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The annual Four-
States Agricultural
Expo, March 13-15,
Montezuma County
Fairgrounds, Cortez.
Four States Ag Expo is
an international expo
which will be held
for a period of three
days in Cortez, United
States Of America.
This expo is unique
and different from
others as it will bring
into the lime light the
importance and value
of agricultural prod-
ucts and services in
Food & Garden
2014 March
Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
Four tips for achieving a healthy lawn
on a budget
(BPT) - As spring rolls around, it¡¯s time to start
thinking about yard maintenance. If your bud-
get is tight, you might be tempted to let the lawn
care slide, but maintaining a great lawn doesn¡¯t
need to be expensive - and the reward for just a
small investment is a beautiful, environmentally
friendly setting for outdoor activities of many
If you¡¯re looking to ensure a healthy natural
lawn on a budget, consider these four easy tips:
1. Water as needed. On average, a lawn needs
about one inch of water per week, from rainfall
or irrigation. This will soak the soil to a depth
of four to six inches, putting water deep into
your lawn¡¯s root system. Letting the lawn dry
out completely between waterings will encour-
age the grass to grow stronger, deeper roots as
it searches for water deeper in the soil. For best
results, water in the early morning when there
is less wind and heat. Put a rain gauge on your
porch to measure rainfall; if you receive one inch
of rain in a week, skip the watering and save
your irrigation money that week.
2. Fertilize naturally. Don¡¯t break your back
trying to bag lawn clippings. If you mow fre-
quently (about once a week during the growing
season) and don¡¯t remove too much height, you
can leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The
clippings will serve as a natural fertilizer. They
contain the same nitrogen, phosphorus and
potassium as commercial fertilizer - and they¡¯re
3. Use common household items. Take advan-
tage of items already at your fingertips to keep
your lawn in tip-top shape. For example:
* Ready the ruler. Mowing your grass to the
right height will help you create a low-mainte-
nance, drought-tolerant lawn. Wait until your
grass is three inches tall before mowing, and
then cut it to two inches in height. By only trim-
ming one-third of the blade length, you will
avoid stressing the grass while leaving enough
leaf to protect the roots from the sun.
* Let a screwdriver be your guide. To see if your
lawn needs to be watered, test for moisture by
pushing a screwdriver into the ground. If it¡¯s
difficult to push the screwdriver in, the soil is
dry and your grass needs a drink. If the blade
goes in easily, you don¡¯t need to water yet.
* Use mason jars, vinegar and baking soda.
Good soil is critical to a healthy lawn, and
most turfgrasses prefer soil with a neutral pH
(neither acidic nor alkaline). For a DIY pH test,
pull out a pair of pint mason jars. Fill each jar
about half way full with soil samples taken from
several different locations around your yard.
Be sure to remove rocks and other debris from
your samples. Add a half-cup of vinegar to the
first jar. If the mixture fizzes, your soil is highly
alkaline and you don¡¯t need to test the other jar.
If you get no reaction, continue the test by add-
ing a half-cup of water to the soil in the second
jar. Mix well and then add a half-cup of baking
soda to the slurry. If this mixture fizzes, the soil
is very acidic. Overly acidic soil can be amended
with lime, while alkaline soil can be amended
with sulfur.
4. Maintain your mower. Take 30 minutes to
service your lawn mower at the beginning of the
season. Changing the oil, cleaning or replacing
the spark plug and changing the filters once a
Lawn Care Tips
10a-6p, Sunday 10a-4p. Join the Housing & Build-
ing Association of Northwestern Colorado¡¯s 2014
Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo! With
over 100 different vendors, there is something here
for everyone! This is an event not to be missed! For
more information visit: or call
*** Delta¡¯s Home Garden & Recreation Show,
Friday and Saturday, March 28-29, Bill Heddles
Recreation Center, Gunnison River Dr, Delta, The
perfect opportunity to showcase your business to
a large, eager crowd. Chamber: 970.874.8616.
year will help you
avoid repair bills
down the road. Also
sharpen the mower
blade if needed. A
dull blade will tear
the grass rather than
cutting it, which will
stress the lawn and
leave it vulnerable to
the recent times. At the same time developmental
changes which are taking place in this sector will
also be highlighted in this event and will draw
the attention of the eminent experts and agricul-
turalists from all over the world.
Four States Ag Expo will include a large number
of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.
These exhibitors and visitors will play a vital
role in this expo and will make this expo more
The exhibitors of Four States Ag Expo will exhibit
the latest products and services including inno-
vative solutions for the agricultural community,
new agricultural technologies, innovative ideas
and advancing effective production and market-
ing of traditional, specialized and alternative
agricultural products.
For more info call: 970.565.3414 or 970.529.3486.
Home and
Garden Shows
¡°Don¡¯t judge each day by the
harvest you reap but by the seeds
that you plant.¡± - Robert Louis Stevenson
Kids construction
workshop. Free BBQ,
wagon rides, and live
10 - 10:45a - Raising
Backyard Chickens
11 - 11:45a - Good
Gardens Start with
Healthy Soil
12:30 - 1:15p - Some
Western Colorado
1:30 - 2:15p - Keeping
Horses on a Couple of
For more information
call Coop Country/
Ace Hardware at:
970.858.3667, FAX
Event In Cortez
*** Home Improve-
ment and Remodeling
Expo, March 7-9, at the
Two Rivers Conven-
tion Center, 159 Main
St, in Grand Junction.
Friday & Saturday
Our 7th Annual 2014 Farm & Ranch Day is coming
March 15!
9a-3p at Coop Country/Ace Hardware, 1650 Hwy
6&50 in Fruita.
Co-hosted by Coop Country/Ace Hardware and
CSU Extension Service.
FREE to the public, we¡¯ll have dozens of exhibits
and special demonstrations by the Association of
Draft Horses and CSU Extension classes.
Farm & Ranch Day