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The Good News
2013 June
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
or can be brought from home,
but armatures are not allowed.
Please note that there is not a
theme, participants can create as
they wish.
will take place at Ridg-
way Town Hall on June 22nd
from 9-10a for pre-registered
participants. Participants may
still register at this time if there
are still spots are available,
though the maximum number
of participants is 40 so pre-
registration is strongly sug-
gested. To register, or for more
information, visit: www.wee- (under news/
events - scroll down to Amateur
Sculpture Contest). Or call Susie
at 970.325.4005 or Weehawken at
The actual event is open to the
public for viewing. The competi-
tion will begin at 10:30a and will
end at 12:30p. Judging will take
place while contestants and the
public are at lunch. Coffee and
drinks will be available at the
event for sale. Awards will be
announced and given at 1:30p.
For additional information, call
Weehawken Creative Arts at
970.318.0150 or Susie Opdahl at
(¡®Biomass¡¯ continued from Pg 3)
to contribute to job creation, and to create healthi-
er and more resilient forests for the future. Reduc-
ing the risk of wildfire protects vital infrastructure
on the landscape,¡± said Daniel Jir¨®n, Regional
Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region of the
U.S. Forest Service.
The filing today also is consistent with the Colo-
rado General Assembly¡¯s direction to the CPUC to
give the fullest possible consideration to new clean
and energy efficient technologies, when the com-
mission considers new utility resources. The filing
gives the CPUC more leeway in addressing newer
technologies in terms of resource planning. Xcel
Energy would seek a 10 year PPA for the demon-
stration facility upon approval by the CPUC. After
issuing a request for proposal (RFP), the company
would report back to the commission on potential
projects by October 2013 and seek approval of the
company¡¯s recommendation. The in service date
for the facility would be determined based on the
RFP process. (source:
an opportunity to get out there and take a chance
on making a thousand bucks.¡±
Practice clay is available in five-pound bricks for
$20 from Weehawken Creative Arts Ridgway
(630 N. Cora Street or 970.318.0150) or online
at Sculpture House, Inc (609.466.2986 or www. The clay is bees-wax based
and will not dry out. Order item # 577J-WB Jolly
King Plasteline Grey-Green Clay, 5 pounds.
¡°The only people who aren¡¯t allowed to compete
are those who sculpt with clay professionally,¡±
McCullough said. Participants may bring up
to three sculpting tools of their choice along on
contest day. McCullough recommends tools such
as a cheese slicer and a palette knife. ¡°But my
favorite tool is my fingers,¡± he said.
Registration costs $30, which gets you a 5lb block
of clay, and 2 sculpting tools from www.sculp- Participants can also bring up to 3
additional tools if they choose and can be pur-
chased from
The USS Nitro AE-2 (1919-1945) and the USS
Nitro AE-23 (1959-1995) Association will hold
their annual reunion from 20-23 June 2013 in
Denver, Colorado. For information contact the
Nitro¡¯s website at and click on
RIDGWAY: Amateur sculptors as young as
14 from across the Western Slope of Colorado
have a shot at winning big-time prize money
by participating in the Ridgway Amateur
Sculpture Contest II on June 22nd in Ridgway.
Weehawken Creative Arts, Billings Artworks
and Firehouse Sculpture of Ridgway have
teamed-up to present this incredible com-
munity event, scheduled for 10:30a-12:30p on
Saturday, June 22 at Ridgway Town Hall.
Participants will have two hours to sculpt five
pounds of clay; a panel of professional artists
will then determine the winners and award
cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250 for first,
second and third place respectively.
¡°Sculpting is the most primal form of art,¡±
presenter Michael McCullough pointed out.
¡°Moving mud around or stacking rocks in an
aesthetically pleasing way was probably the
first form of fine art that humans experiment-
ed with. I don¡¯t know of anyone who hasn¡¯t
made a mudpie or stacked blocks. It¡¯s what
we do every day, taking three-dimensional
objects and assembling them in deliberately
pleasing or unpleasing ways.¡±
McCullough is hoping the prize money moti-
vates amateurs across the region ¡°who want
Healing with Scientific Certainty through the
Christ - Explore the Connection between Prayer
and Health
Delta, Colorado: Worldwide people are finding
that prayer in Christian Science brings effective
healing to their lives. International speaker Chris-
tine Driessen says, ¡°There are divine laws which
govern and maintain us, the Science of perfect
God, perfect man. Spiritual healing through this
scientific prayer is reliable, immediate, and acces-
sible to people anywhere in the world. Christ Je-
sus demonstrated this healing power and taught
us to do the same.¡±
Driessen, a teacher and practitioner of Christian
Science healing, will be giving a free public lec-
ture entitled, ¡°Healing with Scientific Certainty
through the Christ¡± on Sunday afternoon, June 9,
2013, from 2 to 4p at the Bill Heddles Recreation
Center Conference Room, located at 530 Gunni-
son River Drive, Delta, Colorado. Free childcare
provided during seminars.
Driessen¡¯s ideas are based on the original source
book on Christian healing, the Bible, along with
the book Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. At this lecture,
explore how mental and physical wholeness
are natural to every single one of us as children
of God. Discover how fear, ignorance, and sin
undermine health, and how an understand-
ing of God as infinite good and ever-present
Love brings healing. Find out how this scientific
system of prayer-based healing, called Christian
Science, can be used by anyone to bring consis-
tent and reliable health to their lives and the lives
of others.
Christine Driessen has explored life to the fullest,
relying on prayer through it all! She has per-
formed professionally as a harpist and dancer;
taught in the inner-city schools of Chicago;
practiced as an attorney specializing in criminal,
juvenile, and domestic litigation; developed a
rehabilitation program for women prisoners
and their children; and is also a mother! Dries-
sen has experienced the effectiveness of prayer
since she was a child. Recognizing the potential
of Christian Science healing to relieve suffering
worldwide, she became a full-time practitioner
and teacher of this Science. Driessen is a member
of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship,
lecturing internationally, with special focus on
medical and interfaith talks.¡± She travels from
Jackson, Wyoming and New York City.
For more information contact Christian Science
Society, Delta, Lecture Chair Sharon Remmerde
at 970.872.2150 or visit:
USS Nitro Reunion
Free Public Lecture In Delta
Win $1000 Sculpting