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2013 May
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Gemini- Doors are wide open for abundant love
to flow into the personal. Abundant opportunity
as well for positive growth in financial and pro-
fessional endeavors. Avoid overconfidence and
conflict; a very nice period.
Cancer- Clarity and/or necessity bring opportu-
nity for changes and/or advances in the profes-
sional; diplomacy leads to positive collaborative
efforts. Possibility for turbulence in personal
space; focus on positives as this will pass.
Leo- Unsettled excitable energies begin the
month but calm down steadily throughout.
Some balancing needed; planning yet flexibility,
ambitious fulfillment yet disciplined patience.
Stay cool, positive growth in all areas ahead.
Virgo- Morale and physical energy are good,
however they will be tested by negative energies
entering your space, so, focus on positive energy
and thoughts and nourishing the spirit and
body. Honor is a signpost, use it for guidance.
Libra- A focus on financial responsibilities and/
or obligations and contracts retains attentions,
however, professional growth energy persists for
the long term. Stay prudent, organized and up-
right for best fruits. Personal happiness grows.
Scorpio- Relationships, both personal and
professional, will be tested, and so become top
priorities. Chances high for turbulence leading to
physical distress; an opportunity to lighten dark-
ness, so meditate on Spirit to tap into inner calm,
and above all else be patient and kind.
Sagittarius- A focus on nourishing body and
spirit helps mitigate heavy workloads and/or
pressures in the professional; patience and time
management efforts also pay off. Respond to the
body¡¯s needs. Calm seas catch up to expectations
at home.
Capricorn- Passion and possible stress energies
increase; channeled energy into positive activi-
ties short circuits negative impulses. Like birth-
ing, short term pain brings new life opportuni-
ties and advancement. The future looks bright.
Aquarius- Minor irritations transition into joy-
ous fulfillment in the personal. Difficulties and
obstacles transition into divine manifestations
2nd 10th 18th 25th 31st
Aries- More optimistic and relaxed personal
relationship energy open to positive resolutions.
New initiative/desire/need in financials drives
professional energies forward, however pressures
and pace overall should ease; use any spare time
to recharge body and spirit.
Taurus- Success energy turned to high; rising
ambition in a supportive atmosphere bears much
fruit. Plenty of physical energy for use. An aura of
passion and love dominate in the personal.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Morning planets: Saturn
Mercury begins emerging late in May in the
evening sky, joining Venus and Jupiter near the
horizon shortly after sunset.
Venus becomes an evening star, low in the West
for the rest of 2013.
Jupiter is still visible low in the sky at dusk.
Saturn rises at sunset and is visible all night.
During the early evenings of May, the Milky Way
lies flat around the horizon, making it seem to
May 5 & 6 the Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks
under a waning crescent Moon, making it one of
only two major showers this year that avoid sig-
nificant moonlight.
Night Time Delights
of advancement and/or financial gains in the pro-
fessional. A good track; avoid anger.
Pisces- Like the Aquarius this month, transitions
from minor turbulence into positive wonders
occur in all areas. Vigorous energy serves you,
however determinedly careful communication is
vital to all successes.
Colorado landmark
resort Glenwood Hot
Springs is celebrating its
125th anniversary
On Saturday, May 18,
Glenwood Hot Springs,
the world¡¯s largest
mineral hot springs pool,
will host a pool party of
colossal proportions in
celebration of its quas-
quicentennial, or 125th,
anniversary. Events and
activities are planned
throughout the day and
include discounted pool
admission, giveaways,
historic photo ops, a fash-
ion show, a beach ball
drop, musical entertain-
ment, a poolside movie
and more.
¡°Glenwood Hot Springs
has been welcoming
visitors to swim and
soak since 1888; it seems
fitting, 125 years later, to
throw a huge party that
celebrates our prolific hot
springs, our rich history
and, most importantly,
our Glenwood Hot
Springs guests,¡± said
Jeremy Gilley, director of
sales and revenue for
Glenwood Hot Springs and the Spa of the Rockies.
¡°We plan to make a big splash, cannonball-sized,
for our 125th anniversary, and everyone is invited
to the party!¡±
On Saturday, May 18, the festivities begin with dis-
counted admission to the Glenwood Hot Springs
Pool. With every full-price pool entry, visitors will
receive a second pool entry for the nostalgic price
of $1.25 (discount applies to the lowest-priced
admission). The first 500 families to arrive after
11a.m. will also take home goody bags filled with
an assortment of Glenwood Hot Springs gear!
Glenwood Hot Springs invites visitors to mark the
date, make a reservation and jump on the chance
to attend the biggest hot springs pool party in well
over a century. For more information visit www. or call 800.537.SWIM(7946)
Glenwood Hot
Springs Pool Party
Star Factory Messier 17 -
Sculpted by stellar winds
and radiation, the star fac-
tory known as Messier 17
lies some 5,500 light-years
away in the nebula-rich con-
stellation Sagittarius. M17
is also known as the Omega
Nebula or the Swan Nebula.
(Image: Subaru Telescope (NAOJ),
Hubble Space Telescope)