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2014 March
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- An atmosphere in the professional favor-
able to intellectual activity, planning and direction;
teamwork and collaborations drive forward move-
ment. However, focus tends towards the personal;
clarity and light strengthens feelings.
Libra- Energy may decrease, tests, challenges and
speedbumps may appear. Remain calm, ití»s just
Mars in retrograde which brings on variential ener-
gies and fluctuation. Focus on balance and clear
communication and nourish well the physical.
Scorpio- Physical energies continue strengthening,
however vigilance in good nourishment of body
and spirit serves well. Creative and intellectual en-
ergies rise. Love and passion energies also increase.
Sagittarius- Creative and intellectual energies in-
crease. Communication channels wide open. Clarity
and calmness in the personal. Professional move-
ment positive; much opportunity for self growth
and satisfaction. Many reasons to smile.
Capricorn- A good time for meditation on direction.
High passions settle in personal relations as period
of calm clarity begins; gratitude has ití»s rewards.
Physical needs should not be ignored; avoid toxins.
Aquarius- Harmonious relations in the personal
and professional as love, passion, charm and energy
pulse with life. Attracting positive blessings like a
magnet, ití»s good to be Aquarius right now.
Pisces- Recognition in the professional. Physical
energy strong, spiritual nurturing helpful as likely
period of variation and unexpected begins; discard
worry and other negative thoughts for best results.
1st 8th 16th 24th 30th
Aries- Collaborations help drive forward move-
ment in the professional arena. Relationships in
general resume a period of testing; strong ones
are strengthened, renewed from it, new ones
may begin. Remain vigilant to physical needs.
Taurus- Financials improve, however a few
aches, pains and challenges ahead. Take good
care of the physical, and face any stress with
humor and patience; a good time for a vacation
and other such personal pampering efforts.
Gemini- Professional demands increase; an
energetic period of forward movement with
much reward probable. Positive energies in
the personal too, however beware of hasty and
spurious actions; avoid toxins.
Cancer- Newly begun or recharged relation-
ships and collaborations begin to bear fruit in
the professional and personal arenas. Intellectu-
al and physical energies increase. A good month
for planning and meditation on direction.
Leo- Love energy increases; new relations be-
gin, social opportunities grow, communication
channels clear. Hard work, creativity and team-
work lead to positive rewards professionally.
The Moon Dance
Morning planets: Venus, the planet of love,
shines low in the southeastern dawn sky
and Mercury is barely visible low in the pre-
dawn eastern sky.
Evening planets: Mars rises mid-evening in the
constellation Virgo, Jupiter continues to domi-
nate the mid-evening sky and Saturn rises in the
eastern sky about midnight and is visible for the
rest of the night.
* Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation
Leo and one of the brightest stars in the night
sky is expected to be occulted by asteroid 163
Erigone, 2:07a EDT, Mar 20, as first predicted by
A. Vitagliano in 2004. The asteroidí»s 67-mile-wide
shadow will move SE-to-NW extending from NY
City to Oswego in NY State and continuing into
Ontario, Canada. Observers in the shadow path
may see the star disappear for up to 14 seconds.
* Spring Equinox is March 20, First day of Spring.
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