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2013 April
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¡°Don¡¯t chain your worries to your body.
The burden soon becomes heavy and
your health will give too much of itself
to pick up the extra load.¡±
- Astrid Alauda
The Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force
favors existing medical marijuana licensees, al-
lowing them a reduced licensing fee for adult-use
marijuana facilities and giving special consid-
eration in a competitive application process for
prior experience & compliance history.
Requirement 5, by restricting license applica-
tions for 1 year to existing medical marijuana
licensees & applicants, recognizes this advantage
and builds on the experience of existing medical
marijuana licensees, who have operated within
a similar regulatory model. Further, it allows the
state licensing authority to manage the transition
and expansion from medical to adult-use marijua-
na in a predictable, orderly, and controlled man-
ner, reducing the likelihood of federal scrutiny
of Colorado¡¯s new adult-use marijuana industry.
The Task Force recommends that the General
Assembly(GA) enact statutes that allow for the
transition of: 1- current medical marijuana licens-
ees who desire to surrender their Medical Mari-
juana Center license or Marijuana-infused Prod-
ucts license and corresponding Optional Premises
Cultivation License(s) simultaneously upon
receiving their Retail Marijuana Store license or
Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility license
and corresponding Marijuana Cultivation Facility
license(s); 2- current medical marijuana licensees
who desire to keep their medical Marijuana-
infused Products license and corresponding
Optional Premises Cultivation license(s), if any,
and apply for a Marijuana Product Manufactur-
ing Facility license and corresponding Marijuana
Cultivation Facility license(s) at the same loca-
tions as their existing MIP & OPC(s); 3- current
medical marijuana licensees who desire to keep
their Medical Marijuana Center license and corre-
sponding Optional Premises Cultivation license(s)
and apply for a Retail Marijuana Store license
and corresponding Marijuana Cultivation Facility
license(s) at the same locations as their existing
MMC & OPC(s). To effectuate this transition, the
Marijuana Enforcement Division shall, beginning
October 1, 2013, accept applications from state
licensed medical marijuana businesses. A similar
regulatory model has been proposed for adult-
use marijuana as has been in place for medical
marijuana, and the existing licensees have been
recommended for prioritization in new adult-use
licenses for the 1st year. As such, common busi-
nesses and business practices will be in place for
both medical and adult-use marijuana. Expand-
ing the role of the existing Medical Marijuana
Enforcement Division to regulate both medical
and adult-use marijuana will take advantage of
the existing infrastructure, resources, and staff
expertise developed over the past few years in
regulating medical marijuana, and will facilitate
a quicker and smoother transition to adult-use
marijuana than if a new division were created.
This proposed framework would be subject to a
sunset review, conducted 3 years after the enact-
ment of statute establishing the vertical integra-
tion model, at which time the GA should consider
de-coupling the manufacturing and retail licenses
and proposing an ¡°open integration¡± model.
Women. For additional information contact
Tanya Travis at 970.245.3565 or visit:
Bob Semro from the Bell Policy Center in Denver
will be making a public presentation on many
aspects of the federal Affordable Care Act on
Thursday April 25 in the St. Mary¡¯s Hospital 5th
floor conference room at 6:30p. The non-profit Bell
Center is engaged in identifying and promoting
policies that help individuals and families access
opportunity and move toward
self-sufficiency. Mr. Semro
will discuss spending reduc-
tions to providers, the expan-
sion of Medicaid eligibility,
the impact of the ACA on the
economy, insurance reforms,
health insurance exchanges,
taxes and fees of the ACA and
proposed effects on busi-
nesses and individuals. This
presentation is a joint effort of
the League of Women Voters
of Mesa County, The Mesa
County Medical Society and
the local chapter of the Ameri-
can Association of University
The Medicine Cabinet
Free ¡°Medicare 101 And More¡± program, Apr 6,
from 11a to 1p, Delta Public Library, 211 W. 6th
St., Delta. This program, titled ¡°Are You New To
Medicare?¡± hosted by Mabel and Judy, who will
help those attending understand more about
Medicare and the available benefits. Presented
by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program-Colo-
rado West, Inc. (RSVP), AeroCare, the Colorado
Health Foundation, and the State Health Insur-
ance Assistance Program (SHIP). For more info,
call RSVP Colorado West: 970.249.9639.
Medicare KnowHow For Newbies
Health Presentation
Walk from Obesity: 5K, Apr 13, 2746 Cheyenne
Drive, Gr Jct, Online registration - $25.00, On-site
registration - $35.00. Children under 12 are FREE!
All registrations include a Walk from Obesity
t-shirt! Register as a Team. Eagle Rim Park, Or-
chard Mesa. 970.298.6401. Walkers: You may
seek pledges using the online tools after registra-
A Healthy Walk