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Nature & Wildlife
2013 July
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
proper, you¡¯ll attract success and love to your
side. Take full advantage of all chances for
much needed rest.
Virgo- An atmosphere wide open to big
plans, revived ideas, special events, surpris-
es, excitement, initiative and energy. Col-
laborative and social energies drive toward
helping others. Financials improve.
Libra- Opportunities abound for quality time
with mate and/or friends yeilding under-
standing and bonding. Much physical ener-
gy. Increased positive professional energies
spark motivation and assertiveness leading
to hard won accomplishments.
Scorpio- Intellectual and/or spiritual preoc-
cupations; go with the flow. An increase in
positive energy smoothes your paths profes-
sionally and manifests long term joy and
love in the personal arena.
Sagittarius- A focus on the intellectual and
financials; much revelation and wider vistas
become available leading to new thinking,
planning and/or procedures. Shared interests
keep peace at home.
Capricorn- Love needs increase and passion
runs strong; careful and compassionate com-
munication mitigates a correlating increase
in stress energies. Clear communication and
teamwork professionally brings forward
progress in a challenging environment.
Aquarius- Professionally, much activity
demands good organization and attention to
detail; nurture body and spirit regularly. In
the personal, much positive energy manifest-
ing an agreeable, harmonious atmosphere.
Pisces- Physical and creative energies run
high. Intuition and luck stand ready to serve,
bringing much opportunity for professional
advancement. Romantic energy flows, attrac-
tion grows, love is at hand.
Aries- Seek out opportunities for needed rest
and to recharge both body and spirit. Pos-
sible stressful professional atmosphere, yet
productive, from your determined efforts.
An uptick in romance and passion energy
improves love life.
Taurus- A focus on past success brings clar-
ity and forward progress to new initiatives.
Increasing morale as long term positive
trends set up in the personal and start mani-
festing pleasures. Listening trumps speaking.
Gemini- Strong desires and initiative com-
pel courageous action in both the personal
and professional arenas. Open communica-
tion channels; bonding and/or new romance
possible. High chances for major increases in
Cancer- Physical energy grows. Sense of
adventure and passion grows. Professional
opportunities manifest leading to growing
optimism, ambition, bravery and action.
Regular meditation with Spirit guides energy
away from aggressiveness.
Leo- Professional collaborations increase
as well as social opportunities and activity.
Charming and impressionistic, friendly and
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love, will
remain in the evening sky for the rest of 2013;
Saturn remains in fine view in the night sky.
Morning planets: View Mercury in the mornings
in late July; Jupiter returns in late July for a spec-
tacular conjunction with Mars in the predawn
sky. On July 16, Jupiter and Mars, beginning at
2.2 degrees apart, will move to within one degree
of each other by July 22. Best time to view this
phenomena is on July 22, about an hour before
sunrise, in the ENE portion of the sky.
*Noctilucent clouds; ice crystals that grow
around meteoritic dust. May spot the luminous
blue-white tendrils spreading across the sky by
looking West, 30-60 min. after sunset in Summer.
Night Time Delights
-Star Party: Join the Black Canyon Astronomical
Society to learn about the night sky. Bring chairs,
blankets, bug spray and ¡°only red¡± flashlights.
There will be a short talk about the night sky fol-
lowed by viewing of the stars; starts at 8p.
Friday, July 12
-It¡¯s a bug¡¯s life: Fly casters can learn about
aquatic insects from the local fly fishing experts,
Gunnison Gorge Anglers. Meet at the Pa Co Chu
Puk bridge; 6-7p.
-Cats of Colorado: Learn about the Colorado¡¯s
fascinating wild cats from Kelly Crane, district
wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wild-
life; 7:30-8:30p.
Saturday, July 13
-Nature Detectives: Kids ages 4-10 will be ¡°Rang-
ers for a Day¡± with a park ranger and learn about
safety and wildlife, 9:30-11a.
-Bluebirds over Ridgway: Local bluebird expert
Terry Ryan will tell you all about Colorado¡¯s vari-
ety of bluebirds; 7:30-8:30p.
For more information about these programs or
Ridgway State Park, call 970.626.5822.
To learn more about Colorado Parks and Wild-
life, go to:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife is accepting applica-
tions for new park rangers. Applications will be
accepted until Friday, August 2.
State park rangers hold a diverse range of respon-
sibilities due to the state¡¯s geography, visitors
and recreational opportunities. Rangers provide
public safety, and assist in natural resource pro-
tection and management of the 42 parks through-
out the state. In addition to the daily general du-
ties of a ranger, some also specialize in areas such
as river rafting, boating education and enforce-
ment, trails, camping and law enforcement.
For a full list of requirements about the job and
to apply, see the listing for ¡°Park Ranger¡± on the
official Colorado state jobs website.
For more information go to
A Star Party & More
Come out to Ridgway State Park during the next
couple of weeks for these educational, informa-
tion and entertaining programs.
The programs are free but entry to the park
is required: $7 per car; an annual pass can be
purchased for just $70. So load up the SUV with
family and friends and check out these programs.
All programs are at the visitors¡¯ center unless
otherwise noted.
Friday, July 5
-Ouray history: Learn about the history of Ouray
and the surrounding area from local historian
and author, Gail Zanett; 7:30-8:30p.
Saturday, July 6
-Nature Detectives: Kids ages 4-10 can join park
naturalists to learn about ¡°night animals¡± and
how they contribute to the ecosystem; 9:30-11a.
Become A Park Ranger
Ridgway State Park (Image: