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2013 May
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Memorial Day.
We always got back to town in time for the parade
down Main Street. That¡¯s when Bounia cried. The
Drum and Bugle corps and the troops march-
ing sent her into a state of despair. I could not
understand some of the words she sobbed out in
Ukrainian, but my Aunt Anne would hold her and
get out the hanky, lots of hankies.
Bounia may not have recognized the world in
which we live today. She believed that World War
II ended the need for war. To her, this war was
horrible enough not to be repeated. This is one
time that I would have seen my Bounia holding
a naive opinion. Human kind has ramped up the
word horrible.
There are many opinions to explain how people
have come to violence first and negotiation last.
Some blame the violent movies and TV shows that
many people enjoy. Others suggest video games
as the problem. Still others see the lack of family
life, dwindling church attendance, any church, or
lack of respect for one another. Some blame the
public schools not able to control youngsters, due
to the fear of law suits. Of course, let¡¯s not exclude
politicians, any party, any level, anywhere. In
order to be my friend, you must think and believe
exactly as I do.
Bounia would have used her 25 words, more or
less, to declare that there is plenty of blame to
go around. Then she would have looked up to
the heavens and stated her favorite phrase, ¡°One
God?¡±, walked out to her garden and prayed.
What suggestions do you have to make our world
a better place to live?
Do you add to the solution or to the problems?
What things does your family do to protect the
What violent activities are you willing to give up
for the good of all?
When do we drop the labels that separate and let
tolerance grow to acceptance, and then to friend-
ship, and then to - who knows?
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
Health & Nurturing
by Sandy Lauzon
Montrose Fire Protection District Awarded
Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG)
Montrose Fire Protection District (MFPD) recently
partnered with Montrose County to apply for
funds through FEMA¡¯s AFG program. The appli-
cation was awarded $382,051 April 19, and will be
used to replace dispatch radio equipment at the
Montrose Regional Dispatch Center (MRDC).
The MRDC is a function of the Montrose County
Sheriff¡¯s Office and provides dispatching services
for 31 local emergency response agencies which
collectively serve approximately 55,000 citizens in
Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties. ¡°This
grant, and subsequent equipment upgrades, pro-
vides Montrose Fire and other users improved ra-
dio quality, reliability of communications between
dispatch and personnel, and benefits the entire
region and is the main reason why we agreed to
apply for the funds and partner with Montrose
County,¡± said MFPD Chief Tad Rowan.
The existing dispatch radio equipment is no lon-
ger operationally reliable and must be replaced.
The manufacturer no longer provides replacement
parts and has begun the process of phasing the
radio make and model out of service. Addition-
ally, the MRDC is at maximum capacity both
technologically and physically, and must expand
in order to accommodate the increased demand
for services.
¡°With over 37 years of experience in law enforce-
ment, I know how critical a role dispatchers play
in public safety,¡± said Montrose County Commis-
sioner Gary Ellis. ¡°Through a great partnership
with MFPD, we were able to secure much needed
funding to better equip our dispatch profession-
als.¡± This upgraded equipment will increase the
center¡¯s functionality, operational stability and
enhance the interface between dispatchers and
emergency response personnel, including law
enforcement, EMS and fire. In alignment with
priority three in the Montrose County Strate-
gic Business Plan, the radio upgrade increases
MRDC¡¯s capacity to provide public safety by staff-
ing additional dispatchers as needed to cover high
call volumes and large-scale emergencies.
Replacing the dispatch radio equipment is the
final step in a multi-year, multi-agency project.
Multiple agencies have contributed to the up-
grade, as reflected in the table below. Montrose
County is in the process of establishing a fund
that is dedicated to emergency communication
equipment replacements for future upgrades,
which will reduce the county¡¯s need to use state
or federal funds in future years.
Memorial Day
Originally named Decoration Day, Memorial
Day was established after the Civil War to com-
merate both the Union and Confederate soldiers
who died fighting to free or maintain slavery. In
the 20th century, the Federal Holiday has come
to mean remembering the Veterans who served
our country in times of war or peace. Memorial
Day has reinvented itself. Memorial Day has now
come to signify the beginning of the summer
season, and much less a time to remember the
service of men and women who have volunteered
to protect the way of life that we all enjoy. Bounia
would have been confused, and then ready to do
Bounia celebrated Memorial Day as others cel-
ebrate Christmas, or in this day, Halloween. She
had good reason - one son was killed early in
World War II at the age of 19 years, landing on
the beach of Okinawa, Japan. A second son fought
in the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the
Purple Heart for his service. Her third son was
denied the privilege of service in the armed forces
due to bad knees, but worked in a factory for the
war effort. You didn¡¯t make light of Memorial Day
in Bounia¡¯s presence. Memorial Day had abso-
lutely nothing to do with summer.
As soon as the first geranium plant perked up in
the back kitchen, preparations began. Now this
involved my mother who was able to drive a car.
My brother and I were tossed in the back of the
old Chevy which my father had named ¡°Prunel-
la¡±. On the floor of the back seat were the two
large geranium plants and an American flag to
place on the graves. The trunk of the car contained
a lawn mower, watering can, rake and other
gardening implements. The car ride always was
an adventure. Bounia rode shotgun and instructed
Mom all the way, where to turn, if another car
was approaching, don¡¯t turn to quick and spill the
geraniums, hurry, slow down, and on and on.
Once we arrived at
the cemetery, the cer-
emony of cleaning the
grave site began. First
the plot was weeded
and mowed. Then
Bounia gently washed
down the marker
and placed the flag
on Uncle Billie¡¯s plot.
The geraniums were
planted and prayers
were recited. Bounia
kissed the marker
and then everything
and everyone was
loaded back into the
car for the ride home.
It never seemed to me
to be a sad event, just
what you did every
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for
Business: 2013 Updates
Sponsored by DeltaBank, the Delta Area Cham-
ber of Commerce will present ¡°Patient Protection
and the Affordable Care Act for Businesses: 2013
Updates.¡± This presentation is intended to help
business owners, managers, HR reps and others
in business to navigate what will be expected of
them with the new health care law. Jim Sjerven
with Mountain West Insurance, who followed the
creation of the law and continues to stay abreast
of the issue, will lead the presentation. Jim is a
Certified Employee Benefit Specialist and has over
30 years of experience helping employers with
their benefits packages. He is a member of the Na-
tional Association of Health Underwriters and is
on the board of directors for the western Colorado
chapter. This is not a discussion of the merits of
the law, but is meant to provide information to
Business Owner Health Act Info
Registrations being accepted for RSVP¡¯s for
free Medicare Computer Training
A free Medicare computer training program is
scheduled on Monday, May 6, from 10a to noon,
at Colorado Mesa University¡¯s Montrose campus,
234 S. Cascade Ave.
This training is sponsored by Montrose County,
the Colorado Health Foundation, the State Health
Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), and Aero-
Care. The program will help participants navigate
the extensive Medicare website. It is open to the
public, but space is limited, and is expected to fill
up quickly. To register or for more information,
call RSVP Colorado West at 970.249.9639.
Navigate Medicare With Help
Public Safety Equipment Upgraded
business owners on what they can expect when
the law takes effect January 2014.
Bill Heddles Recreation Center conference room,
Thursday, May 2, 6p-9p.
Contact Information: Kami Collins, Delta Area
Chamber of Commerce, 970.874.8616. Thanks to
DeltaBank, this presentation is FREE and open to
all businesses/business owners/managers/etc.