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2013 March
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Libra- Professional activity remains very active;
up and down. Rely on your humor when facing
the unexpected; progress in the financial brings
satisfaction. Channel passion extremes arising in
relationships into combined efforts.
Scorpio- A busy, possibly obstacle-filled month, in
the professional. A month of change; take charge
to guide it. In the personal there is huge opportu-
nity to find love or strengthen existing relations.
Romance, sensuality, passion all on high.
Sagittarius- Surprise and/or adventure probable
in the personal; new love, new revelations, resolu-
tions, or possible freedom from a bad situation
manifest. Solid relations strengthen. Physical
energy high. Creative energy very high.
Capricorn- High physical energy and stamina.
Lively, enthusiastic, visionary, active, you get
much done this month professionally. At home, a
very strong desire to express your love becomes
central; go with it...
Aquarius- Positive potential for financial reward
and growth continues and remains a central focus
and activity, both professionally and in the person-
Aries- Passion in the personal; seductive, sensual
and charming. Driven to move forward, much
will be accomplished professionally, if prudent
and organized. Pay extra attention to the body¡¯s
signals; nourish it well.
Taurus- Relationships, collaborations, friendships
grow and dominate activity. Many social oppor-
tunities and/or reunions manifest. Strong love
energy influx strengthens your heart. A happy
month, soak it up.
Gemini- Clear communication, patience and
grace will be needed in a hectic, possibly stress-
ful month. While financial fruits from past effort
should manifest, personal growth may slow due
to high expectations. Meditation brings peace.
Cancer- Possible changes or turmoil in the profes-
sional, yet tending to your benefit. The physical
may be taxed; avoid toxins and rely, for sanctu-
ary, on a harmonious atmosphere with significant
relational growth at home.
Leo- A time of meditation and introspection; new
perspectives and spiritual revelations offer wider
vistas and personal growth. Increased financial
activity preoccupies the professional; keep an
awareness of risks to avoid unwise actions.
Virgo- Teamwork and relationship building in
the professional brings forth support and prog-
ress towards your goals. However, love is what¡¯s
really on your mind. Affectionate energies are
flowing abundant.
The Moon Dance
Help CPOF Save Animals
Evening Planets: Jupiter: High to the South in
early evening, and on show until the early hours.
Saturn: Appearing in the late evening sky in con-
stellation Libra, rising from the east. With a small
scope one should now be able to spot Cassini¡¯s
Division within the rings, if the ¡®seeing¡¯ is good,
along with Saturn¡¯s largest Moon, Titan.
Mars: having just moved into Aquarius, is still vis-
ible low in the west after sunset.
Uranus: Appears fairly low in the west after dusk,
it is the second furthest planet from the Sun, and
the coldest world in the solar system.
Morning Planets: Mercury: Will be very low above
the horizon in the east-southeast as dawn breaks
and binoculars will be needed to spot it (*Note:
Never attempt to look at Mercury through any
type of optical aid when any part of the Sun is
above the horizon, as eye damage can occur).
Comet ¡®2011 L4¡¯, Discovered June 2011, will come
within about 0.3 AU from the Sun on Mar 10, a rel-
atively close pass with opportunity for significant
brightening. It¡¯s closest pass to Earth will be Mar
5. Look west toward the constellation Pisces after
sunset. 2011 L4¡¯s peak in brightness should occur
around Mar 8-12, before heading back out of the
solar system. The comet remains visible for view-
ers in the Northern Hemisphere through April.
medical care and microchip identification.
There are two ways you can help CPOF save
Donate on your Colorado Tax Form
More than $1.6 million have been donated since
2001 by Colorado taxpayers like you to subsidize
the spay/neuter surgeries of 45,000 cats and dogs
owned by income-qualified Colorado citizens!
Purchase an Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet License Plate
More than $76,000 in revenue from plate sales
were generated in the first year to spay/neuter and
provide medical treatment and microchip identifi-
cation for shelter animals!
You can also send a donation at any time to 1805
S. Bellaire Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80222.
Checks should be made payable to the Pet Over-
population Fund. Your donation is tax deductible.
The next award cycle will be announced in Spring
Night Time Delights
Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF)
awarded $69,400 in License Plate grants to Colo-
rado shelters in 2012.
The Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund was
created by the State legislature in 2001 to curb
pet overpopulation and reduce euthanasia of
surplus, unwanted or abandoned dogs and cats.
Thanks to Colorado¡¯s concerned citizens who
contribute to this effort, CPOF is able to make
grants to local programs that reduce pet over-
population in underserved areas of our state.
With funding from CPOF, animal care and con-
trol organizations and veterinarians are working
together to reduce unwanted litters of puppies
and kittens and to provide shelter animals with
al. Good physical energy; smile more to counteract
irritation and stress.
Pisces- Confident and charming, your popularity
and magnetism grow and attract attention, sup-
port, admiration and success. Harmonious love
energy at home. Good physical. A blessed month;
be grateful.
Colorado State Archery Association presents:
Saturday, March 9-Sunday, March 10, at the Eagle
River Center, Eagle County Fairgrounds, 426 Fair-
grounds Road, Eagle.
We will shoot a 300 NFAA round each day
indoors, 5 arrow rounds, 20 yards for Adults, 10
yards for cubs and Pee-Wee. Entry fee is $25.00
Adults, $15.00 per Young Adult, Youth, Cub and
Pee-Wee. Registration Starts Saturday at 8a; Sat-
urday shooting time for everyone begins at 11a;
Sunday shooting time for everyone begins at 9a.
Please send Pre-Registration information: Name,
Division, and Shooting Time to: Tournament
Director Glenn Schultz at 303.903.0244 or Know- The local 4H Club will be
serving foods and drinks at the range.
Hotels nearby: AmericInn 970.328.5155 or
Comfort Inn 970.328.7878; mention the Colorado
State Archery Association when booking your
room. From Denver: Take I-70 West, From Grand
Junction: Take 1-70 East; Then Take Eagle Exit
#147; Turn Left, and Then Take a Right just past
Loaf & Jug at the stop light. Eagle River Center
will be located on your left past rodeo grounds.
Look for signs. For Directions you can also call
970.618.3134 or 970.904.1096.
Eagle Archery Competition