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2013 July
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Health & Nurturing
by Sandy Lauzon
Healthy Dancing
One of my passions is health and wellness. My
brother was a poet and musician and would come
up with little tidbits of wisdom. ¡°The whiter the
bread, the sooner you¡¯re dead¡± was one of many.
One of my favorites is especially appropriate for
July celebrations. ¡°One who goes forth on the 4th
with a fifth, may fail to go forth on the 5th¡±. As
some of you may know, I provide Shaklee prod-
ucts to anyone who is interested in better health
and a cleaner planet.
One thing that I am not particularly fond of is
exercise in a sweaty, smelly facility, no offense in-
tended. Now, we all know that exercise is critical
to health and wellbeing. I just don¡¯t like exercise
very much. I dance, and it is probably the influ-
ence of Bounia, my Ukrainian grandmother.
In these many decades I have heard just about
every reason that non-dancers give for not danc-
ing. I have no rhythm, my friends would laugh at
me, I don¡¯t know how. My favorite reason comes
from my very best friend, Carolee, who lives with
her husband in Palm Desert CA, ¡°Yeah, San, I
will go to take dance lessons with you, as soon as
I know how to dance.¡±
As health costs rise and the population ages,
dance may offer you a fun way to resolve some
of life¡¯s pressure. Many physicians prescribe
light activity following a serious heart attack, and
some recommend any form of dancing. Arthritis
suffers benefit from movement, and moving to
music makes it much more fun. Folks who are
trying to lose a bit of excess weight benefit from
dance exercise. Some who have bouts of sadness
or depression find that dancing releases endor-
phins and puts a smile on their face.
The question that many will ask is ¡°what type of
dancing is best?¡± The answer is whatever music
you enjoy sometimes suggests what type of danc-
ing you may enjoy.
Line Dance will offer light activity to keep the
heart and joints
flexible and in good
running order. Line
Dancing is fun and
helps to maintain
your good positive
spirit. No partner is
required, but do bring
one if you wish, and,
of course, all of your
friends. Absolutely no
dance experience is
For people who enjoy
the company of oth-
ers, Square Dancing
requires seven other
dancers to be suc-
cessful. Many groups
offer Round Dancing
as well, which is pat-
Mario¡¯s Shoes Make A Difference
The Bash For The Buddies
changes shape and size with each movement.
Feet experience enormous stress during the daily
routine, even on quiet days. Pedorthics, which
uses footwear to provide therapy for the foot,
can relive the pressures and contribute to better
¡°We take five measurements,¡± says Mario, ¡°the
arch, ball, length, width and depth. As soon as
you try on a properly fitted shoe, you¡¯ll feel the
difference all the way to the top of your head.¡±
Mario can custom fit your shoes, with or without
a prescription, and can achieve the great fit you
want and need. His unique shoe address many
problems, including: Plantar Fascitis, athletic in-
juries, pediatric corrections, diabetic feet, prona-
tion, flat feet, arthritic feet, callouses and bunions.
Some of the wonderful benefits of his customized
shoes are comfort, improved quality of life, injury
prevention, health and healing, increased energy
and performance enhancement.
Shoe design fits feet of any size, shape and
proportion, and have shoes for the entire fam-
ily. Included in their shoe selection are top of the
line, technical running and walking shoes. These
specifically chosen shoes can prevent injuries,
neutralize current foot problems, and prolong a
customer¡¯s athletic career.
Mario also will repair, maintain and offer techni-
cal support for all of his footwear. Customers are
invited to return for adjustments to their shoes,
insuring optimal comfort and fit. Home visits are
also available for those unable to get to Shoe De-
sign. Hours are 9:30-5 Monday through Saturday
or by appointment.
Adds Vanderwist, ¡°After six months wearing my
shoes from Mario, my missing limp is noticable
to others and I feel great. Mario¡¯s shoes make all
the difference in the world.¡±
terned ballroom dancing cued by a caller.
That brings me to Ballroom Dancing which re-
quires a partner. Lots of singles as well as couples
enjoy the socialization and challenges of this
dance expression. Smooth dances such as Foxtrot,
Two-step, Waltz and Tango have a classic fla-
vor. And if you like snap, the Swing dances will
get your energy level surging. Jitterbug, Triple
Swing, Hustle, West-coast Swing are a bit more
energetic. If you are interested in sizzle, the Latin
dances will really get you moving, in many inter-
esting directions. Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Samba,
Meringue, and Bolero will shake things up a bit.
There are quite a few dance studios in the area,
but one that teaches it all is the Millinumem
Center/Come Dance Tonight on 20 Main Street,
Cortez. The expert instructors will have you
dancing like Bounia did in no time. If you are in
the area, call 970.759.9740 for further information.
Your good health deserves every opportunity to
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located
at 200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
When a foot requires medical attention, footwear
becomes a factor in the patient¡¯s treatment, recov-
ery or rehabilitation.
It¡¯s a team approach: While the doctors treat your
foot, a certified Pedorthist addresses your foot-
wear needs. A certified Pedorthist is a specialist
in using footwear, which includes shoes, shoe
modifications, foot orthoses and other pedorthic
devices, to solve problems in, or related to, the
foot and lower limb.
We are fortunate on the western slope of Colorado
to have such a skilled foot expert, to help us with
our foot and leg problems, and he is located in
Grand Junction. R. Mario Calderone is a certified
Pedorthist who has built quite a glowing reputa-
tion over the last 30 years helping western slope
residents to ease their pain and suffering.
¡°I can¡¯t say enough about him,¡± says Dennis
Vanderwist, owner of The Boardwalk Shops in
Montrose. ¡°I was in a motorcycle accident awhile
back which resulted in me developing a severe
limp. A visit to a Podiatrist did not help as he
wanted me to spend lots of money blindly, with
no real assurances of getting better.¡±
¡°When a friend of mine heard of my predicament,
he referred me to Mario, who took one look and
said, ¡®I can fix it.¡¯ And he did. He fitted me with
proper shoes at a reasonable cost and the limp is
completely gone!¡± exclaimed Vanderwist. ¡°I was
absolutely amazed. I highly recommend him.¡±
Testimonials like this abound, and no wonder.
Mario¡¯s Shoe store, Shoe Design, located at 648
Main St, is the only store on the western slope that
provides these shoes and these services. ¡°We¡¯re
not just a shoe store. We have the ability to custom
fit your shoe to your unique foot.¡± says Mario
Although shoes come in fixed shapes and sizes,
the feet they cover don¡¯t. Feet, which lengthen and
broaden naturally throughout adulthood, come in
assorted shapes and sizes, and a pair of feet
The Buddy Program will host its annual fund-
raiser, The Bash for the Buddies, presented by
FENDI, on Friday, July 5, at the St. Regis Aspen
Resort, as it celebrates 40 years of mentoring
youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. The event,
touted as THE Dance Party of the Summer.
This year¡¯s Bash embodies the theme of La Vida
Dolce, ¡®the Sweet Life¡¯. Guests will experience
a Roman-themed street carnival atmosphere
in the spectacular courtyard and fountain
area where they will sample and savor hors
d¡¯oeuvres created by chefs from Aspen¡¯s finest
restaurants. The evening will continue in the
St. Regis Ballroom for a sumptuous Italian-
themed dinner prepared by Chef David Vivano
of the St. Regis, and a program honoring Buddy
Program founder Gregg Anderson and longtime
supporter Lenny ¡°Boogie¡± Weinglass for their
years of support.
The Live Auction, always an incredible part
of the evening featuring one-of-a-kind items,
will be hosted by David A. Goodman, magi-
cian and auctioneer. The evening will conclude
with dancing into the wee hours in the famous
FENDI Lounge in a celebration that is not to be
missed! For tickets and information visit: or call 970.920.2130.
Good footwear like these Brooks shoes can neutralize
some nagging foot problems and relieve pain.