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Find Me Answers: 1- TIGER, 2- PEAR
2013 June
Pg 15 - The Sunshine Express
Fun Page Solutions
Riddle Me Answers:
1- Their middle name, 2- A walkie-talkie,
3- A pouch potato!
Cryptogram Answer:
¡°Who looks outside, dreams; who looks
inside, awakes.¡± - Carl Jung
Tease Me Answer:
An arrow
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Telluride Christian Fel-
lowship is an interde-
nominational fellowship
committed to empow-
ering today¡¯s families
for tomorrow¡¯s success
through a comtempo-
rary flavor of praise and
worship and an educa-
tional, motivational and
inspirational teaching.
At TCF our desire is to
impact our generation
and community with a
love that only Jesus
can give.
970.728.4864, info@
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