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Outside of Colorado, the
company had also considered
competitive opportunities in
Arizona, Texas and Utah.
In partnership with the Mon-
trose Economic Development
Corporation and the Colorado
Office of Economic Develop-
ment and International Trade,
the Economic Development
Commission (EDC) deployed
a strategic fund performance-
based incentive of $280,000
to support the creation of
56 new full-time jobs that
pay 130 percent of Montrose
County¡¯s average annual
wage, and the expansion of
Mayfly Outdoors.
The Good News
2014 November
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
4.7 percent in September from 5.1
percent last month, and down from
6.6 percent in September 2013. The
national unemployment rate is 5.9
¡°The fact that Colorado has now had
35 consecutive months of payroll job
gains; the fact that in the last four
years Colorado¡¯s unemployment rate
has dropped from 9.1 percent to 4.7
percent, the lowest the unemploy-
ment rate has been since the pre-
Great Recession summer of 2008,
this is a testament to the resilience,
the work ethic, and to the innovative
spirit of Coloradans all across this
incredible state. But as far as this of-
fice is concerned, now is not the time
to become complacent or take any-
thing for granted. Now is the time to
keep at it, to seize momentum. We
will not rest until every community in
Colorado is feeling the benefits of this
robust economic growth. And we do
so knowing that if we can get here -
despite the challenges we have faced
together - indeed, we can and we will
get there, together. In Colorado, we
make our own luck, together.¡±
The Colorado Department of La-
bor and Employment released the
monthly report today, showing Colo-
rado¡¯s total employment (2,671,200)
and payroll jobs (2,464,500) series
both reached new, historic peaks in
September. The last time the Colo-
rado unemployment rate was as low
as 4.7 percent was June 2008 when
it was also 4.7 percent.
CO Jobs: New Historic Peaks
The importance of effective and efficient
heating & cooling puts HVAC-R technicians
in high demand
October 8: IntelliTec College in Grand Junction is
pleased to announce the start of a new Refrigera-
tion-HVAC Technician program on its western slope
campus. The program is currently accepting enroll-
ment for both day and evening classes beginning
November 17, 2014. This hands-on, comprehensive
Associate of Occupational Studies Degree program
is designed to be completed in just 18 months.
¡°I am excited to have the opportunity to help
launch the HVAC program here at IntelliTec Col-
lege. There¡¯s a great need for this type of education
and training in Grand Junction,¡± asserts Nate Jones,
IntelliTec College¡¯s Refrigeration-HVAC Technician
Program Supervisor.
IntelliTec¡¯s Refrigeration-HVAC Technician program
is the first of its kind on the western slope.
In fact, there is no training for this industry for 250
miles in any direction. The industry is growing and
advancing quickly, and IntelliTec College provides
the resources and real world training for people
interested in this dynamic field offering a rewarding
Students can expect to develop strong computer
skills on IntelliTec¡¯s newer, smarter HVAC-R sys-
tems and simulated training equipment. In addi-
tion, students will receive a comprehensive HVAC-R
tool kit with top brand, quality tools. Also, smaller
class sizes provide personalized instruction help
students practice their professional skills.
Jones adds, ¡°We at IntelliTec College will set a new
standard in Grand Junction for what a trained and
skilled HVAC-R technician will look like. Consumers
and employers are wanting this.¡±
The HVAC skills presented in this program help pre-
pare students for a growing and exciting trade.
The need for skilled people in the field has never
been greater, Jones emphasizes, as technicians re-
tire at a faster rate than positions can be filled. Any
building requiring a heating and cooling system de-
mands a skilled HVAC technician to both maintain
the system so it remains in good working condition
as well as repair it. This means employment oppor-
tunities exist with:
Construction contractors
Residential and commercial industries
Retail stores
Local and federal government agencies
Service repair shops
¡°Effective and efficient heating and cooling is in
high demand. I encourage people with or without
any mechanical or maintenance experience to jump
on board to a career with [many] benefits,¡± Jones
IntelliTec College In Grand Junction offers hands-on
career training in Refrigeration-HVAC, Pharmacy
Technician, Cosmetology, Automotive Technician,
Business Office Administration and Accounting,
Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Massage
with associate degree (occupational) and profes-
sional certificate programs.
Request more information 970.245.8101 or at:
CPW staff contribute to viability of
Rio Grande Cutthroat
DURANGO: Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), one
of several agencies comprising the Rangewide Rio
Grande Cutthroat Conservation Team, celebrates the
recent announcement from U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service (USFWS) that effectively states the danger
of extinction no longer exists for the Rio Grande cut-
throat trout.
USFWS removed the Rio Grande cutthroat trout
(Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalis) as a candidate for
protection under the Endangered Species Act after
an examination of quality data gathered by the con-
servation team.
CPW researchers and biologists contributed to this
outcome by restoring the species to historic habi-
tats, maintaining a Rio Grande cutthroat broodstock,
monitoring status of populations, stocking with this
species, conducting genetic analysis and disease
Additionally CPW provided a specialized population
model that predicts persistence of Rio Grande cut-
throat through 2040 and beyond.
¡°The conservation of the Rio Grande Cutthroat has
been a high priority for more than twenty years,¡±
said CPW¡¯s Southwest Senior Aquatic Biologist, John
Alves. ¡°This news is a marker of success on many
levels. It was multifaceted as many resources were
put to work by federal, state and tribal agencies as
well as conservation groups and private landowners
to get this result.¡±
The agencies started working on range-wide protec-
tion plans for the species in 2003 and had recently
agreed to a an updated conservation agreement and
strategy plan to protect the Rio Grande cutthroat
trout in 2013.
The goal of the plan is to assure long-term viability
of Rio Grande cutthroat trout. The agencies have
completed numerous conservations projects for the
species throughout its range in Colorado and New
Mexico. To read about some of the projects, go to:
Read more about the agencies cooperative work and
range-wide species assessment at:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages 42 state parks,
more than 300 state wildlife areas, all of Colorado¡¯s
wildlife, and a variety of outdoor recreation. For
more information go to:
Training First Of Its Kind
On Western Slope
¡°How far that little
candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a
naughty world.¡±
- William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice
Gov. Hickenlooper announces
economic development win and
addition of new jobs in Montrose
Oct. 10, 2014:Governor John Hicken-
looper today celebrated the announce-
ment that Mayfly Outdoor will expand
their headquarters in Montrose with the
addition of more than 50 high-paying
¡°Mayfly Outdoor¡¯s continued growth and
success is a significant win for Mon-
trose, the state of Colorado and outdoor
enthusiasts around the world,¡± said
Hickenlooper. ¡°This innovative outdoor
recreation manufacturer contributes to
our mission of growing key industries,
including tourism and outdoor recreation,
to create new jobs.
By working with partners such as the
Montrose Economic Development Corpo-
ration, we are able to continue to bring
about game-changing opportunities for
Mayfly Outdoors is a manufacturer of
outdoor recreation products, including
the brands Abel Reels, Ross Reels and
Charlton Reels.
The company¡¯s mission is to provide out-
door enthusiasts with the best and most
dependable products in the world, while
engaging in efforts to protect and sustain
the natural environment.
¡°We are excited by the proposal from the
state of Colorado, the County of Mon-
trose, and the City of Montrose.
Removed From Endangered List
Oct. 21, 2014: Governor John Hickenlooper today
issued this statement following the announcement
from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employ-
ment that Colorado¡¯s unemployment rate dropped to
56 New Jobs For Montrose