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chocolate and collected the motivation scores of
the participants to eat these chocolates during
the intervention.
¡°The effect that dark chocolate has on our bod-
ies is encouraging not only because it allows
us to indulge with less guilt, but also because
it could lead the way to therapies that do the
same thing as dark chocolate but with bet-
ter and more consistent results,¡± said Gerald
Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The
FASEB Journal. ¡°Until the ¡®dark chocolate drug¡¯
is developed, however, we¡¯ll just have to make
do with what nature has given us!¡±
(source: Federation of American Societies for
Experimental Biology. ¡°Why dark chocolate is
good for your heart.¡± ScienceDaily. ScienceDai-
ly, 27 February 2014.
Health & Nurturing
2014 March
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Why dark chocolate is
good for your heart
It might seem too good to be
true, but dark chocolate is good
for you and scientists now know
Dark chocolate helps restore flex-
ibility to arteries while also pre-
venting white blood cells from
sticking to the walls of blood
vessels. Both arterial stiffness
and white blood cell adhesion
are known factors that play a
significant role in atherosclerosis.
What¡¯s more, the scientists also
found that increasing the flava-
Dark Chocolate Good
nol content of dark chocolate did not change this
This discovery was published in the March 2014
issue of The FASEB Journal.
¡°We provide a more complete picture of the im-
pact of chocolate consumption in vascular health
and show that increasing flavanol content has no
added beneficial effect on vascular health,¡± said
Diederik Esser, Ph.D., a researcher involved in
the work from the Top Institute Food and Nutri-
tion and Wageningen University, Division of Hu-
man Nutrition in Wageningen, The Netherlands.
¡°However, this increased flavanol content clearly
affected taste and thereby the motivation to eat
these chocolates. So the dark side of chocolate is
a healthy one.¡±
To make this discovery, Esser and colleagues
analyzed 44 middle-aged overweight men over
two periods of four weeks as they consumed 70
grams of chocolate per day. Study participants
received either specially produced dark chocolate
with high flavanol content or chocolate that was
regularly produced. Both chocolates had a similar
cocoa mass content. Before and after both inter-
vention periods, researchers performed a variety
of measurements that are important indicators of
vascular health.
During the study, participants were advised to
refrain from certain energy dense food products
to prevent weight gain.
Scientists also evaluated the sensory properties of
the high flavanol chocolate and the regular
Laughter, The Best Medicine
Top 7 Signs You Need A New Doctor:
7. He tries to color your X-rays with crayons.
6. He calls you at two in the morning ¡°just to
5. He thinks Eastern Medicine was devel-
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4. He keeps accidentally referring to himself
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3. After examining you, he says, ¡°Now do
2. Instead of rubber surgical gloves he wears
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1. Before surgery, he asks if you want this
¡°to go.¡±
On the way to preschool, the doctor had left
her stethoscope on the car seat, and her little
girl picked it up and began playing with it.
¡®Be still, my heart,¡¯ thought my friend, ¡®my
daughter wants to follow in my footsteps!¡¯
Then the child spoke into the instrument:
¡°Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your