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2014 February
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Patience in the professional pays off. Roman-
tic energies and social opportunites increase in the
personal encouraging positive growth in existing
relations or leading to new love for the single Virgo.
Libra- Some caution needed in the physical; avoid
toxins. However, energy is high and much gets
accomplished in the professional. In the personal
arena, love abounds with romantic energies increas-
ing; good chances for singles to find love.
Scorpio- Clarity and understanding come to the
personal; Love energies increase. The professional
arena may have challenges, however organization
and clear communication lead to steady progress.
Focus on spirit and nutrition to combat any stress.
Sagittarius- Confusion or lack of communication
possible in the personal; a calm, analytical approach
should carry you through. Professional collabora-
tions bring positive results. Financials improve.
Capricorn- Love energy on high. Clarity comes to
the personal. Doors open. Be prepared for fun and
romantic blessings. Professional growth driven by
increased optimism leads to financial increase. Be
disciplined and avoid toxins.
Aquarius- Physical energy high. Confidence, ambi-
tion and leadership skills bring recognition profes-
sionally. yet the main focus tends to personal rela-
tionships bringing positive growth and happiness.
Pisces- Testing and challenges in the personal and
professional, yet passion and creative energies plus
opportunities for fun on the rise. Focus on clear
communication and nourishing body and spirit.
14th 22nd
Aries- As Venus retrograde ends, relationship
issues or complications ease. Opportunistic
time for strengthening partnerships; Team work
leads to financial growth. Nourish mind and
body as period of testing lies ahead.
Taurus- Physical needs should not be ignored;
avoid excess. A period of accomplishment, but
also maybe setbacks, ups and downs; A focus
on clear communication, diplomacy and humor
propels forward movement.
Gemini- Increased demands in the professional
arena keep you busy; Financials may require
prudence. Stability in the personal, however
emotions may run high; team work brings solu-
tions and achievement.
Cancer- Keep an eye on financials; avoid excess
and think major decisions through thoroughly.
Collaboration and creativity increases profes-
sional progress. Normalcy returns to the per-
sonal, building on lessons learned.
Leo- Relationships become the main focus.
Communication channels may see some block-
age; be clear, concise and listen carefully for
best results. Creative energies open doors.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Uranus is visible in the evening
sky, and Jupiter still dominates the sky for most
of the night.
Morning planets: Venus, the planet of love, glows
brightly in the morning sky, rising approximately
3 or 4 hours before the sun.
Mars and Saturn are both also visible in the pre-
dawn sky.
Mercury, being close to the sun, will not be view-
able this month.
* ¡°We will face many challenges this year as we
explore the unknown territory of comet 67P/
Churyumov-Gerasimenko and I¡¯m sure there
will be plenty of surprises, but today we are just
extremely happy to be back on speaking terms
with our spacecraft.¡± - Matt Taylor, ESA project
scientist, on the awakening of the European Space
Agency¡¯s comet chasing Rosetta spacecraft on
January 20th. (See headline story on page 1)
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