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The Good News
2014 March
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Colorado Made
¡®byCOLORADO¡¯ program registers
first 250 companies
The brandCOLORADO project announced, on
February 3, that 250 Colorado companies have
registered for the byCOLORADO program. The
companies range from family businesses such as
Rock Barbers to international manufacturers such
as Wolf Robotics and come from places such as
Durango, Dacono, Rocky Ford and Rifle.
¡°Colorado has a healthy, vibrant business climate
and maker-economy,¡± said Aaron Kennedy, the
state¡¯s Chief Marketing Officer. ¡°In fact, the state
is leading the nation in many industries such as
natural foods, aerospace, quick casual restaurants
and sustainable energy. However, much of the
nation and world is largely unaware that we have
more than mountains and a couple Hall of Fame
quarterbacks here.¡±
The purpose of the brandCOLORADO project is
to create sustainable economic vitality by helping
Colorado become more competitive in the global
marketplace for talent, trade and tourism. This
means communicating that Colorado is not only a
place with an amazing lifestyle but also one where
you can build a world-class career.
prospectus at:
Applicant selection will be by acclaimed jewelry
designers and sculptors Jeff and Susan Wise.
Their work is featured in the permanent collec-
tion of the Smithsonian Institution, the Boston
Museum of Fine Art, and the Museum of Art &
Design in New York City.
The juror of awards is Allison Buchsbaum Bar-
nett, co-owner of Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.
Barnett holds a BFA in metalsmithing from Syra-
cuse University and is an authority on contempo-
rary jewelry design.
The exhibition is produced by New Face Produc-
tions and sponsored by the First National Bank of
New Face Productions is a nonprofit fund and
awareness raising group formed to promote
the Durango Arts Center (DAC) by serving the
artists, residents and visitors in our community
through assisting and creating adult, cutting-
edge, exciting and profitable events.
Attorneys Answer Questions
Library, 544 Main St, in Nucla.
By computer link, volunteer attorneys will an-
swer questions, help fill out forms, and explain
the process and procedure for the areas of civil
litigation, family law, property law, probate law,
collections, appeals, landlord-tenant law, small
claims, and civil protection orders.
Walk-ins are welcome, and everyone will be
helped on a first-come, first-served basis.
Upcoming dates in 2014 are: March 12, April 9,
May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10,
October 8, November 12 and December 10.
The byCOLORADO program is an impor-
tant component of the initiative. It provides
Colorado companies a uniform way to con-
vey that they are based here or manufac-
ture/grow/design things here and/or have
made a significant commitment to employ
The program offers companies a uniform
graphic ¡°badge¡± to deploy on products and
marketing materials that allows them to tap
into the Colorado cachet, connect with Col-
orado buyers and, when their products are
distributed around the world, help build
the state¡¯s reputation as a maker-economy,
and as a place known for not only snow-
capped peaks but also top-tier companies.
The program did a soft launch in December
and the response from the business commu-
nity has been universally positive. Colorado
stalwarts like Enstrom Candies, Udi¡¯s, Ot-
terbox, GoLite, LiveWell Colorado, Oliver
Manufacturing, Crocs and Smart Balance
are joined by smaller companies like moun-
tain bike manufacturers Mosaic and Velo
Zephyr, long board manufacturer Kota,
restaurant chain Modmarket, and packaged
food producer Jerry¡¯s Nut House.
Companies can choose from monikers such
as ¡°Colorado Made¡±, ¡°Colorado Grown¡±,
¡°Colorado Designed¡±, ¡°Colorado Com-
pany¡±, ¡°Colorado Employer¡±, etc.
The goal is to enroll 1,000 companies by the
end of 2014 and 2,500 by end of 2015.
¡°When a talented engineer in Chicago con-
tinues to see the ¡®Colorado Made¡¯ icon on
things she buys, like her milk carton, bread,
crackers, ski jacket, socks, shoes, duffle bag,
she just might expand her perception about
Colorado and the prospects of having a
rewarding career here, along with a healthy
lifestyle,¡± Kennedy said. ¡°This program
will make it easier for all of us to buy local
and help us to attract the talent that we
need to thrive in the global marketplace,
achieving brain-gain instead of brain-drain
in Colorado.¡±
$5,000 In Cash Prizes
Call for Entries: TOP Jewels
National Jewelry Design Exhibition
Durango: Jewelry artists across the United
States have until April 11, 2014, to submit
original works for a national juried exhibi-
tion to be held in Durango, CO, May 16-
June 28, 2014. Cash prizes will total $5,000.
Submitted pieces must be wearable jewelry
such as neckwear, pins, bracelets, earrings,
rings, and buckles. All works must be for
sale. Complete details, including entry fee
and guidelines, can be found in the entry
Free Legal Clinic At Your Nucla Public Library
A free legal clinic for parties who have no attor-
ney and will be representing themselves in court,
will be featured from 2:00-5:00p, on the Second
Wednesday of each month, at the Nucla Public
Local Event Organizers Encouraged to Attend
The Office of Business and Tourism (OBT) at the
City of Montrose invites and encourages all spe-
cial event organizers to attend an informational
meeting on Tuesday, March 11, at the Montrose
Pavilion. Two sessions are offered to accommo-
date busy schedules: morning from 9¨C11a, and
afternoon from 1¨C3p. Each session will include a
review of the 2014 Special Events Strategy, a roll
out of the new policy and processes for applying
for special event funding, a networking session
to encourage cross-promotion among organizers,
and strategies to help boost tourism and event
Special Event Summit