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2013 August
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light conditions.
-Shaded Exposures where Sunlight is Limited
SolarWindow can be applied to all four sides of
a building (including shaded areas) and operate
during varying weather seasons, in low-light con-
ditions, and from indirect sunlight, unlike current
conventional solar PV technologies, which largely
depends on near direct exposure to sunlight.
-Electricity-Generating Flexible Surfaces
SolarWindow has been shown to generate elec-
tricity on flexible plastics, while today¡¯s conven-
tional PV competing technologies are thick and
rigid and cannot be similarly applied.
Currently under development for eventual com-
mercial deployment in the estimated 85 million
commercial buildings and detached homes in
America, SolarWindow is the world¡¯s first-of-
its-kind see-through technology capable of gen-
erating electricity on glass windows and flexible
To view a video introduction of New Energy
Technologies¡¯ SolarWindow, please visit: www.
About New Energy Technologies, Inc.
New Energy Technologies, Inc., together with
its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a developer of
next generation alternative and renewable energy
technologies. Among the Company¡¯s technolo-
gies under development are:
*MotionPowerTM roadway systems for generat-
ing electricity by capturing the kinetic energy
produced by moving vehicles, a patent-pending
technology, the subject of 45 US and International
patent applications.
*SolarWindowTM technologies which enable see-
through windows to generate electricity by
The Sunshine Express is pro energy, and promotes
the progressive development of all forms of energy
provided to us. We hold a firm belief in the maxim
¡®energy equals life, and abundant energy equals
prosperity¡¯. With past experience and modern
technology at our disposal, combined with spiri-
tual growth, mankind has made huge strides in
the safety, cleanliness and efficiency of exploiting
resources for energy. We¡¯ve featured many articles
here in The Sunshine Express about the good news
and progress in the energy field. In the long run,
however, we hope for, visualize and believe that
the solar energy harvesting industry will ulti-
mately provide us with enough cheap abundant
energy to power anything that we desire.
Like the previous technologies recently featured
in our ¡®The Future Is Now¡¯ series of articles, the
progress in this field is currently about to change
everything. As one exciting example of the for-
ward movement occurring in this area, we present
to you the following article for your information
and consideration. - SX
New Energy More Than Doubles Patent
Portfolio for Novel Technology Able to
Generate Electricity on Glass Windows
Columbia, MD: New Energy Technologies, Inc.
(OTCQB: NENE), developer of the world¡¯s first-
of-its-kind, see-through technology capable of
generating electricity on glass and flexible plas-
tics, announced July 17, 2013 that the Company
has successfully achieved a total of 21 new patent
filings for protection of its proprietary SolarWin-
dow technology, more than doubling the portfo-
lio in only 12 months.
¡°Our technology has the capacity to turn ordinary
glass windows in America¡¯s 5 million skyscrap-
ers and commercial towers into power genera-
tors, a huge commercial opportunity,¡± explained
Mr. John A. Conklin, President and CEO of New
Energy Technologies, Inc.
¡°As we continue to make important strides
towards commercial manufacturability of our
SolarWindow, it is becoming increasingly im-
portant to ensure that various patent protections
are secured immediately.¡± New Energy¡¯s patent
filings include a combination of US and interna-
tional jurisdictions, and cover various methods,
materials, and product implementations.
Novel to the Company¡¯s technology is its ability
to generate electricity on various surfaces when
electricity-generating coatings are sprayed or oth-
erwise applied at room temperature, thus lower-
ing production costs and manufacturing time.
Important SolarWindow Features:
-Generating Electricity on Glass Windows and
See-Through Films
SolarWindow generates electricity and remains
see-through on glass windows and plastics similar
to commercially-available window tint films. Con-
ventional ¡®thin film¡¯ and solar photovoltaic (PV)
panels are dark and obscure, nearly impossible to
see through.
-Spray-On Electricity-Generating Power Plants
SolarWindow electricity-generating coatings
can be applied using various low-cost production
methods, and can even be sprayed on to glass and
plastics. This cannot be achieved with traditional
research while employing significantly less capital
than conventional organizations.
For additional information, please call Ms. Briana
L. Erickson toll-free at 1.800.213.0689 or visit: www.
Unique to their business model is the use of estab-
lished research infrastructure owned by the various
institutions they deal with, saving them significant
¡®spraying¡¯ their glass surfaces with New Ener-
gy¡¯s electricity-generating coatings. These solar
coatings are less than 1/10th the thickness of
¡®thin¡¯ films and make use of the world¡¯s small-
est functional solar cells, shown to successfully
produce electricity in a published peer-reviewed
study in the Journal of Renewable and Sustain-
able Energy of the American Institute of Physics.
Through established relationships with uni-
versities, research institutions, and commercial
partners, New Energy strives to identify tech-
nologies and business opportunities on the lead-
ing edge of renewable energy innovation.
PV manufacturing methods.
-Lower Cost, Room Temperature Production
SolarWindow processing can be per-
formed at room (ambient) temperature and
pressure, unlike conventional thin-film PV,
which typically requires high temperature
and pressure (high negative or high positive
pressure) sensitive manufacturing methods
that usually add to the high costs of current-
ly-available PV production.
-Electricity from Artificial Light
Most conventional PV systems rely on near
direct exposure to natural sunlight. Solar-
Window technology uses artificial light
energy, such as fluorescent lighting typical
in office buildings, as well as natural light
energy to generate electricity, and is capable
of producing electricity with indirect or low-
capital which
would oth-
erwise be re-
quired for such
costs as land
and building
and capital
purchases, and
other start up
expenses. As a
result, they are
able to benefit
from leading
New Energy¡¯s See-Through
Polymers Generate Electricity
on Glass Windows (image: New
Energy Technologies, Inc)
¡°There is now more than 8,500 MW of cumulative
solar electric capacity installed in the U.S., enough
to power more than 1.3 million American homes,¡±
Resch explained. ¡°Solar now employs nearly
120,000 Americans at more than 5,600 companies,
most of which are small businesses.¡±
¡°More homes and businesses are turning to solar as
a pollution-free energy source with no fuel costs,¡±
said Sargent. ¡°With the increasing threat of global
warming, these leading states must continue their
momentum and other states must catch up.¡±
While these 12 states account for only 28 percent of
the U.S. population, they make up 85 percent of the
nation¡¯s installed solar energy.
Environment America urges the federal govern-
ment to continue key tax credits for solar energy
like the Investment Tax Credit, encourage responsi-
ble development of prime solar resources on public
lands, and support research, development and
deployment efforts designed to reduce the cost of
solar energy and smooth the incorporation of large
amounts of solar energy into the electric grid.
¡°Right now, only a small fraction of our energy
comes from solar,¡± concluded Sargent. ¡°By setting
a bold goal of getting 10 percent of our energy from
the sun by 2030 and adopting strong policies to
support that goal, the U.S. can follow in the foot-
steps of the 12 top solar states and put us on track
to becoming a global leader in solar power.¡±
Established in 1974, the Solar Energy Industries
Association is the national trade association of
the U.S. solar energy industry. Through advocacy
and education, SEIA and its 1,000 member compa-
nies are building a strong solar industry to power
America. As the voice of the industry, SEIA works
to make solar a mainstream and significant energy
source by expanding markets, removing market
barriers, strengthening the industry and educating
the public on the benefits of solar energy.
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