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Nature & Wildlife
2014 November
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
the popular Postcard Challenge exhibit. This year
a special display of antique textiles will also be
featured. Coverlets from members¡¯ collections,
more than 150 years old, will be exhibited. Many
modern weavers create reproductions of these
classic bedcovers for their own homes.
As always, the guild¡¯s annual sale celebrates a
year¡¯s creativity by its members, showcasing an
amazing variety of items for the home and per-
sonal use at prices to suit any budget. Rugs, tow-
els, placemats and runners make wonderful gifts;
hats and scarves are practical as well as beautiful
accessories. One-of-a-kind clothing, fiber jewelry,
felted catnip toys (your cat will love you!), bags,
handspun yarn, fiber for spinning, all have been
featured at previous sales and are likely to return.
However, even the organizers don¡¯t know until the
night before what the current sale¡¯s temptations
will be, when the inventory is checked in. ¡°That,¡±
says Irwin, ¡°is part of the fun.¡±
The guild¡¯s sale is not intended as a profit-making
venture for the organization. Participating mem-
bers pay a commission to cover the guild¡¯s ex-
penses for the sale, giving them an opportunity
to showcase their creations. Many participants do
not have other sales outlets.
We encourage everyone to come, see our exhib-
its, try out these crafts, and go home with special
gifts for friends, families, and themselves. There¡¯s
nothing else like it in western Colorado.¡±
For more information about the annual sale
or the guild contact Bobbie Irwin in Montrose:
[Due to technical difficulties, the horoscopes
will not be available this month. We apologize
for any inconvenience.]
Morning planets: Mercury rises briefly ahead
of the sun in the northern sky for the 1st week.
Evening planets: Jupiter rises in the late
evening and shines overhead all night; Uranus
can be found overhead in the late evening only
a few degrees NE of Jupiter and can be seen in
binoculars or small telescopes.
Mars, Venus & Saturn are not visible
* Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday,
November 2, at 2a in the United States. It re-
sumes on Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 2a.
* TAURID meteor shower, November 5-12,
now defined as having 2 peaks, look for ¡®south-
ern¡¯ Taurid meteors to be coming from south
peaking November 5 with ¡®northern¡¯ Taurids
peaking November 12. This shower well known
for producing spectacular fireballs throughout
the night and can last for many weeks on either
side of November 5.
* LEONID meteor shower, November 17-18,
A favorable crescent moon, rising just before
dawn, expect an excellent showing as Earth
passes near the thick debris cloud that pro-
duced the famous 1466 meteor ¡®rainstorm¡¯ over
all of Europe. Peaking near midnight November
17, meteor forecasters are predicting a strong
year. DO NOT MISS this year¡¯s Leonid meteors.
The horoscopes
waters. CPW, through licensing and regulation,
ensures each enthusiasts guide has completed
the necessary coursework and has the appropri-
ate skill and ability to lead others on river rafts or
boating excursions.
According to the Colorado River Outfitters Associ-
ation, there were more than 450,000 paying river
passengers in 2013, with an economic impact to
the state of over $145 million.
The River Outfitter Program (ROL) was estab-
lished by the Colorado Legislature in 1984.
Contractors working for the City of Montrose
have started to construct the Montrose Water
Sports Park on the Uncompahgre River within
the City¡¯s Riverbottom Park. Haynes Excava-
tion and Stonefly Earthworks, both based in
Montrose, have teamed up to construct this
project which will include the construction of
six wave stimulator structures within the river,
stabilization of unstable river banks, construc-
tion of terraced spectator areas, and construc-
tion of more than one-half mile of ADA-acces-
sible recreation trails. Construction is expected
to last through May of 2015.
Several holes on the disc-golf course immedi-
ately adjacent to the river will be closed during
construction as necessary to provide staging
areas for the project. Construction traffic will
access these staging areas via a haul route
along the western side of the City¡¯s Cerise
Park. The remainder of Riverbottom and Cerise
Parks, including all roadways and recreation
trails, will remain open throughout construc-
tion. The City asks that residents exercise
caution near the work area and please respect
all signage and barricaded areas.
After nearly two years of planning the City is
excited to be constructing the water sports
provided at a later date.
Questions regarding the project may be directed
to City Engineer Scott Murphy at 970.240.1498.
The Moon Dance
park and would like to thank the fol-
lowing partners who helped to make
this project a reality: Colorado Parks
and Wildlife, the US Army Corps of
Engineers, Colorado Department
of Public Health and Environment,
Great Outdoors Colorado, the Colo-
rado Department of Local Affairs, the
Montrose Recreation District, Mon-
trose County, the Montrose Recre-
ation Foundation, Friends of the River
Uncompahgre, LiveWell Montrose-
Olathe, and the Montrose Community
A grand opening celebration will be
held following completion of the proj-
ect in the spring of 2015. Additional
details on this celebration will be
nighT TiMe DelighTs
The 2015 Colorado Parks and Wildlife River Outfit-
ter License Application is now available at:
River recreationists come to Colorado from all
over the country to pursue adventure on Colorado
Park Construction Begins
Required Licenses Available
Did you know that weavers are warped and spin-
ners are twisted? Come find out why at the San
Juan Weavers Guild 37th Annual Show & Sale,
Nov 22, 9a-4p, Holiday Inn Express, 1391 S
Townsend Ave, Montrose, free and the public is
encouraged to attend.
Educational outreach has always been a prime
focus of the guild, which now has about 60
members on the Western Slope of Colorado and
beyond. As in past years, this year¡¯s Show & Sale
will feature free hands-on opportunities to learn
how to spin yarn and weave fabric, as well as
related activities. And it¡¯s not just for kids any-
more, people of any age are welcome to try! All
equipment and materials are provided, and guild
members are on hand to guide beginners who
want to try these ancient skills. Additional dem-
onstrations are scheduled throughout the day.
Special exhibits will also be part of the education
and inspiration at the event, including a return of
Weavers Celebrate 37 Years