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2014 April
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Hearts alit, aflame, afire, love, romance, need
and desire; partners grow and appreciate, singles
may just find a mate. Professional growth, advance-
ment too; don¡¯t worry so much, it¡¯s good to be you.
Libra- Mixed energies, a crossroads; choices now
will have long term effects. The physical, emotional
and mental may be tried and tested; a good time for
extra rest and meditation on Spirit. Shared efforts at
home keep the peace.
Scorpio- Your talents shine, your skills bring you
fame; positive professional changes, advances,
growth. What¡¯s more, a sea of love washes in
uplifting relationships, offering adventure, moving
hearts, delivering joy. How nice.
Sagittarius- Passion energy on high attracting love
and manifesting romantic adventure. Creative juices
flow in the professional and financials increase; be
wary of overly-enthusiastic and unrealistic expecta-
tions that may tempt but lead astray.
Capricorn- Communication channels wide open.
Attraction and desire increase. Partners grow
fonder. Love comes walking in. Physical energy
increases. Avoid anger and other toxins.
Aquarius- Fruits and rewards from long term, per-
sistent efforts arrive. Professionally, expect positive,
possibly rapid, forward movement and financial
increase. Physical and emotional stability improves.
Pisces- Happiness and harmony at home. Relation-
ships strengthen. Want a mate? Here they come.
Love is all around you. Want money? Success? You
got it. Ask and be thankful. Just don¡¯t be wasteful.
April 7th
15th 22nd 29th
Aries- Sunshine brings strength and higher
energy. Financials increase. Relationship testing
continues; maximizing concise communication
while controlling the hot Aries emotion is the
pass. Do not veer into the negative!
Taurus- Increased social and collaborative op-
portunities will manifest this month, which,
if taken advantage of, will help you through a
busy, possibly thankless, birthing period, into a
new universe of possibility, success and joy.
Gemini- Long term, persistent efforts are finally
rewarded. Increasing reputation, financials, mo-
rale fuel higher energy and passion. Love shines
and adventure tempts; enjoy it all but be smart
too, good times are to be held precious.
Cancer- Worry not over percieved loss for new
doors are opening. Manifestations and miracles,
everything is possible as powerful love vibra-
tions are in harmony all month. Ask and you
shall receive; give and you shall create wonders.
Leo- Physical energy increasing; avoid excess
and toxins. Professional rewards spring from
vision, leadership and collaborations. Calm
introspection in the personal; peace, harmony.
The Moon Dance
Morning planets: Venus, the planet of love, is vis-
ible with difficulty in the eastern morning sky.
Evening planets: Jupiter is visible in the western
evening sky after sunset, Saturn rises in the late
evening in the constellation Libra, and Mars is
visible all evening for most of the month and is
on the planet¡¯s closest approach to the Earth for
the next 2 years.
* Apr 15: Total Lunar Eclipse. Occurs when the
Moon passes through the Earth¡¯s dark shadow, or
umbra. During this type, the Moon will gradually
get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red
color. The eclipse will be visible throughout most
of North America, South America, and Australia.
* Apr 22,23: Lyrids Meteor Shower, an average
shower, about 20 meteors/hour at peak, annually
from Apr 16-25, These can sometimes produce
bright dust trails that last for several seconds.
Meteors will radiate from the constellation Lyra,
but can appear anywhere in the sky.
* April 29: Annular Solar Eclipse. Occurs when
the Moon is too far away from the Earth to
completely cover the Sun. This results in a ring of
light around the darkened Moon.
Night Time Delights
The Horoscopes
The games are set for the Spring and Summer. If
you or someone you know is interested in putting
on the pads one more time, please go to: to register. If
you have any questions, please call Chris at
530.410.6396 or go to the website.
Gridiron Alumni was founded in 2010 and has
raised over $250,000 for schools & charities using
alumni football games as a fundraising vehicle.
Gridiron Alumni football has changed lives, com-
munities, and given many men their spark back.
protect and preserve the Colorado
River is exemplary, and these part-
nerships will inspire future genera-
tions to take on and solve complex
challenges involving finite resourc-
es,¡± said Deputy Secretary Con-
nor, emphasizing the importance
of this experimental flow. ¡°This is
the first time in history that water
has flowed below Morelos Dam to
aid in the long-term restoration of
the river, and I want to thank the
Mexican and U.S. Sections of the
International Boundary and Water
Commission, Interior¡¯s Bureau of
Reclamation, the Colorado River
Deputy Secretary of the Interior Michael L. Con-
nor joined other senior officials of the U.S. and
Mexico to celebrate an historic first-time inten-
tional release of water, called a ¡®pulse flow¡¯, from
Morelos Dam near the U.S.-Mexico border. The
water release, which began on Mar 23, reached its
peak Mar 27 and will continue until mid-May, is
part of a broad package of joint cooperative treaty
actions to ensure the Colorado River system is
able to continue to meet the needs of both na-
¡°The spirit of cooperation and commitment to
Historic Water Release Celebrated
basin states, and all the U.S. and Mexican organiza-
tions involved in making today¡¯s event happen.¡±
The U.S. and Mexico agreed to the water release
as a result of joint efforts and investments in water
conservation projects in accordance with ¡®Minute
319¡¯, a 2012 bi-national agreement adopted under
the 1944 U.S.-Mexico Treaty framework for sharing
the Colorado River water.