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2013 March
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Sponsored by:
rose Advisory Council and the board of the San
Juan Healthcare foundation.
¡°To me this is just another milestone in the
growth of CMU in Montrose and what it means
to this community¡± Reed said. This is indicative
of the momentum of CMU in Montrose that will
allow us to grow and prosper. It is in keeping
with the mission of the healthcare foundation and
in that mission is to promote healthcare in the
region, and one of the branches is in education.¡±
A comprehensive university located in the center
of western Colorado, Colorado Mesa University
provides exceptional educational opportunities on
a state-of-the-art campus. As western Colorado¡¯s
largest university, Colorado Mesa serves students
on its main campus in Grand Junction, its satellite
The Medicine Cabinet
Colorado House Bill 1061, also known as the Re-
sponsible Medical Marijuana Vendor Standards
bill, has passed the House floor and was intro-
duced in the Senate on Valentines Day, Feb 14,
where it was assigned to the Finance committee.
A person who wants to operate a responsible
medical marijuana vendor server and seller
training program must submit an application
to the medical marijuana state licensing author-
ity. The authority shall approve a program if the
program contains, at a minimum, the following
1-Program standards that specify, at a minimum,
who must attend, the time frame for new staff to
attend, recertification requirements, record-keep-
ing, testing and assessment protocols, and ef-
fectiveness evaluations; and 2-A core curriculum
of pertinent statutory and regulatory provisions,
which curriculum includes:
*Information on required licenses, age require-
ments, patient registry cards issued by the
department of public health and environment,
maintenance of records, privacy issues, and
unlawful acts;
*Administrative and criminal liability and license
and court sanctions;
*Statutory and regulatory requirements for em-
ployees and owners;
*Acceptable forms of identification, including
patient registry cards and associated documents
and procedures; and
*Local and state licensing and enforcement,
which may include, but need not be limited to,
key statutes and rules affecting patients, owners,
managers, and employees.
A responsible medical marijuana vendor may
issue a licensed medical marijuana business
a responsible vendor designation. A business
receives the designation if all employees who sell
or handle medical marijuana, all managers, and
all resident on-site owners successfully complete
a program that the authority has approved. A
designation is valid for 2 years from the date of
issuance. If the authority brings an administra-
tive action against a business that has received
the designation, the authority shall consider the
designation as mitigation.
Did you know?
Contrary to the Cheech & Chong propoganda,
studies show MMJ actually is an energizer that
enables working harder, faster and longer?
San Juan Healthcare Foundation
continues support of CMU-Montrose
Officials with Colorado Mesa University and
the San Juan Healthcare Foundation announced
on February 13, a $50,000 donation from the
San Juan Healthcare Foundation. The gener-
ous donation will be used to support the CMU
Montrose Campus.
¡±The real strength of our university is the mul-
titude of partnerships we have developed in the
communities we serve,¡± said CMU President
Tim Foster. ¡°Today¡¯s commitment by the San
Juan Healthcare Foundation is yet another great
example of how the community of Montrose is
rallying around our campus and our students.¡±
The San Juan Healthcare Foundation has been a
consistent supporter and partner of the univer-
sity. David Reed serves both on the CMU-Mont-
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campus in Montrose, its
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Colorado Mesa University
serves as the primary intel-
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western Colorado and pro-
motes the exchange of ideas
that are of regional, national
and international impor-
tance. Founded in 1925,
it¡¯s a dynamic university
enrolling more than 9,000
students at the associate,
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Healthcare Foundation
Donates $50,000
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