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2014 November
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Make A Lasting Impact
Olive Oil Wins Test
Roaring Fork Valley¡¯s Operation Christmas
Child Shoe Box Drive sets goal of 1000
¡®Shoeboxes¡¯ for Children in Need
Around the World
10/20/14 Carbondale: The Orchard will again
serve as a collection point for Operation Christ-
mas Child Shoe Box drive. Residents are asked
to pack shoe boxes with gifts (including small
toys, personal care items such as hair brushes,
hair accessories, toothbrushes as well as stick-
ers, school supplies and hard candy) that will be
distributed to children in more than 100 coun-
tries who are suffering from natural disaster,
war, terrorism, disease, famine and poverty. In
2013, the Roaring Fork valley contributed over
850 shoe boxes to the Operation Christmas
Child effort. This year organizers have set a goal
to collect 1000 shoe boxes from area families,
kids, churches, schools and civic organizations.
¡°Operation Christmas Child is a unique oppor-
tunity to do something as simple as packing a
shoe box that will have a lasting impact on a
child a world away,¡± said Rosalind Fowler, Opera-
tion Christmas Child drop-off site coordinator.
¡°We are excited about the 2014 collection sea-
son that kicked off on Oct 26. Operation Christ-
mas Child uses tracking technology that allows
donors to ¡°follow your box¡± to the destination
country where it will be hand-delivered to a
child in need. Since 1993, Operation Christmas
Child has provided gifts to more than 86 million
children in more than 130 countries. To register
shoe box gifts and find out what country they
are delivered to, use the EZ Give donation form
found at:
The Orchard also serves as a Regional Collection
Center for other area churches, civic organiza-
tions, schools and businesses.
Important Dates To Remember:
***Sat, Nov 8, 10a-noon, 5th Annual Packing
and Wrapping Party, The Gathering Center at
The Orchard, 110 Snowmass Drive.
look at an affordable price. Consider start-
ing with the rooms most frequently used,
but don¡¯t forget the guest bedrooms and
bathrooms. To make the most of your ef-
fort, use a paint that has the durability and
color-lasting qualities you need. Valspar
Reserve, available at Lowe¡¯s, resists stains
and fading and allows you to easily wipe
away marks without taking off paint, even
if your guests accidentally scuff walls with
their suitcases.
* A simple way to decorate for the holi-
days year after year is with an artificial
tree. Lowe¡¯s offers four trees pre-lit with
color-changing LED lights, meaning you
can change the look - and color - of the
tree with just a push of the pedal making
your decorating process much easier. For
a formal dinner event, glowing white light
sets a perfect ambiance. Switch to the
multi-color option to delight the kids.
* Use holiday decorations in unexpected
ways to add festive cheer in every room of
your home with minimal effort. Try hang-
ing ornaments to decorate live plants, light
fixtures, doorway overhangs, stairwells,
mirrors and even the mantel. For this proj-
ect, don¡¯t use expensive or family heirloom
ornaments - just purchase coordinating
ones that work with the color pattern you
already have in the room.
* Guests in the house mean more foot
traffic and chance for a mess, but you
don¡¯t have to worry about those inevitable spills
or stains. STAINMASTER carpets available at
Lowe¡¯s are 30 percent more resistant to stains
than other brands, and with new carpets on the
floor, you¡¯ll have a fresh new look in your home
that won¡¯t cause you stress when everyone ar-
rives for the holiday parties.
* Potted evergreen plants decorated with lights
bring plenty of festive feelings into a room. The
best news is that when spring arrives, you can
plant them outside in your backyard, or donate
them to a community project that needs ever-
green trees. Using live plants infuses the room
with light and good, clean oxygen, and it¡¯s the
subtle touches your guests will appreciate and
With these timely tips, you, and your home, will
be ready for a holiday season of celebrations.
Olive oil more stable and healthful
than seed oils for frying food
Frying is one of the world¡¯s most popular ways
to prepare food; think fried chicken and french
fries. Even candy bars and whole turkeys have
joined the list. But before dunking your favorite
food in a vat of just any old oil, consider using
olive oil.
Scientists report in ACS¡¯ Journal of Agricultural
and Food Chemistry that olive oil withstands the
heat of the fryer or pan better than several seed
oils, to yield more healthful food.
Mohamed Bouaziz and colleagues note that dif-
ferent oils have a range of physical, chemical
and nutritional properties that can degrade oil
quality when heated. Some of these changes
can lead to the formation of new compounds
that are potentially toxic. By-products of heat-
ing oil can also lower the nutritional value of the
food being fried. Bouaziz¡¯s team wanted to find
out which cooking oil can maintain its quality
under high heat and repeated use.
The researchers deep- and pan-fried raw potato
pieces in four different refined oils, olive, corn,
soybean and sunflower, and re-used the oil 10
times. They found that olive oil was the most
stable oil for deep-frying at 320 and 374 de-
grees Fahrenheit, while sunflower oil degraded
the fastest when pan-fried at 356 degrees.
They conclude in their report that for frying
foods, olive oil maintains quality and nutrition
better than seed oils.
The authors acknowledge funding from the
Minist¨¨re de l¡¯Enseignement Sup¨¦rieur et de
la Recherche Scientifique and the Minist¨¨re de
l¡¯Agriculture, Tunisia.
(¡°Monitoring of Quality and Stability Character-
istics and Fatty Acid Compositions of Refined
Olive and Seed Oils during Repeated Pan- and
Deep-Frying Using GC, FT-NIRS, and Chemo-
metrics¡± - Journal of Agricultural and Food
Chemistry / ACS News Service)
***Sat, Dec 6, The Orchard will host
a trip to volunteer at the Regional
Processing Center in Denver.
***Regional Center Drop off hours:
Mon, Nov 17, 11a-1p; Tue, Nov 18,
6-8p; Wed, Nov 19, 11a-1p; Thu,
Nov 20, 6-8p; Fri, Nov 21,11a-1p;
Sat, Nov 22, 10a-1p; Sun, Nov 23,
noon-3p. All shoe boxes will be
packed and shipped. The Property
Shop is generously donating their
moving truck again this year to
transport all the boxes to Edwards
where they will be sent to the dis-
tribution center in Denver and then
rebundled to be shipped all over the
***Mon, Nov 24, 9-10a, The Orchard
will receive last minute boxes.
Timely solutions for getting your
house ready for the holidays
(BPT) The fun chaos of the holidays
is right around the corner. Family
gatherings to plan, delicious meals to
prepare, gifts to find and purchase,
and a house to decorate, the list
goes on!
With entertaining season approach-
ing at warp speed, it¡¯s time to get
your home spruced up and look-
ing like new. Your time is precious
around the holiday season, so to
help make the most of your days,
and budget, try these easy solutions
to prepare for the holidays while
keeping your sanity.
* A fresh coat of paint is a quick and
easy way to give your home a new
Spruce Up Your Home