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Positively Karen
2013 October
Pg 5 - The Sunshine Express
A Good Journey
Last night mercury dipped to 48 deg. in Gateway.
Sunshine today brought temperature to 80 deg. Sum-
mer is exiting. Fall officially began on Sept 22nd with
winter on its heels.
Am not ready to trade green for gold. Days are getting
shorter, the sun tumbles over canyon rim soon after
7p. My flowers are happy with cooler nights and days
and recent rains. I am greeted with bright reds, pinks,
purples, blues, yellows and gold when I step out onto
my porch. A bit of sunshine even on cloudy days.
This woman has an overwhelming desire to go away
for a few days before winter blows in. I do not wish to
go on a cruise or to jet off to somewhere exotic. I have
other plans.
Take the canvas off the jeep, follow roads leading
west southwest. Loose myself in the big empty quiet,
where only the clatter of stones loosed by passing
deer fall on our ears. We, husband and I, are voyagers
on a journey, seeking signs of the ancients, brightly
multicolored chips of flint exposed in early afternoon
sun, a scraper unearthed by chanting dancing winds,
pre-historic petroglyphs, odd mysterious dots, circles,
lines and stick figures. All symbols of an archaic cul-
ture of hunters and gatherers from thousands of years¡¯
time passed.
Recently read about a petroglyph site near Bluff, Utah
where an ice age Mammoth, extinct by 10,800 years
before present, is seen, a picture pecked into sand-
stone wall. Nearby an almost complete Mammoth
skeleton has been retrieved. The bones have been
carbon dated to between 11,500 and 9,500 years BP.
I long to return to sites previously discovered. Petro-
glyphs on great sandstone cliff face, hidden away in
a crevice, covered with pictures pecked into rocks
varnish. A record of ancient life, animals, persons with
strange head pieces, trails, designs known only to the
Ancient one who left them there, a lone figure with
arm and hand raised as if waving to me. Occasion-
ally one feels the old ones are still there living in the
stones, in the sage breezes, out of sight, but not neces-
sarily out of reach, a feeling of ¡®otherness¡¯.
Tabeguach Cave calls to me. A large cave/rock shelter
of the Basket maker peoples. One hundred sixteen
feet across seventy six feet deep it is nestled in Dakota
Sandstone. The walls and ceiling inside the cave are
covered with ancient smoke deposits. Excavated down
four feet in the late 1930¡¯s, many artifacts document-
ing Basket maker Culture were recovered. Sitting in
the cave¡¯s mouth, I have a view of the river far below,
snaking down between Cottonwoods. Watching hawk
circle on wind roads far above there is silence. The
wind sweeping across cliffs weaving in the pinyons
and cedars curl around me there and I can hear the
laughter of children, murmuring of women grinding
corn and voices of the Elders speaking.
It will be a good journey.
A hawk
Circles on wind roads
Autumn afternoon. -K
(Karen Schafer lives in & writes
about life from Gateway, Colorado)
Illusion and Change
The greatest illusion we perform on ourselves
is the belief that we are worthless. We often
allow ourselves to be fooled by our willingness
to rip apart our own self esteem. Understand
that your thoughts and your actions are who
you are, and if you do not change the format of
your life, then the illusion will win. We have all
heard negative things throughout our lives and
those are the things that bring on the illusion of
self doubt. You must bring yourself to the light
of understanding and know who you are and
who you want to be. There is nothing in this
world that is as priceless as you are to yourself.
Many can love you, but the love of self is even
more important. Without the love of self, it
is impossible to share love with another. All
relationships begin with self love. As we grow,
we share our love with others, such as friend-
ships, family, and in our intimate relation-
ships throughout life. If you open your mind,
you can learn to accept the fact that ¡°Love¡± is
simply a gift from God that holds many keys to
life. Love is Compassion, Charity, Selfless, Sac-
rifice, Honesty, Courage, Empathy, Sympathy,
Kindness, Listening, Talking, Laughter, and the
list goes on forever.
When you remove the negative illusion from
your life, that is the moment when change
happens, and your mind and your heart are in
sync with the knowledge that life is as fragile
as the snowflake that lands upon one¡¯s hand.
Nothing is ever easy and one must work hard
in order to change for a better self, a better
life, and a better future. The only way to fail
is to quit and we know that once we decide
to change, then quitting is not an option, it is
simply a constant season of changes.
(Mark Looper of The Pony Expresso shares
inspirational thoughts and lessons learned in
life from Dolores, Colorado.
Unseen Energy
by Mark Looper
¡°All negativity is an illusion, created by the
limited mind to protect and defend itself.¡±
- Ambika Wauters
-When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?
When you¡¯re a mouse!
-What was the witch¡¯s favorite subject in
school? Spelling!
-What was the favorite game at the ghost¡¯s
birthday party? Hide and shriek!
-What is a mummy¡¯s favorite type of music?
Wrap music.
-What did the skeleton order with his drink?
A mop.
-Why didn¡¯t Dracula have any friends? He was
a pain in the neck!
-Why is it hard for a ghost to tell a lie? Because
you can see right through him.
-Why wasn¡¯t there any food left after the mon-
ster party? Because everyone was a goblin!
-What did the werewolf eat after he¡¯d had his
teeth cleaned? The dentist.
-Where do you go when a ghost is chasing you?
To the living room!
Halloween Humor