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pulse of sincere at-
tention that keeps the
flame burning.
So here, fellas, is my
simple ¡®to-do-list¡¯ for
your girl, for Valen-
tines day and beyond:
Make her dinner,
tell her she is beauti-
ful, play her favorite
songs, put gas in the
car, rent a chick-flick
on movie night, don¡¯t
correct her even when
she is wrong, touch
your toes to hers at
night in bed even
if you¡¯re mad, say
you¡¯re sorry when
you need to and
promise to try to
different dynamic occurred. Every woman in
the family, including Bounia, came over to the
house and had a delicious meal, usually prepared
by Bounia. Then the music began. Dad danced
with Mom, as well as with his mother, sister and
sister-in-law, and then it was my turn. He would
place my feet on top of his and hold my hands and
dance. I felt special, included, loved.
I learned patience, waiting for my turn with Dad.
I learned that family mattered. That not only was
the meal shared and the fun enjoyed, but the let-
ters from the uncles at war were read and re-read
aloud to one another. In a way the absent members
were brought into the evening¡¯s fun. Prayer, tears,
funny stories and laughter filled the house. We
were all together even though some were away.
That was the old days and they will not be repeat-
ed. The lessons of love will live on. Dad taught me
that I was worth being loved just because I was
me. He provided the food that Mom and Bounia
prepared and the victory garden of the war years
continued on because the tomatoes were tastier
and the corn sweeter. Food was to be savored and
to nourish our bodies. I witnessed Dad and Mom
including people from every walk of life, ethnicity,
and background into their circle of friends. Every-
one had a gift or talent or story to share. People
were worth their time.
I perceive a new reality with the incredible tech-
nology at our disposal. Folks tweet and twitter and
whatever else, but is the personal flesh and blood
connection missing? Has sitting at a computer
terminal become the exercise of the day? Is danc-
ing a together activity or do you just do your own
moves? Has food become mere empty calories,
or are you careful what you choose to enhance
optimum health?
Self love is critical to the health of the planet. It be-
gins from your center and radiates throughout the
universe. Valentine¡¯s Day is a good place to start
loving yourself, others and the planet, now and
forever. You are most certainly worth the effort.
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
202 4th St in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
2014 February
Pg 6 - The Sunshine Express
50 Ways to ¡®Keep¡¯ Your Lover
¡°The problem is all inside your head she said to
me, the answer is easy if you take it logically.¡± -
Paul Simon.
In the 2004 edition of American Psychologist,
¡®Social Relationships and Health¡¯, Sheldon Cohen
argues that social support, social integration,
and negative interaction are key determinants to
physical health. Put simply, we need to increase
the positive influences in our lives, and decrease
the negative influences.
3000 years of psychological analyses and we¡¯re
still figuring this out? Positive relationships lead
to less heart disease, an increased ability to fight
the common cold, and longer, happier lives. Go
As this Valentine season is upon us, we men
should strive to help each other out with a little
advice and encouragement in the relationship
arena. There is ample evidence that a nourishing
social life leads to better health and a longer life.
At the end of my ¡®high-tech¡¯ seminars on hor-
mone replacement, or heart disease, or supple-
ments, I always summarize the broader view on
healthy aging with a diagram that points out the
importance of strong relationships.
People who have a robust psychosocial base, such
as faith, friendships, or marriage, simply live
longer. This is good medicine and to that end I¡¯m
passing along a prescription - some straightfor-
ward guidelines - to my comrades on the eve of
this romantic and sometimes challenging season.
My advice is based on the concept that life is
really the summation of many ordinary things.
We may cross rivers, climb mountains, and ac-
complish a great deal of amazing deeds, but at
the end of the day, it is the little things that really
matter. And with all relationships, it is the steady
Health & Nurturing
In Harmony
by Scott Rollins, M.D.
do better, remember her birthday, make her feel
like the most important girl in the world, and of
course, flowers and chocolate are always good.
* * * * *
(Scott Rollins, MD, is Board Certified with the
American Board of Family Practice and the
American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative
Medicine. He specializes in Bioidentical Hor-
mone Replacement for men and women, thyroid
and adrenal disorders, fibromyalgia, weight loss
and other complex medical conditions. He is
founder and medical director of the Integrative
Medicine Center of Western Colorado (imcwc.
com) and Bellezza Laser Aesthetics (bellezzala- Call 970.245.6911 for an appointment or
more information.)
held me in his arms I
felt safe and special.
He was Bounia¡¯s (my
Grandmother¡¯s) first
born son and my
Although, during the
¡®big war¡¯, Dad and
my uncles were away,
Uncle Billie in Oki-
nawa, Uncle Willie
in Germany and Dad
in a war plant (bad
knees from playing
football), Mom and
my aunts took care
of things at home. To
get through the long
lonely weeks, Mom
and her two sisters-
in-law would share
a meal at the end of
the day, then move
the kitchen table and
chairs out of the way,
turn on the radio or
put a record on the
phonograph and
dance together to
the music of the day.
Jitterbug and Waltz
- Polka and Foxtrot -
they would take turns
leading and follow-
ing. Odd woman out
got to dance with me
at two years of age.
They traded partners
and switched out the
baby and all was well.
It was on the few
days a month that
Dad was home that a
by Sandy Lauzon
My very first Love
Oh, he was handsome and so funny. He had
twinkling blue eyes and blonde hair. When he
¡°Love begins by taking care of the
closest ones - the ones at home.¡±
- Mother Teresa of Calcutta
¡°The first duty of love is to listen.¡±
- Paul Tillich
¡°The best proof of love is trust.¡±
- Dr. Joyce Brothers
¡°Think lovingly, speak lovingly,
act lovingly, and every need
shall be supplied.¡±
- James Allen
Singing Valentines
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