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possession of the FIRST RETAIL MJ license in the
USA and the WORLD!!!!!!¡±
Come January 1, there could be as many as 100
recreational marijuana shops open to consumers.
According to statistics released by the state Mari-
juana Enforcement Division, 136 current medical
marijuana dispensaries have applied to switch
over to recreational cannabis stores. The division
also saw 28 applications from edibles makers and
174 applications for independent grow opera-
tions. All of the October applications are expected
to be finished by the MED before the New Year.
All of the businesses that have applied to become
a recreational dispensary or a dual use dispensa-
ry have to have previously been a licensed medi-
Health & Nurturing
2013 December/January
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For more information on this topic, or to congrat-
ulate The Annie¡¯s dispensary, please contact Erin
Phillips at 1.855.STRAINWISE (1.855.787.2469) or
e-mail Erin at
First Ever Recreational Marijuana Sales License
In The World Goes To The Annie¡¯s
Central City, CO: The city council of Central City
awarded the world¡¯s first recreational marijuana
sales license to The Annie¡¯s dispensary, located
at 135 Nevada Street, Central City, CO 80427.
The Annie¡¯s is one of 8 dispensaries owned and
operated by STRAINWISE in the Denver metro
area. The historic license was issued and deliv-
ered to the operators by the chief of police.
The Annie¡¯s dispensary is currently open and
serving medical marijuana patients 18 and older
with a valid medical marijuana patient¡¯s license.
It will begin selling recreational marijuana on
January 1st, 2014 in accordance to Colorado state
regulations to individuals 21 and older.
On Monday, November 18, The Annie¡¯s an-
nounced the historic news to the world on their
Facebook page, ¡°Heads Up!!!!!! Annie¡¯s wants to
Thank all OUR Friends out there! WE are in
Enjoy special holiday meals
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delicious meals are everywhere during the holi-
days, but that shouldn¡¯t prevent you from eating
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It¡¯s all in the ingredients.
This holiday season, impress family and friends
with flavorful dishes made with only nutritious,
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¡°Enjoy those hearty meals and sweet desserts,
but in moderation. Create healthful meal options
with fresh and nutrient-rich ingredients,¡± says
Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Ward. ¡°I like to
include Eggland¡¯s Best eggs in my baking and
holiday meals because they contain 10 times more
vitamin E, three times more vitamin B12 and
double the omega-3s when compared to ordinary
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Salads are another great way to incorporate nutri-
tion into holiday meals, with healthy ingredients
such as spinach, dried fruits and nuts.
cal marijuana center
or business. New
businesses will not
be allowed to apply
for recreational
licenses until late
The number of
medical marijuana
dispensaries that
chose to make the
switch, at least in
these initial months,
is just a fraction of
the medical mari-
juana industry as a
whole. Currently,
there are 517 medi-
cal pot shops in the
state and 736 grow
An Historic Moment
Above: The photo posted with historic
announcement on The Annie¡¯s Central
City dispensary¡¯s Facebook page.
Nutritious & Delicious
¡°We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist
in the presence of a pie.¡± - David Mamet