said that our project
needed to apply for a hydropower license, but
requiring a federal license for a tiny, non-con-
troversial hydro project on an existing pipeline
didn¡¯t make sense,¡± Beverly Rich, Chair of the
San Juan County Historical Society, said. The His-
torical Society operates the Mayflower Mill site
where the new hydropower project is being built.
¡°We¡¯re grateful to Senator Bennet for helping us
cut through this red tape.¡±
In addition to Silverton, projects in Telluride and
Orchard City are working to take advantage of
this reform under the new law.
The Hydropower Improvement Act was a com-
High Country Beverage Promotes
Mike Freyman to Branch Manager In Montrose
MONTROSE, Nov 21: High Country Beverage
is pleased to announce the promotion of long-
standing employee, Mike Freyman, to Branch
Manager in the Montrose location.
Mike Freyman joined High Country Beverage
in 2000 as a Route Salesman in Gunnison, and
has since navigated an impressive career path
through the company. From Route Salesman,
Mike advanced into Salesman for the Gunnison/
Crested Butte territories for seven years. In 2008,
he was promoted to Craft Manager for the West-
ern Slope, in which he oversaw all special events
for the entire territory. In 2012, Mike took on the
challenge of managing the business from a differ-
ent side as Marketing Manager for High Country
Beverage. His loyalty and hard work has paid off
as he takes on the new role of Branch Manager.
¡°Over the past 14 years, it¡¯s been amazing to
watch Mike grow into a great leader. I am very
proud of Mike. He has worked his way up in this
company through hard work and dedication,¡±
said Cody Carlson, general sales manager of
High Country Beverage Western Slope Division.
¡°I look forward to watching him guide the Mon-
trose organization to the next level.¡±
High Country Beverage is an independent Colo-
rado family owned and operated beer distribu-
tor known for product quality and outstanding
customer service. They proudly represent over
250 brands of the finest local, craft, domestic and
imported malt beverages from around the world.
For more information about High Country Bever-
age, please call 1.800.462.3615, or visit online at:
Debut Borgerding Scholarship Awarded
Delta-Montrose Technical College announced
on Nov 26 that the first Linda Borgerding Me-
morial Scholarship has been awarded to Debra
The Linda Borgerding Memorial Scholarship is
given in memory of Linda Borgerding, a long-
time Nursing Aide instructor at Delta-Montrose
Technical College. During her years of teaching
she trained hundreds of students who went on to
work as CNAs throughout the Western Slope.
Borgerding passed away in January 2013.
The Linda Borgerding Memorial Scholarship is
funded by donations from former students, co-
workers, friends, and others.
Delta-Montrose Technical College is a public
career and technical college in Delta, Colorado.
It offers 57 secondary and postsecondary certifi-
cates in 12 different programs. All certificates can
be earned in two semesters or less, with many of
them only one semester in length. 970.874.6556.
Silverton Small Hydro 1st In CO
A Tourist visited a temple under construction
where he saw a sculptor making a statue. Sud-
denly, he noticed a similar statue lying nearby.
Surprised, he asked the sculptor, ¡°Do you need
two statues of the same person?¡±
¡°No,¡± said the sculptor without looking up, ¡°we
need only one, but the first one got damaged at
the last stage.¡±
The gentleman examined the statue and found
no apparent damage. ¡°Where is the damage?¡± he
asked. ¡°There is a scratch on the nose of the stat-
ue,¡± said the sculptor, still busy with his work.
¡°Where are you going to install the statue?¡± the
gentleman persisted, to which the sculptor re-
plied that it would be installed on a pillar twenty
feet high. ¡°Well, if the statue is that far, who is go-
ing to know that there is a scratch on the nose?¡±
the gentleman exclaimed.
The sculptor stopped his work, looked up at the
gentleman, smiled, and said, ¡°I will know it.¡±
The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether
someone else appreciates it or not. ¡®Excellence¡¯
is a drive from inside, not outside. Excellence is
not for someone else to notice but for your own
satisfaction and efficiency.
Excellence Rewarded
Excellence Defined
Rock on Ice Returns
The Rock on Ice team returns to Mt. Crested Butte
for an ice carving festival in celebration of the
holiday season. Be amazed as two of the world¡¯s
most renowned carvers create larger than life
sized sculptures of animals, holiday characters
and other iconic figures out of blocks of ice. The
event will feature daily ice carving demonstra-
tions, including interactive sculptures perfect
for family photos, and a dazzling ice sculpture
garden in the Courtyard at Mountaineer Square.
For more information visit:
Ice Carving Festival
panion bill to H.R. 267, the Hydropower Regula-
tory Efficiency Act of 2013, sponsored by Reps.
Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Cathy McMorris-
Rogers (R-WA).
The Colorado Small Hydro Association estimates
that 100 MW of new hydro development in the
state could mean 500 new jobs in various fields
including developers, engineers, plumbers, car-
penters, and others.
For more details on the Silverton hydro project,
feel free to call Beverly Rich, Chair of the San
Juan County Historical Society, at 970.387.5488.