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2013 September
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Cancer- Exuberant energy and enthusiasm
as doors open, opportunities abound; staying
grounded is essential, use your intellectual and
planning skills. Love energies notch up bringing
strength to existing relations, open doors for new
ones to manifest.
Leo- Physical energy high, passions rise; kindness
steadies the boat. Ambition and desire increase
amidst clarity and vision. Forward paths may
progress from these moments; disciplined organi-
zation and planning ensure future success.
Virgo- Long lasting positive influences on the
personal arena continue expanding. Love energy,
romance high. Confidence and attraction increas-
es, opening new opportunities for intellectual
pursuits and positive financial activity and gain.
Libra- Strong motivations alongside opportuni-
ties continue to drive much fruitful action, profes-
sionally and financially. Collaboration and social
activity appears inevitable and productive in all
arenas. Possible unexpected travellers or reunions
may manifest.
Scorpio- High potential for reward and achieve-
ment to manifest for every drop of sweat spent,
both professionally and personally; give your
body rest as needed but maximize effort for
grande results. Enjoy, be happy, don¡¯t fight; a
magic month for the willing.
Sagittarius- Physical energies improve; a focus on
the spiritual serves you well. High potential for
large increases in financials; accomplishment and
honor manifests easily. Passions grow, relation-
ships strengthen, harmonious vibrations. Distant
voices are calling.
Capricorn- Social activity abounds, relationships
strengthen, new love manifests; passionate and
attractive and in for happy surprises. Collabora-
tion and social activity in the professional; intel-
lectual pursuits, presentations, possible travel.
Much energy; remember to nourish the soul.
Aquarius- Hectic, busy, possibly even stressful,
yet rewarding period professionally; financials
improve. Adventurous, courageous, and passion-
Aries- Physical energy, passion and motivation
run high. Desire for order drives organizational
efforts in the professional arena. Reliance on your
natural communication skills assists progress
financially, as well as deters possible misunder-
standings in the personal.
Taurus- Home and/or land issues appear to be
prominent; family a focus as well. Love energies
increase; potentials for grandness open. Nurture
the physical and emotional; communication, col-
laboration, and cautious action in all areas bears
positive fruit.
Gemini- Professional and intellectual energies
in seemingly perpetual motion; don¡¯t forget to
stop and smell the fine roses in abundance in the
personal arena. Romance, passion, much love
available for the taking; have some, give some.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love, will
remain in the evening sky for the rest of 2013.
Look for it with the bright star Spica in Virgo on
the 5th; the Moon joins the pair on the 8th. Look
for it with Saturn on the 16th-20th.; Saturn sets
quickly after the Sun in the west.
Morning planets: Jupiter rises in the east well
after midnight. Mars remains low in the
pre-dawn eastern sky.
* September 19 - Harvest Moon. Known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Corn Moon
because the corn is harvested around this time of
year. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that oc-
curs closest to the September equinox each year.
* September 22 - September Equinox. The Sep-
tember equinox occurs at 20:44 UTC. The Sun will
shine directly on the equator and there will be
nearly equal amounts of day and night through-
out the world. This is also the first day of fall
(autumnal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere
and the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the
Southern Hemisphere.
Night Time Delights
The Horoscopes
ate energies bring lightning and excitement to the
personal; stay cool and be happy and all is well.
Pisces- Romance and love energies on high;
stronger existing relations, new relations, pas-
sionate adventure, travel, visitors, all very high
potentials. Very busy yet highly rewarding pro-
fessional activity dominates; rely on your diplo-
macy skills to get over the bumps.
Four days of free events celebrating the region¡¯s
magnificent Sandhill Cranes!
The second annual Yampa Valley Crane Festival
takes place in Steamboat Springs and Hayden
from September 6-9, featuring crane viewing
sessions, expert speakers, films, family activities,
a crane art show, and more. All scheduled events
are open to the public and free.
¡°After the inaugural year¡¯s resounding success,
we know this festival will continue to give people
a better understanding and enjoyment of the
cranes that breed, roost, and stage in the Yampa
Valley. This is a chance to learn more about crane
science, explore the art that these magnificent
birds inspire, and get out on the ground to enjoy
their company,¡± says Nancy Merrill, festival
organizer and President of the Colorado Crane
Conservation Coalition, Inc.
A highlight of the festival will be the talks given
by three outstanding crane experts. International-
ly renowned conservation photographer Michael
Forsberg will present a slideshow and talk en-
titled ¡°From Cranes to Plains- A Photographer¡¯s
Journey Connecting the Heart of a Continent.¡±
Wildlife biologist Rod Drewien, considered the
world¡¯s expert on the Rocky Mountain Greater
Sandhill Crane population, will focus on his work
over the years with this sub-species. An update
on the White-naped Crane conservation project in
Mongolia will be presented by U.S. Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Region Avian Program Coordi-
nator Robert Skorkowsky.
Additional festival highlights include guided
bird/nature walks in some of the Yampa Valley¡¯s
most magnificent settings, children and family
activities, a Crane Art Show at The Depot which
opens during the First Friday Artwalk in Steam-
boat Springs, and daily guided crane viewing
opportunities around the valley.
Sandhill Cranes are an iconic species of the
Yampa Valley and Northwest Colorado. For
years, a group of enthusiastic birders and nature
lovers has gathered each fall at a small ranch near
Hayden, Colorado, to watch the cranes, both the
adults and their young, forage for food, dance in
the fields, and practice flying in anticipation of
their grand migration south to warmer wintering
territory. The sights and sounds of these spec-
tacular birds on their fall staging ground in the
Yampa Valley led some to dream about an event
in which locals and tourists would gather togeth-
er to learn about this population of cranes and to
celebrate their presence in Northwest Colorado.
The Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition, Inc.
turned the dream into a reality.
Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition (CCCC)
is dedicated to the conservation and protection of
Sandhill Cranes in Colorado. Yampa Valley Crane
Festival is presented by the CCCC, with help
from partners including the Bud Werner Memo-
rial Library, The Nature Conservancy, Yampa
Valley Land Trust, Colorado Parks and Wildlife,
USDA Forest Service, Yampatika, and many other
local businesses and organizations.
¡°Cranes evoke strong emotions in humans and
enrich our lives by their presence. This festival
will inspire people to continue protecting this
amazing creature and its habitat,¡± says Barbara
Hughes, CCCC co-founder.
Yampa Valley Crane Festival¡¯s daily schedule of
events is posted at
Yampa Valley Crane Festival