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Nature & Wildlife
2013 October
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Low physical energy; extra nourishment
increases strength. Transitional period with possible
shifts, surprises or adventure. Clear and concise
communication vital; as is rest and meditation.
Libra- Strong emotional and love energies continue;
many opportunities for social contact and excite-
ment manifest. Intellectual energy rising. Forward
progress and recognition likely in the professional
Scorpio- Much focus veers towards financials;
determination and desire combined with collabora-
tion opens doors of opportunity in the professional
arena. Beware of overdoing it; tune in Spirit.
Sagittarius- A transitional environment, possibly
in flux. Positives and negatives professionally; how
you react is your reward. Love grows, flows and at-
tracts in the personal arena; a good reason to smile.
Capricorn- You¡¯ve been pushing yourself, slow
down, for your health¡¯s sake. Dreams and ambition
motivate, but peace comes with patient planning
and realistic performance expectations. Love energy
Aquarius- Physical energy stable. Passion energies
on high; your diplomacy skills will be in demand.
A positive outlook is crucial to a positive month;
meditate on Spirit. Smile abundantly.
Pisces- Excitement and acitivity abound. Physical
energy high; love energies high. Financial opportu-
nities continue to manifest; long term positive trend
in the professional. Love is in the air.
Aries- Much activity in the professional. Perse-
verance leads to accomplishment; cooperation
bears fruit. However, strong passion energies
and sunlight in the personal arena happily oc-
cupies attention and brings closeness.
Taurus- A period of temptations and other tests
of character likely; choices made now may be
foundational. Focus on the spirit and goodness
to map the honorable path to reward.
Gemini- A focus on the physical would be wise;
nourish your body well, nourish your spirit
even more. Meditation leads to clarity. Passion
and romance energies on the rise attracting love.
Cancer- A continued focus on opportunity and
financials. Forward movement professionally
increases satisfaction; energy and morale run
high. An equally positive approach at home dis-
solves real or perceived negatives.
Leo- High physical energy, rising passion
energies, and a spirit of adventure attracts new
love, invigorates existing loves. Professionally,
abundant opportunities for leadership manifest;
time to rise and shine.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love,
remains low in the southwestern evening sky.
Jupiter rises in the east in the late evening.
Morning planets: Mars is visible in the pre-dawn
eastern sky.
* Draconids Meteor Shower - about 10 meteors
per hour, runs annually from Oct 6-10, peaks this
year on the 7th and morning of the 8th.
* A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs Oct 18 as the
Moon passes through the Earth¡¯s partial shadow,
or penumbra. The Moon will darken slightly
but not completely. The eclipse will be visible
throughout most of the world except for Australia
and extreme eastern Siberia.
* Orionids Meteor Shower - up to 20 meteors per
hour, runs annually from Oct 2 to Nov 7, peaks
this year on the night of Oct 21 and the morning
of Oct 22.
Night Time Delights
The Horoscopes
Getting Students ¡®On-Target¡¯
When Katniss Everdeen, the fictional heroine of
the Hunger Games novels, jumped from the pages
to the big screen, she brought with her a renewed
interest in archery. As that interest continues to
burgeon in pop culture, Colorado Parks and Wild-
life invites teachers to participate in ¡°Basic Archery
Instructor¡± Certification workshops, provided by
the Colorado Archery in the Schools Program.
They are also encouraged to submit applications
for equipment grants this fall. Colorado Parks and
Wildlife is the state sponsor for the National Ar-
chery in the Schools Program, an in-school physi-
cal education or outdoor education program that
teaches international-style target archery for stu-
dents in grades 4-12.
Teachers are trained as ¡°Basic Archery Instructors¡±
by nationally-certified Parks and Wildlife staff dur-
ing eight-hour professional development courses.
Once trained, teachers are eligible to apply for grant
funding so that their schools can purchase archery
¡°Our goal for this program is to train physical edu-
cation teachers to teach skills in archery that
may lead to a life-long love of shooting,¡± said
Tabbi Kinion, program director for CASP for Colo-
rado Parks and Wildlife. ¡°Colorado adopted the
National Archery in the Schools Program model
because the program is safe, has demonstrated
success for teachers and students, and has been
shown to lead to participation in the shooting
sports after archery class is over.¡±
Trainings will happen in October in Colorado
Springs and Denver, and the grant application
deadline is Nov. 15. Training opportunities and
grant applications are found on the education sec-
tion of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.
The Colorado Archery in the Schools Program
has become a popular way to inspire kids across
Colorado to take up this engaging activity. During
the 2011-2012 school year the Easton Foundation
surveyed student participants grades 4-12 across
the United States, and 89 percent of students
participating liked the program because, ¡°it¡¯s fun,
everyone can participate, and NASP allows us to
socialize with friends.¡± More than 100 Colorado
schools will participate in this school year.
For more info contact
Archery In The Schools