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2013 April
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TELLURIDE- Rocky Mountain Public Broadcast-
ing Service (RMPBS) has awarded Kara Johnson,
education specialist at the San Miguel Resource
Center, the ¡°Be More Award¡± for the Western
Slope of Colorado. Kara is one of three women
in the state of Colorado who will be recognized
at the RMPBS Newsmakers Luncheon in Denver
on April 24, 2013. Kara, along with two other ¡°Be
More Award¡± recipients, is being honored for
her impactful and innovative leadership in areas
related to the well-being of women and girls.
¡°Kara¡¯s tireless efforts to provide prevention edu-
cation on bullying, dating violence, appropriate
touch, media literacy and assertiveness have had
a tremendous impact on our schools,¡± said Sara
Kimble, Telluride High School counselor. ¡°She has
an amazing gift to work with students of all age
levels and provide them with the tools necessary
to effectively stop interpersonal violence. There
has been a positive shift in our school culture, as
both students and staff feel better equipped to
handle difficult situations.¡±
The San Miguel Resource Center is the domestic
violence and sexual assault resource center for
San Miguel County and the West End of Montrose
County. Kara goes into every school in this service
area, providing violence prevention education for
students from Telluride to Paradox. She is work-
ing hard to stop the problem before it starts and
give kids the tools they need to have lives free
from interpersonal violence.
Her leadership in areas related to improvement in
the well-being of women and girls has included:
*More kids reporting bullying.
*More kids acting as empowered as bystanders.
*An increase in girls participating in class and
extracurricular activities due to assertiveness
*Improvements to school procedures and proto-
cols involving all types of bullying.
Whether you are looking for access to capital, an
educated and highly skilled workforce, low taxes
and business costs, or a fair and accessible regula-
tory environment, Colorado has one of the nation¡¯s
best business climates.
Under the leadership of Gov. John Hickenlooper
and in collaboration with our partners across the
state, we remain relentlessly pro-business while
cultivating entrepreneurship and promoting inno-
vation. Our commitment and the success it brings
is continually recognized at the national level, but
more importantly, we have celebrated a number
of headquarter moves and company expansions
along with steady job growth.
**2nd best state in entrepreneurship and innova-
tion - US Chamber of Commerce, 2012
**3rd most economically competitive state - Bea-
con Hill Institute, 2012
**3rd top state for business - CNBC, 2012
**5th best state for business - Forbes, 2012
**1st best state for labor supply - Forbes, 2012
The Colorado Office of Economic Development
and International Trade (OEDIT) works with
statewide partners to create a positive business
climate that encourages dynamic economic devel-
opment and sustainable job growth. OEDIT strives
to advance the state¡¯s economy through financial
and technical assistance in support of local and
regional economic development activities through-
out Colorado.
OEDIT assists in:
- Building a strong public-private approach on a
statewide basis for economic development activi-
- Monitoring economic conditions throughout the
state and strengthening regional economies.
- Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses.
- Increasing quality job creation by expanding and
attracting businesses.
- Maintaining Colorado¡¯s diverse economic base by
retaining existing jobs through responsive pro-
grams and a supportive business climate.
- Positioning Colorado as a global leader in key
industries, such as tourism, aerospace, bioscience
and renewable energy.
- Assisting the state¡¯s economy, while preserving
quality of life.
OEDIT offers a host of programs and services
tailored to support business development at every
level including business retention and relocation
services; business finance and incentive programs;
the Colorado Tourism Office; Creative Industries;
the Colorado International Trade Office; the Colo-
rado Small Business Development Centers (SBDC);
Film, TV & Media; minority and women-owned
business services and economic research.
Below are a few helpful business workshops com-
ing up at SBDC locations on the western slope:
*Starting a Business in Western Colorado, Thurs-
day, Apr 4, 9-11:30a.
A 2 1/2 hour overview of everything you need to
know to start and grow your company including
business licensing requirements, the business plan-
ning process and business financing options.
Speaker: Julie Morey, SBDC Director. Location:
Grand Junction SBDC, Business Incubator Center,
Grand Junction. Fee: $ 50.00
*Starting Your Business Workshop, Thursday,
Apr 18, 8a-1p.
5 hour seminar on various aspects of starting a
business including: registration issues, legal struc-
ture, business planning process, financing your
business, etc.
Speaker: Joe Keck, Jack Llewellyn, Brad Broyles,
Lindsey Nicholson, Chuck Fredrick. Location:
Southwest Colorado SBDC, Durango Public Li-
brary, Program Room. Fee: $ 25.00
*Improving Your Sales, Thursday, Apr 4, 9a-1p.
Your marketing is on track and your business is
getting the exposure it needs, but are you strug-
gling to close the deal? Whether you are a retail
business or providing a service, such as construc-
tion, the course will show you how to jump-start
San Miguel Specialist Honored
The Governor¡¯s Office of State Planning and Bud-
geting (OSPB) announced March 18 that state gen-
eral fund revenue is projected to be $227.9 million
higher in the current fiscal year than was forecast in
For FY 2013-14, the forecast is $256.1 million higher
than the prior projection. The increase in the rev-
enue forecast is due to continued better-than-ex-
pected growth in individual and corporate income
tax revenue.
Under current law the excess funds in the new reve-
nue forecast for the current fiscal year will be trans-
ferred to the State Education Fund which supports
per-pupil funding in Colorado school districts.
your business through
your sales efforts.
This course will cover
prospecting, qualifying
leads, evaluating the
competition, position-
ing and timing, and
understanding needs
vs. wants.
Speaker: Instructor:
James Suehring, Man-
agement Solutions.
Location: SBDC @
Roaring Fork Business
Resource Center, CMC
Glenwood Center,
Glenwood Springs.
Fee: $ 35.00
(source: www.advance
to our school as a whole, but she has worked
individually with children who are facing difficult
problems and helped them to access the support
they need. The kids trust her, the parents appreciate
her, and the teachers see her as an ally in address-
ing challenging issues.¡±
The San Miguel Resource Center has been serving
victims of sexual assault and domestic violence for
20 years. In an effort to break the cycle of violence,
the prevention education program created in 2001
aimed to give students the tools needed to challenge
interpersonal violence. Kara is responsible for sig-
nificantly expanding the program from 180 preven-
tion education classes per year to an estimated 400
classes in 2013. She has also taken a very holistic ap-
proach by working to equip not only students with
the right tools to address interpersonal violence, but
parents, teachers and administrators as well.
In honor of this well-deserved award, the Telluride
Foundation will be sponsoring a table at the RMPBS
Newsmakers Luncheon on April 24th in Denver. To
learn more about Kara Johnson and the San Miguel
Resource Center prevention education program,
please visit
To learn more about the Be More Award and the
Newsmakers Luncheon, visit:
*More kids and adults empow-
ered to report child abuse or
molestation, therefore accessing
important support services.
*Classes to empower parents and
school personnel.
*Increased awareness of rape
prevention for girls in high school
and entering college.
*Increased awareness of media
literacy for women as it relates to
such topics as body image, sexual-
ity and relationships.
*An overarching cultural change
in parts of our service area that
were previously more accepting
of various types of violence.
¡°Kara has gone well above the call
of duty on many occasions,¡± said
Jon Orris, executive director/prin-
cipal of the Paradox Valley School.
¡°Not only has she provided exten-
sive prevention education