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2013 May
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Americans are roughly divided on whether mari-
juana use should be legal. Forty-five percent of
Americans favor making the use of marijuana le-
gal, while 49% are opposed. There are significant
divisions by political and religious affiliation.
Less than 3-in-10(29%) white evangelical Prot-
estants, 40% of Catholics, and 40% of minority
Christians favor making the use of marijuana
legal. Nearly half(49%) of white mainline Prot-
estants favor making the use of marijuana legal,
while 45% are opposed. By contrast, nearly two-
thirds(66%) of religiously unaffiliated Americans
favor making marijuana legal.
Democrats(54%) and independents(51%) are
much more likely than Republicans(25%) to favor
making the use of marijuana legal.
Non-Hispanic white(47%) and black(48%) Ameri-
cans are significantly more likely to support mari-
juana legalization than Hispanic Americans(34%).
Young adults (age 18-29) are more likely than
middle-aged Americans (age 50-64) or seniors (65
and older) to favor the legalization of marijuana
(54%, 45%, and 28% respectively).
Half(50%) of Christian young adults favor the
legalization of marijuana, while 44% are opposed.
By contrast, approximately 1-in-5 (22%) Christian
seniors favor making the use of marijuana legal.
The experience of trying marijuana has a strong
influence on attitudes about legalization. Nearly
two-thirds(65%) of Americans who report they
have ever tried marijuana support legalizing
marijuana, while an identical number(65%) of
Americans who report that they have not tried
marijuana oppose its legalization.
There is considerably more support for legalizing
marijuana if it is to be used for medical purposes.
Most Americans(63%) who oppose the general le-
galization of marijuana nonetheless favor making
marijuana legal to treat certain medical conditions
if prescribed by a doctor. In addition to the 45%
of Americans who favor the general legalization
of marijuana, 35% of Americans say they would
favor the legalization of medical marijuana, com-
pared to less than 1-in-5 (19%) who oppose the
legalization of medical marijuana. Majorities of all
major religious groups and political parties favor
the legalization of medical marijuana.
¡°What old people say you cannot do, you try and
find that you can. Old deeds for old people, and
new deeds for new.¡±
- Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862
The Medicine Cabinet
Things Mom
Would Never Say:
National Nursing Home Week May 12-18
The roots of National Nursing Home Week grew
in an age with a singular focus to honor the seniors
and other residents served by the long term and
post-acute care community. For 2013, the American
Health Care Association continues this tradition
and overarches it with an inclusive message that
residents and families can play a vital role in care
planning and its daily implementation.
That sentiment is spotlighted by the 2013 theme of
¡°Team Care: Everyone Pitches In!¡± Throughout the
week of May 12¨C18, skilled nursing facilities across
the nation will celebrate National Nursing Home
Week with open houses, tours welcoming VIPs and
the community¡¯s ¡°friends of long term and post-
acute care,¡± and special events for the residents,
families, staff & others. (Reminder: The kick-off day
for National Nursing Home Week is Mother¡¯s Day!)
Team Care itself is meant to personify the many
professionals and caregivers whose dedication and
work ethic contributes to achieving care excel-
lence and high levels of satisfaction. Families and
the public may not realize the breadth of expertise
Team Care brings to the bedside and throughout
a resident¡¯s day. Our ¡°customers¡± may also not
realize that they too can be active members of Team
Care; to fully initialize a person-centered protocol
their input is important.
Team Care should be on display at your facility by
using special themed products that are available
from the American Health Care Association Book-
store. Order soon as quantities are limited. More
information is available at the dedicated web site and on Facebook.
Show the world class spirit of care communities
across the nation this Nat. Nursing Home Week by
reaching out to all friends of quality health care.
Everyone Pitch In
¡°How on earth can you see
the TV sitting so far back?¡±
¡°Yeah, I used to skip school a
lot, too¡±
¡°Just leave all the lights on, it
makes the house look more
¡°Let me smell that shirt, Yeah,
it¡¯s good for another week¡±
¡°Go ahead and keep that stray
dog, honey. I¡¯ll be glad to feed
and walk him every day¡±
¡°Well, if Timmy¡¯s mom says
it¡¯s OK, good enough for me.¡±
¡°I don¡¯t have a tissue with me,
just use your sleeve¡±
¡°Don¡¯t bother wearing a
jacket, the wind-chill is bound
to improve¡±