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2013 August
Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
PALISADE: Wine Country Inn has named inter-
nationally known chef Marcelo Marino Director
of Food and Beverage/Executive Chef, according
to General Manager Joe Scanlon. He assumed his
duties on July 1.
As F&B director, Marino will oversee all food
service for the hotel, including front and back of
the house operations of Caroline¡¯s, the Tapestry
Lounge and catering for banquets and events.
Marino¡¯s culinary focus is farm to table fresh lo-
cal foods prepared in the classic French tradition,
which he intends to implement immediately. He
also will refine the marriage of local Palisade and
Colorado foods with local wines. Other pre-
liminary plans include instituting lunch service
Monday through Saturday and a Sunday Brunch
in Caroline¡¯s.
He was a guest chef for the Palisade Lavender
festival on July 13, demonstrating culinary tech-
niques for using lavender.
A certified chef instructor and ambassador for Le
Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Marino
hopes to conduct culinary classes perhaps as
early as this Fall and in January and February.
He also will be training existing staff, which is a
bonus for them professionally.
¡°This is an exciting change for our culinary ser-
vice,¡± says Scanlon. ¡°If you had to peg his style,
you might say it is ¡®Alice Waters meets Paul
New Executive Chef: ¡°Life is good¡±
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man mother, Marcelo Marino was destined to
embrace the world and its varied cultures.
Having apprenticed all over Europe, Marino
credits Chef Michel Guerard, one of the founders
of the nouvelle cuisine movement in the 50s and
60s, as a great influence on his career. He incor-
porates his early French training with a focus on
fresh and sustainable foods as the basis of his
farm to table approach.
As a Le Cordon Bleu (Dover, NH) alumnus, Mari-
no has worked for prestigious hotels and restau-
rants in Argentina, Brazil, Europe, the middle
East and Miami, to name a few stops in his 20
plus years career.
Marino comes to Palisade from Miami, where he
established the first Spanish language culinary
college in the US for Le Cordon Bleu. He also es-
tablished a fresh and sustainable food restaurant
for an investment group. In 2009, he received the
Career College Association Teacher of the Year
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Utilizing his passion for cooking, Marino takes an
interactive approach to teaching. He emphasizes
to his students that becoming a chef is a ¡°long
hard walk, and you need to have the passion and
the stamina for it.¡±
In addition to culinary techniques, he tries to
teach confidence, professionalism, discipline,
time management and customer service skills.
To his way of thinking, hospitality and the
culinary arts are customer service oriented busi-
¡°Pleasing your customers is what it is all about,¡±
he underscores.
The Inn is located at 777 Grande River Dr.
Palisade (Exit 42, Off I-70). Phone numbers are
970.464.577 and 888.850.8330.
Bocuse¡¯, only with a
strong local emphasis
for food and wine.
¡°We are extremely
pleased to have Mar-
celo lead our team to a
higher level of perfor-
mance. His skill as a
chef is exceptional and
his enthusiasm is infec-
Marino, who has
already started getting
acquainted with local
growers and wineries,
sums up his philosophy
this way: ¡°Life is good.¡±
Meet Chef Marcelo
Born in Argentina of an
Italian father and Ger-
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ies have con-
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of allowing a
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Chef Marcelo Marino
The Benefits Of Ripe Watermelon