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Nature & Wildlife
2014 November
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¡®An Impressive Resume¡¯
River City Consultants Obtains
Wetlands Certification
Grand Junction, October 2014: The Officers
of River City Consultants, Inc., are pleased to
announce we have officially obtained wetland
delineation and permitting certification, and we
are eager to provide this important service to
facilitate the creation of environmentally-sound
and sustainable projects.
Wetlands are considered a subset of ¡°waters
of the United States¡± (section 404 of the Clean
Water Act) and are jointly defined by the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmen-
tal Protection Agency (Federal Register 1982
and 1980) as:
¡°Those areas that are inundated or saturated
by surface or ground water at a frequency and
duration sufficient to support, and that under
normal circumstances do support, a prevalence
of vegetation typically adapted for life in satu-
rated soil conditions.¡±
Wetland delineation and recognition of ¡°wa-
ters of the United States¡± are two of the most
important steps in land planning and develop-
ment. Delineation can have a significant impact
on an area¡¯s potential for economic develop-
ment and growth, including such important
issues as air and water quality; wildlife man-
agement activities; rare plant habitat; land
conservation, restoration, and enhancement
potential; flood control; and many others.
Ensuring the proper investigations and permit-
ting in advance is essential to the success of
a project. Even if a piece of property does not
appear to have wetlands, it should be
CPW Extends Hours
The additional area mitigated wetlands previ-
ously removed by site remediation activities
during hazardous waste cleanup and remedia-
The new wetlands provided a diversified habi-
tat, and through collaboration with local tribal
organizations, provided expanded cultural
recourses for the basket makers of the Akwe-
sasne Mohawk Tribe.
Marc has consistently shown commitment to
continuing education in his profession. He
earned a Bachelor of Science with an environ-
mental concentration from Clarkson University
in 1996 before going on to achieve a Master
of Science in Civil Engineering the next year.
He is a Certified Floodplain Manager (C.F.M.),
and has earned both of the prestigious Certi-
fied Professional recognitions in Erosion and
Sediment Control (CPESC) and in Storm Water
Quality (CPSWQ) by the internationally-recog-
nized EnviroCert International program. Marc
has earned his Professional Engineer license
in five states throughout the Rocky Mountain
and Midwest regions and was named a Na-
tional Council of Examiners for Engineering and
Surveying (NCEES) Council Record Model Law
Marc is an active citizen in our community and
volunteers his time with the Colorado Plateau
Mountain Bike Association (non-profit dedi-
cated to building, maintaining, and advocating
sustainable trails on the Colorado Plateau),
Outdoor Colorado (non-profit dedicated to
motivating and enabling active stewards of
Colorado¡¯s natural resources through hands-on
work in Colorado¡¯s natural environment), and
is a Board Member of the Western
Colorado Climber¡¯s Coalition (non-profit
dedicated to preserving access to
Western Colorado¡¯s climbing areas
through land stewardship, education,
and land use advocacy). We are proud
to have Marc a part of the River City
Consultants team.
We believe in value engineering and
follow thorough measures to ensure we
deliver accurate, complete, and timely
data. Our wetlands services further
this efficiency by streamlining the en
vironmental compliance process to
provide our clients with informed deci
sions and the ability to meet project
goals as efficiently as possible. We are
proud to offer wetland delineations and
permitting services to make environ
mentally-sound and sustainable
Motorists Cautioned, End Of Daylight-Saving
Time Means Watch Out For Wildlife
Colorado Parks & Wildlife reminds Coloradans that
daylights-saving time ends Nov 2. As we fall back
to an earlier end of the day, motorists should be on
the lookout for migrating wildlife.
Fall is the breeding season for elk, deer and moose.
Males will pursue mates aggressively and may not
be inhibited by traffic. Also, as they migrate from
summer to winter range, ungulates are more active
but less visible this time of year.
Wildlife officials add that because bears are espe-
cially active during fall preparing for hibernation,
collisions are common, especially at dusk & dawn.
¡°Bears need up to 20,000 calories each day and are
constantly on the the move, especially at night, in
search of food,¡± said a CPW Senior Terrestrial Biolo-
gist Brian Dreher. ¡°It makes them more susceptible
to getting hit by a car.
Wildlife officials caution motorists that collisions
with wildlife can result in injuries and death, not
only to the wild animal but to humans as well. They
advise that reducing speed, following nighttime
speed limits in migration corridors and being alert
to their surroundings protects people as well as
Colorado¡¯s wildlife.
According to the Colorado Department of Trans-
portation, the highest incidence of wildlife-vehicle
collisions in 2013 occurred in the counties of La
Plata, Jefferson, El Paso, Douglas, Garfield, Moffat,
Larimer and Montezuma.
CPW and the Colorado State Patrol encourage trav-
elers to slow down, stay alert, avoid distractions
and watch for wildlife on Colorado¡¯s highways.
For more information about living with wildlife in
Colorado, go to:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages 42 state
parks, more than 300 state wildlife areas, all of
Colorado¡¯s wildlife, and a variety of outdoor recre-
ation. For more information go to
investigated for ¡°waters of
the United States,¡± as these
waters also require permit-
ting through the Corps of
Engineers. Unpermitted
alterations of any federally-
regulated wetland or ¡°waters
of the United States¡± area
can result in expensive,
lengthy legal battles, fee
penalties, and the delay or
rejection of a project.
Marc J. Kenney, P.E., C.F.M.,
CPESC, CPSWQ, one of our
Project Engineers, attended
the week-long training
program and came home
with certification that will
allow River City Consultants
to provide wetland delinea-
tion and permitting services
in accordance with local,
state, and federal require-
ments, including the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers.
He has a history of working
on projects requiring similar
services, and has built an
impressive resume of this
type of work. Before relo-
cating to Western Colorado,
Marc resided on the east
coast where he completed a
number of wetlands projects,
including a complex 120-acre
wetland restoration project
that involved the expansion
of an existing wetland area
by more than 100 acres.
Slow Down; Stay Alert
developments possible in the communities we live
River City Consultants, Inc., is a multidisciplined
engineering and land surveying firm headquartered
in Grand Junction, CO. In addition to civil engineer-
ing and land surveying, we provide utility location
services, wetland delineations and permitting,
project coordination, and construction observation
services for both public- and private-sector clients.
River City Consultants offers professionals regis-
tered in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah,
and Wyoming. To learn more about us, please visit:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife has extended of-
fice hours to include Saturdays at select locations
throughout the state during big game rifle season,
ongoing through Nov 16.
CPW officials say the extended hours will provide
hunters with an additional day to find information,
purchase a license or personally contact customer
service representatives with questions.
¡°The agency is responsive to the needs of the
public,¡± said CPW Public Information Officer Matt
Robbins. ¡°Some folks are packing up and on the
road to their hunting camp and then realize that
they left their license or hunter¡¯s education card
back home.¡±
¡°Extended office hours afford those individuals the
chance to pick up what they need at select CPW of-
fices without having to turn around and go home,¡±
added Robbins.
For a complete listing of offices with extended
hours go to:
For updated info about hours of operation, contact
the nearest Colorado Parks & Wildlife Office:
*Northeast Region, 6060 Broadway, Denver serv-
ing Denver metro, Ft. Collins, Estes Park, Sterling,
Brush, 303.291.7227
*Southeast Region, 4255 Sinton Rd, Co Springs
serving Co Springs, Pueblo, Lamar, Salida,
*Northwest Region, 711 Independent Ave, Gr Jct
serving Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Steam-
boat Springs, Craig, 970.255.6100
*Southwest Region, 151 E 16th, Durango serv-
ing Durango, Montrose, Gunnison, San Luis Valley,
For more information go to: