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2013 August
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Leo- Intellectual and passion energies rising. Pro-
fessional and financial advancement highly likely
both short and long term. Yet home environments
become more of a focus. Opportune time to slay
destructive behavioral excesses.
Virgo- Ah Virgo, a happy month. Love rules; ro-
mance, passion and social opportunity abounds.
Got a mate? Ití»s going to get better. Single? Watch
out, you likely may attract a mate. Positive pro-
fessional collaborations; Financial gains. Smile.
Libra- Strategic, creative, even possibly daring
thinking leads to professional success; possibly
surprising and amazing positive manifestations.
Possibility for unexpected events in the personal
as well; deflect negatives with positives.
Scorpio- Increased intellectual energy but low
physical energy possible; nourish your body and
pamper your heart extra this month. Professional
creativity, initiative and organization rewards
with accomplishment and recognition.
Sagittarius- Opportunities for forward financial
movement manifest. Attractive and popular,
professional support becomes abundant. Home
matters settle; social opportunities increase. The
physical benefits from extra support.
Aries- Love life blossoms; energies may manifest
unions, refreshed passions, possibly childrens.
Positive environmental changes and/or refresh-
ment. Profitable progress professionally. Balance
provides steadiness to an active month.
Taurus- Cooperation and communication domi-
nate in the personal sphere. Creative visionary
tendencies, fed by high physical energy, come out
to play. Intellectual pursuits progress positively.
Keep a deliberate, steady pace.
Gemini- Financials remain central focus early on;
circumstances demand positive, careful action.
Long term positive trend professionally begins.
Romantic energies get their opportunities as the
month progresses.
Cancer- All energies crank up; high physical
leads enthusiastic, courageous, confident, pas-
sionate and adventuristic energies in a race for
the stars. Ability, accomplishment, profits. Enjoy,
but avoid irrational haste.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love, will
remain in the evening sky for the rest of 2013;
Saturn is visible low in the west-southwestern
sky after sunset.
Morning planets: Mercury is nicely visible in the
pre-dawn eastern sky during the first half of the
month. Mars and Jupiter remain low in the pre-
dawn eastern sky.
* Aug 11, 12, Perseids Meteor Shower. One of the
best meteor showers to observe, producing up
to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced
by comet Swift-Tuttle, which was discovered in
1862. The Perseids are famous for producing a
large number of bright meteors. It peaks this year
on the night of Aug 11 and the morning of Aug
12. The 1st quarter moon will set shortly after
midnight leaving dark skies for what should be
an excellent show. Meteors will radiate from the
constellation Perseus, but can appear anywhere
in the sky.
Night Time Delights
The Horoscopes
Capricorn- Physical energy increases
however do not neglect the body. Passion
runs very high; love and desire and adven-
ture rule the personal sphere. Professional
collaborations increase; new directions and
advancements result.
Aquarius- At home, relationships bond
tighter. Communication channels open,
spiritual windows appear, new vision
manifests. High enthusiasm, courage and
motivation energies; expect much positive
professional and financial progress.
Pisces- High physical energy. Sharpened
intellect and instincts combine with expres-
sive communication and charm bring much
opportunity. Love, passion and warmth
bring satisfaction and harmony to the per-
sonal sphere.