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The Sunshine
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lian English phrase ¡°no
worries¡± and is akin to
¡°don¡¯t worry, be happy¡±.
This is our main theme
inside the pages of The
Sunshine Express this
month. Let us all go forth
on our Springtime adven-
tures with positive energy
and make it a sunny fun
day for all. Life is meant
to be enjoyed and we have
buckets of fun and enjoy-
able events for you inside.
We also feature some of
the stories about the many
fine folks who have been
receiving honors recently
for their superb dedication,
performance, and respon-
sibility. Upright, hard
working, decent and kind
people are the majority
and we gladly give space
here to honor them as well.
Kudos from the King to all
of you wonderful people
that rarely are spotlighted
and appreciated for your
noble efforts. You know
who you are. Thank you.
Enjoy the April edition
of The Sunshine Express
and keep on smiling, we
love you! - KingDaddy &
2013 April
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Don¡¯t Worry, Be Happy...
¡°In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don¡¯t worry, be happy...¡±
The Indian mystic and sage Meher Baba (1894¨C1969) often used the expression ¡°Don¡¯t worry, be happy¡±
when cabling his followers in the West. However, Meher Baba communicated variations of the senti-
ment; fuller versions of the quote, such as, ¡°Do your best. Then, don¡¯t worry; be happy in My love. I
will help you¡±, which incorporate responsibility (¡°do your best...¡±) alongside the detachment (¡°don¡¯t
worry...¡±), as well as the master/disciple spiritual relationship (¡°I will help you¡±). In the 1960s, the trun-
cated version of this expression by Baba was printed up on inspiration cards and posters of the era. In
1988, musician Bobby McFerrin noticed a similar poster in the apartment of the jazz band Tuck & Patti in
San Francisco. Inspired by the expression¡¯s charm and simplicity, McFerrin wrote the now famous song,
¡®Don¡¯t Worry, Be Happy¡¯. Regarded as one of the most frequently mis-cited songs in history, its writing
often attributed to Bob Marley, it was also the first acappella song to reach number one on the Billboard
Hot 100 chart, and one critic noted it is a ¡°formula for facing life¡¯s trials.¡± Indeed it is. ¡°In every life we
have some trouble¡± but it is our response to it that decides our happiness. We can grumble and complain
and worry ourselves to death and it won¡¯t help the situations any. No, it makes them worse. ¡°Ain¡¯t got
no cash, ain¡¯t got no style, ain¡¯t got no girl to make you smile?¡± Well, that¡¯s rough, but, worrying about it
only perpetuates it because, as the song says, ¡°when you worry, your face will frown, and that will bring
everybody down.¡± Positive happy energy attracts the same. So don¡¯t worry, whatever it is that is trou-
bling you will soon pass if you ¡®be happy¡¯. Listen to the song, ¡°Don¡¯t worry, don¡¯t do it, be happy, put a
smile on your face¡±, do your best and then don¡¯t worry, be happy!
Welcome to April, Hakuna Matata everyone! ¡®Hakuna Matata¡¯ is a Swahili phrase that can be translated
literally as ¡°There are no worries.¡± Its meaning is similar to the English phrase ¡°no problems¡± or Austra-
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symbolism. Hawks are symbols of spirit, wisdom and power. The hawk is the messenger. It is
also about visionary power and guardianship, the hawk is very protective of the young in its
nest. It teaches us about providing for family and self. Hawk teaches us to be observant and to
pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don¡¯t use, a blessing for
which we haven¡¯t expressed gratitude, or a message from Spirit. The hawk has keen eyesight, it
is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk is also about new
beginnings and always moving forward along the correct path.
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