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The Good News
2014 April
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Governor signs bill to boost
rural economic development
Gov. John Hickenlooper was joined on March 11
by supporters of the Rural Economic Develop-
ment Initiative (REDI) to sign legislation (HB14-
1241) that continues funding for the program.
¡°We shouldn¡¯t look for ways to stand in the way
of smart, responsible business as it develops,
rather, we should be by their side, all over Colo-
rado, but especially in areas that need it most,¡±
Hickenlooper said. ¡°This program delivers much-
needed funds and technical expertise to rural
Colorado communities. REDI supports plans and
projects that create jobs, drive capital investment
and increase wages to help grow and create eco-
nomic diversity in rural economies.¡±
The Colorado Office of Economic Development
and International Trade (OEDIT), in partnership
with the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA),
administers the REDI program, which encourages
local governments and businesses to join forces
to develop community infrastructure and private
facility projects and job training grants.
¡°We are pleased to work with our partners in the
Office of Economic Development and Interna-
tional Trade to find solutions that boost capacity
in rural Colorado,¡± said Reeves Brown, executive
director of DOLA. ¡°This is an important resource
for rural businesses and we¡¯re proud to be a part
of this effort.¡±
Keith Buhrdorf of TK Mining in Delta, attended
the bill-signing today. ¡°REDI helped TK Mining
with an important remodel project that is increas-
ing efficiency in our operations,¡± Burhdorf said.
¡°We¡¯re proud to be a member of the community
in Delta, and thanks to a $50,000 grant we¡¯re able
to leverage those dollars toward an important
$300,000 expansion project.¡±
Other examples of businesses that are thriving
in rural Colorado include Eddyline Brewing in
Buena Vista. REDI funds will provide a $125,000
grant toward a $1.4 million expansion, which
will create 18 new year-round, full-time cannery
jobs. Owners Mic and Molley Heynekamp, who
moved from New Mexico, located their business
in Colorado due to the business-friendly environ-
ment. In the future, they plan to expand retail
operations with an additional 20-plus positions.
CO Ag Exports Continue Growth
American Rivers and Google Maps
launch Colorado River Street View
The Colorado River is the focus of a new Google
Maps Street View project, launched March 13, in
partnership with American Rivers. The imagery
features the Grand Canyon and marks the first
time Google Maps has used the Street View tech-
nology on a major whitewater river in the U.S.
The project brings renewed attention to the
wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon, as well
as the challenges facing the Colorado River¡¯s
health. American Rivers named the Colorado
River America¡¯s Most Endangered River in 2013
because of the threat of outdated water manage-
ment, over-allocation and persistent drought.
Supported by the outfitter Arizona River Run-
ners, American Rivers staff joined Google Maps
on an eight-day float through the Grand Canyon
in August 2013 to capture the river imagery. The
Street View camera, on a special mount built for
the raft, captured a full 360-degree photo sphere
every few seconds. This allows users to ¡°join
the raft¡± and explore 286 miles of the river, from
Lee¡¯s Ferry to Pearce Ferry. Members of the team
also wore the Street View Trekker camera to cap-
ture five popular side hikes, including the trail to
the Nankoweap Granaries with a dramatic view
overlooking the river.
¡°We are excited to work with Google Maps to
highlight the Grand Canyon, one of our country¡¯s
crown jewels,¡± said Chris Williams, senior vice
president for conservation at American Rivers,
and a participant on the trip. ¡°From the towering
red rock walls to the thrilling rapids, the Street
View project captures the magic of this special
place. We hope this project inspires people to take
action to protect and restore the Colorado River.¡±
¡°Making Street View imagery available of the
Colorado River is a tremendous opportunity for
us to drive interest for this historical and natural
landmark,¡± said Karin Tuxen-Bettman, Project
Lead for Colorado River Street View. ¡°We hope
this inspires viewers to take an active interest in
preserving it.¡± (source:
Raft The Colorado River Online
Resource For Rural Businesses
Smirks is a rapidly-expanding agriculture busi-
ness that provides seeds, nuts and fruit to many
popular grocery and natural food powerhouses
in Colorado and throughout the United States.
REDI is assisting Smirks in repurposing an old
vacant correctional facility in Morgan County. In
strong public/private partnership with the City
of Brush, REDI funds will be used to upgrade
industrial park infrastructure to assist in the
reuse of the building. Smirks anticipates adding
five headquarters positions once the expansion is
REDI has a total grant budget of $2.7 million,
of which $530,000 has been awarded. There are
currently seven projects under consideration,
representing $20 million in capital investment
and more than 150 rural jobs. REDI will soon be
awarding additional grants.
Colorado Department of Agriculture Leads
Back to Back Successful Trade Missions
Colorado food products were recently showcased
to buyers worldwide at the Natural Products Expo
West trade show in Anaheim, Calif. and at the
ANTAD trade show in Guadalajara, Mexico.
¡°These activities help Colorado companies expand
their markets around the globe,¡± said John Ad-
dison, International Marketing Specialist for the
Colorado Department of Agriculture. ¡°Our goal
is to help businesses identify new markets and
to create opportunities for them to network with
potential buyers.¡±
Colorado, in conjunction with partnering states,
invited more than 25 buyers from Canada, Mex-
ico, Europe, Japan and Taiwan to meet with 41
companies, nine of which were from Colorado.
The more than 700 one-to-one meetings were held
at the Natural Products Expo West trade show,
which caters to the healthy and natural food prod-
ucts industry.
Directly following Expo West, the Colorado De-
partment of Agriculture (CDA) led a trade mission
to Guadalajara, Mexico to take part in the ANTAD
trade show, which is Mexico¡¯s largest retailer food
show. Nine Colorado companies representing po-
tatoes, corn, onions, beans, lamb and eggs partici-
pated in the Colorado pavilion at the show.
¡°Colorado¡¯s healthy food image along with our
ideal location, make Mexico and Colorado perfect
partners,¡± said Bob Beyer, General Manager for
Producers Co-Op in Olathe, Colo., and ANTAD
exhibitor. ¡°ANTAD provided a great opportunity
to develop relationships with buyers and help us
get started exporting to Mexico.¡±
Colorado agricultural exports continue to grow,
nearly doubling since 2009. Mexico is Colorado¡¯s
second largest agricultural export market. Colo-
rado¡¯s exports to Mexico grew at a modest 4% last
year but are already up 35% in the first quarter for
this year.
International marketing specialists at CDA have
more activities planned throughout the year.
Companies who want to start exporting or would
like to expand their global markets are encour-
aged to visit or call
Tim Larsen or John Addison at 303.239.4100.