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The Good News
2014 February
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
With a new year, there are lots of new begin-
nings. This year, we congratulate The Flying Pig
in Dolores on their new beginning in a new loca-
tion, one block off of Main Street at 501 Central in
Dolores, Colorado.
Having completed their move just prior to the
new year, they are settled in and well stocked up
with a bounty of fashions for sale and they want
to invite you to come and check out their new
The Flying Pig Emporium is a truly unique
consignment store. Once you enter their new
boutique, The smell of handmade soaps and wild
crafted lotions and face creams warmly invite you
in and your spirits lift with the high old metal
artwork that still graces the ceilings and walls.
The Flying Pig¡¯s new location was originally a
bank, then a pharmacy and a warm bookstore
coffee house.
When asked to describe her feelings about the
new location, Marilynn Huseby of The Flying Pig
said, ¡°This place is fun and affordable and full of
¡°All the old charm is still here,¡± she adds, ¡°This
building makes for a very cozy boutique and
most definitely matches our product line much
better than our previous location.¡±
Style is what the Flying Pig is all about. The
ladies and mens fashions that they offer for sale
are high quality, with an abundance of unique
and stylish wear to choose from. The Piglet, as it¡¯s
fondly referred to, has lots of designer brands (i.e.
Chico¡¯s, J. Jill, Coldwater Creek, Patogonia, GAP,
Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Christopher Banks
etc.), beautiful accessories, and jewelry. They
have a huge selection of hats, shoes and boots as
¡°People are always asking me, where do I get
my cool Hawaian shirts from,¡± says KingDaddy,
publisher of The Sunshine Express and frequent
Piglet shopper, ¡°Why, from The Flying Pig in
Dolores of course, I tell them. I have yet to find
anywhere else on the western slope to find high
quality and way cool shirts like the ones they
carry at The Pig. I always look forward to shop-
ping there.¡±
In three short days, over 45 local Grand Junc-
tion businesses that make up the Shabby Chic¡¯
Boutiques, moved from their previous location
on Patterson Road to a new location at 2575
Hwy 6 & 50.
To move so many small businesses at once, and
in only three days, is a huge accomplishment
that may have no precedent.
¡°It has been really hard,¡± said owner Connie
Ferguson, ¡°but we did it and we¡¯re open, ex-
cited, and we would like to invite you to come
visit us!¡±
Shabby Chic¡¯ Boutiques offers a mini mall
shopping experience where you¡¯ll find every-
thing from art, alpaca and apparel, jewelry,
gourmet foods, lavender, sheets & bath prod-
ucts, endless accessories, doll clothes, floral and
fairy gardens, yard, rock and metal art, home
d¨¦cor and so much more. The Shabby Chic¡¯
Boutiques even have products to help a shabby
pet feel much more chic¡¯.
If you¡¯re looking for custom embroidery, screen
printing, NOTW apparel, solar shirts, or simply
need something special made, Shabby Chic¡¯ is
your one stop shop. You can also create memo-
ries today that will last a lifetime by having
your Old West Photos taken, and delivered to
you within minutes, right in the store.
Shabby Chic¡¯ is western Colorado¡¯s most
unique shopping experience. Said Ferguson,
¡°Our store is like a piece of art. It is a work in
progress. We are already tearing down a wall
(in the new location) to expand. Every trip to
Shabby Chic¡¯ is a new experience as it never
stays the same.¡± ¡°Make sure you give yourself
plenty of time to shop,¡± adds Ferguson, ¡°be-
cause once you start you won¡¯t want to stop.
Don¡¯t forget to go upstairs and explore the
attic too, it¡¯s filled with antiques and treasures
When you shop the Chic¡¯, you are proudly
shopping local, supporting your friends and
Stop by the new location today for a shopping
treat, and enjoy some wonderful food to eat
too. Colorado¡¯s own, Have Cooker Will Travel,
a favorite BBQ stop in the Grand Valley, has
New Location For Stylish Boutique
Delta-Montrose Technical College Raises Money
for Colorado Lions Club Camp
Delta-Montrose Technical College (DMTC) Director,
John Jones, presented Delta Lions¡¯ member Sheri
Serve and Delta Lions¡¯ President Nick Serve with a
check for $689.28 for the Pennies for People pro-
gram in December. The Pennies for People program
supports the Colorado Lions Camp for people with
disabilities by providing assistance for local chil-
dren and adults who would like to attend summer
DMTC students and staff join together to do a
community service project each year in December.
The project chosen for this year was Pennies for
People. This year¡¯s fund raising efforts included a
chili lunch and a potato bar sponsored by Business
students; donations from haircuts, oil changes, and
massages by the Cosmetology, Automotive, and
Massage Therapy students; sale of art/craft items
by several staff members; and donation buckets
throughout campus. The Emergency Medical Ser-
vices department gave the biggest donation through
donation buckets by bringing in over $50 in coins.
The Colorado Lions Camp was built in 1969 by
the Lions of Colorado. It was specifically built to
provide a safe, accepting, summer camp opportu-
nity for children from eight years old to adults with
Sheri Serve, who is a former camp trustee and also
held the position of 6 West District Governor for the
Colorado Lions, said the Colorado Lions Camp is
the only one that accepts adults. She said the oldest
camper to attend camp celebrated her 72nd birthday
while she was at camp. It was the first time in her
life she had ever gone to camp.
The Camp is located just west of Colorado Springs
and is a year round facility offering winter pro-
grams for large and small groups and summer
camp for those with special needs such as vision
and hearing impairment, down syndrome, devel-
opmental delays, autism, Aspergers Syndrome,
ADD/ADHD, and mental and physical challenges.
To learn more about the Colorado Lions Camp visit
their web site at:
Delta-Montrose Technical College is a public career
and technical college in Delta, Colorado. It offers
57 secondary and postsecondary certificates in 12
different programs. All certificates can be earned in
two semesters or less, with many of them only one
semester in length.
DMTC Helps Special Needs Camp
Movin¡¯ On Up
As another customer put it, ¡°I love
shopping at the Flying Pig. It¡¯s like
they¡¯ve done all this great shopping for
me and all I have to do is come in, and
pick out something fun and fantastic.¡±
The Flying Pig is open Tuesday-Satur-
day from 11am-5pm , with plenty of
street parking. Their phone number
remains the same at 970.882.7865. ¡®Like¡¯
their Facebook page to stay updated
with new fashion arrivals along with
ongoing discounts and special sales
and new ¡®Happy Hour Events¡¯ at:
joined the Shabby Chic¡¯ Boutiques.
Store hours are Monday through Saturday from
9:30a to 5:30p. ¡®Like¡¯ the Shabby Chic¡¯ on Facebook
for store events, specials and a list of upcoming
classes. For more information or to congratulate
them on their big move call 970.314.7278.
¡°The greatest happiness of life is the
conviction that we are loved; loved for
ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of
- Victor Hugo