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Nature & Wildlife
2013 April
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Wearing a smile daily mitigates perceived pains.
Gemini- Listen closely to and give extra nourish-
ment to your body in April. Social opportunities
manifest in the personal. Love and passion ener-
gies rise. Cooperative opportunities increase in the
professional; resources manifest which help drive
ambition and hope to new heights.
Cancer- Active, possibly confusing or stressful en-
ergies persist. A focus on gratitude in the personal
improves mood. Professional situations move
forward demanding determined action; proactive
efforts drive activity in desired direction bearing
financial fruits.
Leo- High physical energy and unquenchable
ambition combine with positive collaboration op-
portunities to manifest considerable performance
and advancement professionally. Optimism and
passion run high; a very attractive combo.
Virgo- Energy levels may be low, increasing daily.
An environment develops that is conducive to
intellectual and/or spiritual pursuits, which lays
groundwork for future successes. A focus on medi-
tation and moderation eases anxiety.
Libra- An environment favorable to contracts,
agreements, partnerships, teamwork, etc., however
high stakes demand measured communication,
upright behavior, organization and farsighted
prudent planning. Chances for the unexpected are
up in romance.
Scorpio- A period of leadership, initiative and
hard work professionally which manifests finan-
cial increase and/or honor. A cooperative and col-
laborative atmosphere with mate/partner supports
efforts. Romantic love focus increases daily.
Sagittarius- Love is in the air; passion becomes en-
thusiastically demanding, daringly adventurous.
Even as high physical energy supports achieve-
ment, recognize and avoid tempting but costly
risky behaviors, which have high tendencies this
month, both personally and professionally.
Capricorn- Morale, physical energy and courage
on the rise. Possibility of an environment of new-
ness/change increases with a major focus shift to
home, real estate and family matters. Establishing
a sense of sanctuary feeds romantic growth.
Aries- High physical energy. Major financial ac-
tivity and growth. Clarity brings dedicated action
and incentive for additional objectives. Sparks in
your love life as desire for love runs strong; rela-
tionships continue strengthening.
Taurus- A feeling of frustration or dissatisfaction
fed by low physical energies to start the month,
transitions into very much improved feelings of
joy and accomplishment as the days progress.
The Moon Dance
¡°Forget not that the earth
delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play
with your hair.¡± - Khalil Gibran
See the dazzling planet Jupiter in the west after
sunset. After twilight ends, the elusive Zodiacal
Light appears in the western sky. Look for this
mysterious cone of light to jut upward from the
horizon about 80 to 120 minutes after sunset. Zodi-
acal light looks like a large but faint milky-colored
pyramid of light. Caused by sunlight reflecting
off interplanetary dust particles that orbit the sun
within the inner solar system, the zodiacal light
needs a completely dark sky to be seen
Saturn comes to opposition, rising around sunset,
1319 million kilometres or 73 light minutes from
Earth. The rings are on magnificent display, and if
you ever want to see them, this is the time to do so!
Comet Pan-STARRS could still be visible with the
naked eye early in the month from the northern
hemisphere, and for much of the night, as it moves
into the far north of the sky.
Look out for the Lyrid meteors around April 21-22.
At full moon on 25 April, there is a small partial
eclipse of the moon, visible from Europe, Africa,
Asia, Australia, Antarctica and the far NE of Brazil.
Only a small part of the northern edge of the moon
is covered by the Earth¡¯s main shadow (umbra).
Ladies Day Out at Cabela¡¯s, April 6th, 9a-3p at
Cabela¡¯s at Mesa Mall. This day is dedicated to
the women of the outdoors.
Cabela¡¯s wants to honor and cherish women of
all ages who embody and pass along the passion
of outdoor recreation. The first 100 women who
join us in celebrating the heritage will receive a
free gift, and everyone will have the opportunity
to participate in a day full of fun..
Night Time Delights
Youth turkey hunt opportunity offered in Meeker
With generous support from local private land-
owners, Colorado Parks and Wildlife¡¯s Hunter
Outreach Program is offering three youth the op-
portunity to participate in a guided, high-quality
spring turkey hunt on private land near Meeker,
April 26-28, 2013.
Youth under the age of 18 interested in partici-
pating in this unique opportunity can apply by
sending a letter of interest that includes contact
information for a parent or guardian, the hunter¡¯s
name, address, phone number, Hunter Education
card number and an essay of 500 words or less.
¡°In the youth¡¯s own words, the essay should ex-
press why the youth believes hunting is important
for wildlife,¡± said Bailey Franklin, hunt organizer
and district wildlife manager in Meeker. ¡°In ad-
dition, the letter should show why they should be
selected over other applicants to participate in this
special spring turkey hunt.¡±
Letters should be sent to: DWM Bailey Franklin,
Aquarius- Communication channels are open,
clear and active, in both the professional, leading
to increased intellectual opportunities, and in the
personal, where romantic desire finds persuasive
voice. A very active month; make time for rest.
Pisces- Relationships strengthen; practical matters
demand attention and lead to closeness. Financial
reward and increase likely; past and current team-
work and strategies pay dividends. Increasing
desire for action; balance is key.
PO Box 1181, Meeker, CO 81641.
No previous hunting experience is required
and all youth hunters are encouraged to apply;
however, regardless of reason, youth interested
in hunting but have never participated will be
given preference over those that have already
had previous hunting opportunities.
Successful applicants and a parent, guardian or
mentor must attend a pre-hunt orientation at the
Colorado Parks and Wildlife¡¯ Meeker office from
3-5p on April 26.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife will provide shot-
guns, ammunition, blinds and calls. Hunters
must provide their own camouflage, lodging
and food.
¡°Each youth hunter and their parents or guard-
ian will be personally guided by one of our
officers,¡± said Franklin. ¡°This makes this private
land turkey hunt especially memorable and safe
for everyone involved.¡±
Letters and essays must be postmarked by April
15. The three youth chosen to participate in the
turkey hunt will be notified by April 20.
For more information about Hunter Outreach
programs, please visit:
We kick off the day with a scrumptious Dutch-
oven cooking workshop followed by Back Country
Navigation seminars, Archery, Into to Outdoor
Survival, Basic Back Country First Aid and a com-
prehensive shotgun workshop. Please feel free to
call with any questions. We hope to see you, and
celebrate your love of the outdoors! 970.683.5000
Outdoors Women Honored
Youth Hunting Opportunity