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Nature & Wildlife
2013 March
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BLM Acquires Land
in Three Southwest Colorado Counties
In February, the Bureau of Land Management re-
ceived 40 patented mining claims in or adjacent
to public lands in San Juan, Ouray and Hinsdale
Counties from the Standard Metals Corporation.
This acquisition, totaling about 285 acres, is par-
tial settlement for environmental damage at sites
in Colorado, Arizona and Alaska.
The settlement, among the United States Depart-
ment of Justice, the United States Environmental
Protection Agency and Standard Metals in Case
No. 98-49-H-CCCL, seeks to mitigate damages
for injury to, destruction of and loss of natural
resources and surrounding riparian corridors.
The result of the acquisition assists in the consol-
idation of BLM holdings in a much-fragmented
landscape near an area with a high value for
recreation, mining history, cultural resources, vi-
suals and wildlife habitat. Much of the acreage is
above timberline and is part of the scenic vistas
enjoyed by recreationists on the Alpine Loop Sce-
nic Byway route between Silverton and Ouray in
the Mineral Point vicinity. Additionally, several
mining sites are also eligible for inclusion on the
National Register of Historic Places.
¡°The claims are part of a spectacular viewshed
visible from several 4-wheel drive roads in the
area, and the acquisition preserves the visual
scenic integrity of the claims,¡± said Brad Dodd,
BLM Tres Rios associate field manager.
Each Parcel was evaluated for environmental
issues to ensure the acquisitions would not sub-
stantially increase the agencies¡¯ environmental
liability. Additionally, the Colorado Division of
Reclamation Mining and Safety focused their
safety closure work on these parcels, so most
safety hazards were mitigated before the par-
cels became Federal property. A few remaining
safety closures of abandoned mine shafts and
adits are scheduled in the near future.
¡°With these sites now in public ownership, visi-
tation opportunities are secured and we have the
ability to interpret the sites and conduct further
scientific investigations in the area,¡± said Dodd.
For more information, contact Dodd at wdodd@ or 970-385-1378.
¡°Now In Public Ownership¡±
A generous donation of public access
easements by Vincent Woodward secured
public access to a popular trail and road
managed by the Bureau of Land Manage-
ment near Gunnison, Colo.
The donated easements are along travel
routes within the Hartman Rocks Rec-
reational Area including the Enchanted
Forest Road (BLM Road 3555) and the En-
chanted Forest Trail (BLM Trail 3558T).
Hartman Rocks Recreation Area is a
popular and valued recreation area for the
Gunnison Basin. Use is estimated at 40,000
visits annually and public access to and
through Hartman Rocks is important to all
recreationists who use the area.
The Road Report
Sportsman¡¯s Roundtable
Sportsmen¡¯s Caucus scheduled
for SW Colorado
Colorado Parks & Wildlife is looking
for hunters and anglers who wish to
participate in a ¡°Regional Sportsmen¡¯s
Caucus¡± for southwest Colorado and
to serve on a statewide ¡°Sportsmen¡¯s
Roundtable¡± to address wildlife issues.
These new public participation pro-
grams for hunters and anglers will
be explained at two meetings in the
southwest region: 6:30p, March 4 in
Montrose at the Colorado Parks and
Wildlife office, 2300 S. Townsend Ave.;
and 6:30p, March 6 at the Ross Aragon
Community Center, 451 Hot Springs
Blvd, in Pagosa Springs.
At the meetings hunters and anglers
(Reports ¡®from the road¡¯ on some of the wild and
exciting animals that cross our path each month)
The Road Report: February 2013:
2013-22-Feb: Even though they are abundant in
these parts, we have not seen any wild Turkeys
in quite awhile. So, it was a pleasant surprise to
see 3 large turkeys hanging out in the snow, in a
field South of Hwy 62, on the East side of Dallas
Divide, at 1:25p on this snowy Winter day.
¡°The road is highly utilized because it
provided access from McCabe¡¯s Lane directly to the
Power Line Road. The Enchanted Forest Trail is a fa-
vorite route for many trail riders and we are excited
to know that this easement secures trail and road
access for future generations,¡± said Kristi Murphy,
BLM outdoor recreation planner.
The Enchanted Forest Road merged onto 987 feet
of Woodward¡¯s property, and the Enchanted Forest
Trail crossed 500 feet making the total donation
about one-half acre.
¡°We appreciate Mr. Woodward approaching us
with this generous offer,¡± said Marnie Medina, BLM
realty specialist. ¡°We are always happy to work
with land owners to help ensure access to public
Woodward was recognized for his generosity by the
Gunnison Trails Commission with the Rock Cairn
Award. ¡°On behalf of present and future users of
the public lands, the Bureau of Land Management
appreciates his donation,¡± said Medina.
It is important for all recreationists to respect private
property and stay on roads and trails when travel-
ling through private lands.
For a map or more information about
the routes within the Hartman Rocks
Recreational Area, contact the Gunnison
Field Office at 970.642.4940.
Donation Improves Access
Although any member of the public can attend
and provide input at the local meetings, those
selected to serve on the statewide Sportsmen¡¯s
Roundtable must have a hunting or fishing license
and be active in those activities. Those chosen for
the roundtable must commit to attend the bi-an-
nual regional caucuses and Sportsmen¡¯s Round-
table meetings and serve a two-year term.
The Sportsmen¡¯s Roundtable will consist of 24
members: 16 statewide members and two del-
egates from each of the four regions.
For more information, contact Joe Lewandowski,
southwest region public information officer at
970.375.6708, or
Hartman Rocks Recreation Area
A magician is hired for a gig on a cruise ship. Ev-
erytime he tries a magic trick, however, the cap-
tain¡¯s parrot ruins the trick by telling the crowd
how he is doing it.
There is nothing he can do because the parrot
belongs to the captain.
A few days later the ship sinks. The magician
finds himself floating on a piece of wood, alone,
except for the parrot that has found his way to the
makeshift rescue craft.
They float for days without talking, no food or
water, eyeing each other coldly. Finally the parrot
gives in, ¡°OK, I give up. How did you make the
ship disappear?¡±
Funny Bird
are invited to talk about
wildlife issues and con-
cerns. Participants will
also select representatives
to serve as members on
the statewide Sportsmen¡¯s
Roundtable. Colorado
Parks & Wildlife staff will
be available to answer
questions. ¡°It¡¯s important
that we listen to hunters
and anglers,¡± said Patt
Dorsey, southwest region-
al manager. ¡°These meet-
ings will provide a forum
for a general discussion of
wildlife issues and to help
the agency formalize the
process of getting input
from sports enthusiasts.