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The Good News
Hydropower Development
2013 September
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Tipton¡¯s Hydropower and Jobs Act
Signed into Law
WASHINGTON: Rep. Scott Tipton¡¯s
(CO-03) effort to increase the produc-
tion of clean, renewable hydropower
and create jobs is now public law. The
President signed Tipton¡¯s Hydropower
and Rural Jobs Act (H.R. 678) into law
August 9, which will create rural jobs
by expanding the production of clean
renewable hydropower, including jobs
in Colorado. The bill passed the House
with overwhelming bipartisan support
earlier this year and the Senate this
month with unanimous consent.
¡°This new law provides a tremendous
opportunity for clean, renewable energy
production in Colorado and across the
nation. It will create jobs right here at
home, and provide a supply of reliable
and affordable power, lowering energy
costs,¡± said Tipton. ¡°I¡¯m honored that
I was able to lead the charge for this
commonsense effort that received broad
and bipartisan support at the local,
state and national levels. Hydropower
is the cheapest and cleanest source of
electricity available through modern
technology, and a key component of the
all-of-the-above energy platform that I
continue to strongly support. With the
signing of the Hydropower and Rural
Jobs Act into law, we have made head-
way in the effort to establish American
energy independence and put people
back to work.¡±
By eliminating duplicative environ-
mental analysis on existing manmade
Bureau of Reclamation conduits (pipes,
ditches, and canals) that have received
a full review under the National Envi-
ronmental Policy Act (NEPA), the law
streamlines the regulatory process and
reduces administrative costs for the in-
stallation of small hydropower develop-
ment projects within those conduits. In
doing so, the law encourages increased
small hydropower development, which
will create new rural jobs in Colorado,
add clean, affordable electricity to the
grid to power homes and communities,
modernize infrastructure, and supply
the federal government with additional
The Hydropower and Rural Jobs Act
was endorsed by the Family Farm Al-
liance, the National Water Resources
Association, the Colorado River District,
The Montrose Indian Nations Pow Wow returns
for it¡¯s fourth year on September 20-22 in Friend-
ship Hall at the Montrose County Fairgrounds,
1001 N 2nd St, in Montrose. The highly popular
Pow Wow starts at 9a on Friday and Saturday
and at 10a on Sunday.
A cultural celebration of Indian people and their
on-going traditions of dance, music, art, and food,
the 2013 Pow Wow will be featuring the locally
popular Azteca Dancers as well as newcomers
the Apache Butterfly Dancers. Plus there will be
contest dancing in all categories as well as a drum
contest with $26,000 in total prize money to be
Expect over 100 dancers, drummers, and vendors
from 33 Indian Nations with Bart Powaukee of the
Nez Perce as this year¡¯s Master Of Ceremonies.
Alex Shepherd of the Paiute Nation will be the
Arena Director and the Host Drum will be the Mile
High Singers from Denver.
Admission to the Pow Wow is $5/day, or for 6-12
year olds it¡¯s $3/day. No drugs or alcohol is al-
lowed on the fairgrounds.
The Pow Wow also has an educational component,
as there will be a lecture on dancing and Pow Wow
etiquette in the teepee village. There will also be an
Indian market, lots of food vendor options avail-
able, and, of course, many opportunities to watch
the exhibit and gourd dancing and even join in.
¡°Everyone is welcome to come and learn and con-
nect through this multicultural celebration,¡± said
Marsha Norton, Pow Wow spokesperson.
For more information about the 2013 Montrose
Indian Nations Pow Wow, becoming a vendor,
or to volunteer to help, contact Marsha Norton at
720.289.8945 or Roland McCook at 970.240.6132.
Time For The Pow Wow
and the American Public Power Association,
among others.
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has
reported that H.R. 678 has no cost to taxpayers,
and returns revenues to the treasury. The Inte-
rior Department has identified at least 28 Bureau
of Reclamation canal sites in Colorado, and 373
nationwide, that could be developed for hydro-
power purposes. (source: