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Colorado Miners Honored
For Remarkable Safety Records
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The Colorado Mining Association (CMA) and the state of
Colorado honored a record number of individuals and
companies for outstanding safety practices in 2012, at a
ceremony held during the 115th National Western Min-
ing Conference & Exhibition at the Colorado Convention
Center in Denver in late February.
Stuart Sanderson, CMA President, told the award winners
that ¡°you exemplify the very best in safety achievement.¡±
More than 200 persons gathered for the event, which
honored twenty eight individuals for working more than
thirty years without a lost time accident. In addition,
2013 APRIL #4-3
man hours with an incident rate of .68.
Top safety honors for a small surface coal mine again went to Western Fuels
Colorado LLC¡¯s New Horizon Mine in Montrose County, which has worked
safely and with zero injuries resulting in lost time since September 10, 2010, a
total of 133,275 man hours. The company has also worked since April 4, 2012,
without a reportable injury.
American Gypsum Company, LLC¡¯s Eagle Gypsum Mine, received top non-
metal mine honors for working since 2008 without a reportable injury. Since
1997, mine employees have worked a total of 445,206 hours while incurring
only four reportable injuries and five lost work days.
Also recognized for safety innovation was the Twentymile Mine, the state¡¯s
most productive coal mine (Twentymile Mining, LLC is a subsidiary of
Peabody Energy). The mine won recognition for safety innovation for five
different initiatives at the operation, including the development of a telescop-
ing rod called a ¡°ladder spotter¡± to provide a point of contact with the roof to
prevent ladders from tipping over on uneven surfaces, safety improvement
of the conveyor belt system, drilling pilot holes to prevent flooding, devel-
oping a fire valve bracket to prevent dust accumulations, and for devising
a system for raising and lowering pulleys to reduce risk and eliminate fall
hazards. The company also earned an honorable mention for working over
1.3 million man hours with a total incident ratio of 2.30.
CMA is an industry organization, founded in 1876, whose more than 900
members include producers of coal, metals and other minerals throughout
Colorado and the west; together with manufacturers of mining equipment
and other individuals and organizations providing services and supplies to
the industry. (source:
mines in Colorado earned eleven company awards for innovations in mine
safety and outstanding safety performance.
A total of 28 miners, including 25 from the Henderson and Climax Mines re-
ceived recognition for working more than 30 years without a lost time accident,
with Gordon Stinnett, an employee of the Climax Mine, posting the longest
record with more than 40 years injury free.
The individual safety award winners are listed below by mine, together with
the total years they worked without a lost time accident:
Colowyo Mine: Douglas T. Pearce over 30 years
Trapper Mine: Randy Stevens 30 years
Henderson Mine: Samuel Rodriguez 30 years; Steven Santaniello 30 years;
Gregg Schenck 32 years; Edward Jacobs 32 years; Michael Callahan 32 years;
Eric Nordine 33 years; Wayne Marsh 33 years; Carl Wood 33 years; Jesse Duarte
33 years; David Greenwalt 33 years; Jesus Alvarez 34 years; Andy Manguso 34
years; Terry Allison 34 years
Climax Mine: Peter L. Werner 30 years; Thomas M. Birmingham 32 years; Alan
B. Stinnett 32 years; Lindell S. Jackson 33 years; Marlys E. Weimer 33 years;
Bruce A. Stewart 34 years; Stanley W. Manuel 34 years; Robert G. Groeger 34
years; Gregory Lee Jennings 35 years; Harold R. Tuxhorn 36 years; Alan M.
Splettstosser 36 years; Donald K. Helmick 37 years; Gordon D. Stinnett 40 years
Safest Mine Awards - Underground Mines Post Remarkable Safety Records.
Mountain Coal Company, L.L.C.¡¯s West Elk Mine in Gunnison County earned
top safety honors for the second year in a row for posting the lowest total
incident rate in Colorado (1.24 per 200,000 man hours
worked). Only five reportable injuries and illnesses were
reported in 2012, while the company worked a total of
807,767 man hours. The company even bested its own in-
credible achievement of 2011, lowering its total incident
rate by 27% from 1.7 to 1.24 in 2012.
The Climax Molybdenum Company¡¯s Henderson Mine
and Mill posted the best safety record among large
underground metal mining companies, working nearly
1.5 million man hours and posting an incident rate of
1.34 for 2012. The company¡¯s Climax Mine & Mill set a
remarkable record this year, working over 1.7 million