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¡°We only had one contest. The People¡¯s
Choice Cocktail winner was Trail Town
Still, for their Watermelon Mojito,¡± said
Josh Mishell, Colorado Distillers Festival.
The people¡¯s winning choice, Trail Town
Distillery LLC, is nestled in scenic Ridgway,
Colorado, at the base of the towering San
Juan Mountains, yet it¡¯s reputation for fine
liquor, live music, as well as the best ginger
ale to be found, has quickly soared above
and beyond the mighty mountains. Adding
the prestigious statewide People¡¯s Choice
Cocktail award to their trophy case rein-
forces that reputation and is quite an added
Award winning Distiller Joseph Alaimo is
passionate about and confident in his cre-
ations, and is very happy and thrilled that
the people were excited about and voted for
his Watermelon Mojito cocktail.
Said Alaimo, ¡°When you know you have
the best cocktail in the state, that¡¯s one
thing, but being recognized for it is even
The growing distilling industry in Colorado
is quickly gaining recognition and clout and
is the 5th largest in the nation. There were
200 or more attendees at the sold out Colo-
rado Distillers Festival.
Added Alaimo, ¡°As the event went on, and
Food & Garden
2013 December/January
Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
Local Distillery Climbs To The Top
The Colorado Distillers Festival, a gathering of a
majority (26) of Colorado¡¯s distilleries, was held
on September 8, from 1-5p, at the Rackhouse Pub
in Denver, and one of western Colorado¡¯s own
stole the show and took home the prize.
Each participating distillery showed off 2-3
samples of their best liquor during the event, and
also mixed their own custom signature cocktail,
to sample and be voted on by attendees of the
Colorado Distillers Festival, as the best cocktail,
¡®The People¡¯s Choice Cocktail¡¯.
for edible houses must
be submitted by Dec
20, in one of the kids,
adult, or professional
categories. There will
be more than $1,000 in
cash and prizes to win!
For more information
call 800.444.9236 or visit:
And The Winner Is...
¡°A good cook is like a sorceress
who dispenses happiness.¡±
- Elsa Schiaparelli
or any of his other fine creations, and judge them
for yourself. Trail Town Still is located at 240
Palomino Trail, Unit A, in Ridgway. You can call
and congratulate them at 970.626.3060.
(Article by: KingDaddy)
the crowd kept grow-
ing bigger around
our table, we knew
we had won. It was a
good day.¡±
You can visit Joseph
and his great crew and
try out the Water-
melon Mojito, or the
homemade ginger ale
Make Your Best
Mt. Crested Butte Gingerbread
House Competition Dec 21-28
It¡¯s holiday time already and the
Mt. Crested Butte Town Center
will host its annual Gingerbread
House competition.
Make your best edible gingerbread house. Entries
4 Eggs
2 cups sugar
1 cup butter, melted
2 cups all-purpose flour
2-1/2 teaspoons almond extract
Confectioners¡¯ sugar (or frosting)
Optional sliced almonds
In a large bowl, beat the eggs and sugar until
lemon-colored. Beat in butter and extract; gradu-
ally stir in the four and mix well. Spread into a
greased 13-in. x 9-in. baking pan. Top with sliced
almonds, if desired.
Bake at 325¡ã for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick
inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool on
a wire rack. Sprinkle with confectioners¡¯ sugar.
Yield: 2 dozen.
Simple Holiday Almond Bars